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8/5 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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10:00 pm BBT

Nothing major has been going on this past hour. (You can see it on Big Brother After Dark.)

No game talk.

Especially no big blow-ups like we had last night!

Houseguests were earlier discussing things they ate at the hotel in sequester right before being put into the Big Brother house.

Most of them are out in the backyard on the couches, or around the billiards table.

Jordan was working out, as she woke up really late.

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10:21 BBT

Michele who's buzzing off two beers is whispering in the pool room with Kevin...Talking about Jesse and his way he gets people out. They talk how Jesse said he got Casey out becaue "he betrayed" him..

Michele calling a Jesse a "prick" "sitting on their King and Queen throne" trying to "run this entire house" saying they need to go..

She says if they get HOH "one of them should be going home"....Michele says "you'd have to put Russell up" if Kevin nominated Jesse/Natalie...and one of them wins POV saying "that's the route" she would have to go..

Michele talking about his parnoia and "people are telling them lies" and accusing Russell "of listening" to Nat/Jess and their lies..

10:27 BBT Michele still talking about Jesse and Natalie saying they " are worse in the house" than Russell she tells Kevin..

Michele telling Kevin that Ronnie and Jess/Nat are starting lies about everyone...saying they "condone someone's horrible beahvior" and Natalies indifference to it because she says it is not happening to her..Miche talking how they lie about everyone...

Michele says when their threat didn't work and told them "this didn't make sense" to keep Ronnie and they created the lie..

Kevin talking about Jesse running away from the fight...Michele says his excuse was "bullshit"

{they are whispering and Michele is hard to understand}

10:32..."we need to do" the next few weeks..Michele says...

10:33 BBT Russ talking with Jordan and Jeff outside as Jordan is working out saying Michele looks good she "just needs to color her hair" as Jordan huffs away on the elliptical..Jordan thinks she gets embarrassed from the compliments she's been telling her how good she looks..

Russ telling Jeff "he doesn't look at me anymore" about Jesse .."you guys talk" he says and Russ says until the boss Chima told him not to.

10:36 BBT Jordan talking about having music she could go longer.....they talk about missing their "iPod" and Jeff says he can "zone out"

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10:39 BBT

Mostly silence as Jeff and Russell sit on the couch and Jordan works out {I guess Michele's weight loss has inspired her} and theguys get up to go play pool..

"are you trying to lose 10 pounds right now..how long ya going for" Jeff asks her as he walks past Jordan on the elliptical over to the pool table....she tells him "i don't know yet"

10:40 BBT Michele still telling Kevin 'we're all in this together" this week to get rid of Ronnie as they notice the cameras zooming..michele says because they are the only ones "sceming..well not really scheming" in house "right now" as they start joking around about sceming and says "I 'm Ronnie #3" and kevin "oh God"...

10:42 BBT In the Dining Room Natalie Chima, Jesse and Ronnie talking....Ronnie rehahshing season 2 "Dr Will" how he told people he was lying....Chima asking questions abour BB2 as Jesse talking about it...telling them they says all DR's and didn't have a jury house.....Ronnie getting excited about Will telling the cast he told them he was gonna lie...

Jesse "Dan's strategy will never work again".........Ronnie talking about AllStars...I guess BB didn't let them "have phrase shirts" this year...

10:47 BBT Ronnie still telling Chima about All Stars...

10:49 BBT Michele and Kevin still talking in the Pool Room...talking about other reality shows.."Beauty and the Geek"...talking about being recognized afterwards..and Kevin saying about Survibor "no way" he could do it because he can barely handle a week on slop....

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10:53 BBT "they had people twisted up like I had people twisted up the first 16 days" and Jesse says his didn't last and Natalie saying "if you would have lied" when Laura blew up it would have blown ove...."the one time you should have lied"...and Chima "it worked for Russell" and Chima starts "he just a dirt dirty ...scumbag"

They continue their past BB season talk...as Kevin walks out .....

10:55 BBT Russ playing pool "fuck I knocked it out...slut" to his pool ball....Jordan wondering why she hasn't been called to DR.."they forgot about me".....Michele comes out "there she is" Jordan yells saying she had been wondering where she was...

Michele goes over to the hottub where Jordan is..

"she's oblivious" Jeff saids when Russ says "i love when she shaves her legs outside"

10:58 BBT "i will learn to accept compliments graciuosly...BB sel help" as Jordan though her compliments embarrased her..as she puts her feet in the hottub..

Jordan is "so comfy" right there laying next to HT.....

"there's one beer left" Michele says ...she nots drinking it "I'm over the limit".....Jordan says there "are no stars out" as Michele says there are never any out...

11:02 "i don't want to get stuck her and not have a way back home" as Michele asks her if she's gonna stay a few extra days in LA...

Jordan goes to get water as Chima complaining about cleaning up..."the women of this house clean" as she complains about the lazy men...and Chima "you guys are not bringing home the bacon" as Chima rags on Jesse for not doing dishes "doing your own dishes is not doing dishes" and bitching about the bathroom "everybody uses the bathroom" but not everybody cleans it...

11:05 BBT Chima still talking about cleaning as Jesse talks about who cleaned in his first season of BB.....

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Chima has been angry all night. And she just called Russell the "terrorist" again. .. .as she did last night. This refers to his Lebanese ancestry which is clearly, IMO, racist. Imagine Chima being a hypocrite.

Ronnie spent the past two hours holding court in the kt with Jessie/Chima/Nat and retelling Will and Boogie stories and inferring that he played/lied just like Will did. He doesn't seem to understand how unlikeable he is.

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11:07 BBT

"nobody cleans the bathrrom but Me lydia and Michele" Chima bitches as Jeff comes in....Jeff takes the beer "I thinks it Micheles but she's already hammered"...Natalie saying she only had 1 and Ronnie interjects "she has 3 or 4"

11:08 BBT Chima talking about "the power"...talking about getting rid of Russell "that would be sweet revenge" "come on America you know you want the terrorist to go home" as Kevin says "nooo" and Chima unapololgetic about her blatant racism.

11:10 BBT at the HT outside Jordan and Michele talking..Jordan "make over" as J tell her that she should dye her hair....as Jordan talk about giving her "eyebrow pencil" and how "eyebrows" can "make a difference" as she mentions several talk shows where she may have seen it and talks about "eyebrows"

they talk about beauty tips....

11:13 BBT Natalie acting stupid climbing on the table..groping Jesse...and now play fighting with him.."oh Jesse you're gonna hurt me....Chima he's attacking me..BB he's not three feet away"

11:15 BBT Kevin has had enough of these buffooons and heads outside....

11:16 BBT jordan and Michele still talking salons....and hair......

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11:18 BBT

Michele talking about her erratic hours and her working with animals.....Jordan asks if she touches them or bites.......Michele says the rats don't but the mice do and explains how they have to pick them up and "handle" them... "you put Rats in your armpit..shut up" an suprised Jordan says...."they like it" Michele says......"do you kill it" and Michele explains it research so the do have to. as Jordan asks about the rats diet...

11:21 BBt "before I had dogs" Michele like playing with them.....Jordan tells her she would be "too scared"

Natalie yelling out the door...and a puzzled Michele and Jordan.."what?" and Michele "get a room" as Jesse and Natalie play wrestle...they go in and Rat talk continues...

11:23 BBT Natalie, Chima, Ronnie and Jesse enetertaining themselves..Natalie "fuck you" as Jesse is taking someone elses side in their convoluted play time...

Natalie pulling down Jesse pants puttting balls in his "tighty whities" {Now Jesse has balls}....and threatnes to do the same to her but says she can't because "I'm on my period"...

11:26 BBt Jesse slams the door "fuck it" and says "looks like he turned on me" ans Russell offers to join the "lone Wolf"....

11:27 BBT Jesse yells at the door saying you wouldn't be here Natalie and Jeff "if it wasn't for me".....and people are outside like WTF???

Michele at the couch talking to Russ as Jeff goes in..."you're cute when you're angry"

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11:30 BBT

Recylce Room drama....Lydia having a Jesse crisis crying because Jesse dropped her on the floor and she's tired of Jesse seeing "me as something physical" wah wah wah "I'm so over it" saying she doesn't want to talk to him....

Lydia going on about Jesse's abuse....saying Jesse "bruised me", "scarred me" and "manhandled me" and wah wah wah "he doesn't call me a friend' and she "sick of it".."I'm sick of him and I'm sick of Natalie"

Lydia suicide talk "i feel like cutting myself"..."Don't Lydia" Kevin trying to be a consoling friend..

11:35 BBT Lydia psychotic meltdown......"he reminds me of the last person I was with?" Lydia asks...Kevin "no" maybe she just attracted to guys like him..as Lydia goes into her Mom's user bodybuilder boyfriend...

Lydia "never things genuine".....Kevin "you're smart to see it...before its way too late"

11:36 BBT Kevin wipes her tears and Lydia telling Kevin Jesse told her that everyone will turn on them and only can be protected by him...

11:37 BBT meltdown continues.."i don't want to talk to anybody but you....I hate crying"

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Nightly freak show breaking out.

Lydia crying to Kevin about her treatment from JEssie (she doesn't seem to understand that Jessie was the leader of trying to get rid of her). . she doesn't like being used, and doesn't understand why Jessie is so mean. . and she's "sick of it" She just sick of everything in "here". . . she's thinking of "cutting herself, or something. . . . " Unstable. . . . Kevin: "you're just on your low now". .

Just continual cryfest from Lydia. . . . Kevin with his uni-bomber hoodie playing the concerned friend. . . .Lydia "why would I keep doing this?" apparently Lydia's mom dated and was abused by a body builder. . ..WTF . .."was nothing ever real with him?" (*In the words of Homer Simpson, DUH*). . . ..cry, whine, cry, whine. .. ..Lydia figured out that Jessie isn't being straight up, but she still has NO CLUE he did everything in his power to send her home this week. .. ."I am so tired". . ."I hate caring". . disfuctional. .....delusional. . . ..

Kevin, he wants 75% for him. . . .Apparently, Jessie has been picking Lydia up and dropping her. . . .some macho game... . . "he doesn't understand" Kevin "have you tried to talk to him?" Clearly Lydia had a delusional crush on Jessie but just figured out she was being USED. .>SHOCK..


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11:39 BBT

Eco/Green Room..Lydia still talking about Jesse being an asshole earlier as her crying is less hysterical...

11:40 BBT Outside Natalie trying to get sympathy from them about Ronnie being mean to her...Russ "was it a half kidding half serious joke" what Ronnie supposedly done...

Jeff asks when she's going to start school......Jordan asks if she's going to live in the dorm but says "i live 5 minutes from campus".... talk to Natalie about school..

11:43 BBT

In Green Room.....Lydia "i don't play this cat and mouse bullshit..Its really frustrating" and says Jesse is being "abusive in a way"..Kevis "he's been doing this since he's been dating girls"....

Kevin saying "he's clearly playing games with both of you...that's how these abusive guys work" ...........Kevin "he has not told you" natalies "coming after you" Kevin warns her...he found out and immediately told her.."he still hasn't told you"

11:47 BBT Lydia talking about there "being a wonky vote" as Kevin thinks "it will be two"...and says "if its one you know its Jesse" {wow they are gonna be suprised it will be 3}

11:49 BBT Kevin says jesse is going to tell "you some amazing shit" and its gonna make you feel "oh my God he really cares for me" and Kevin "you need to stop it Lydia".....Lydia "i need to not say anyting" and Kevin says make sure other people "are around"

11:50 Lydia is now talking calmly and no more tears as Kevin advises her about Jesse as he's supportive and Jesse bashing all in one...

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Why is L in this house. Clearly suicidal past. . recent. . . K advising her on how to keep from falling for Jessie's abusive tactics. I don't think L really understands or will stay away from him. She keeps rehashing what's she should do, and then talking herself into keeping strong. . . she's gonna keep to herself. . . . she reveals after he dropped her on her head the last time, she slapped him. . . "its all a waste of energy". . .. She still thinks she can change him or win him. . . ..K, he needs an immature . .. .Michelle or Natalie. . . .K it's just a F'ked up game. . .his positives are hard to find. . but he's cute. . .he turns it on and off. . he's using you physically and mentally. Self help class is getting old. . .

boring. . . I hate watch people self destruct on national TV. . K, you need to find the root of your attraction to him. . . She thinks its the challenge that attracts her to him. . . the Roid really has scrabbled her mind. . .

this is not going to end well

Voting for Coup power has ended. . wonder when Jeff is notified. . ?

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11:52 BBT

Lydia "i'm so over it..maybe I should go to the DR"..Kevin says "maybe you should...just don't do anything crazy"

Outdoors Natalie has horned into the group after fer {fake} fight with Jesse and Ronnie...they are just talking forensics...

11:55 BBT Kevin?Lydia still talking "he's giving his heart...to Natalie" as she does a lot of Jesse's work...

11:58 BBT Outdoors Russ talking about running frop police on his motorcycled..."its a adrenaline rush" saying he nknew he was fuck so "rolled the dice"..Jordan talks about "a friend" ..foth.......and comes back and finished he "hit over the head with a hammmer" story..

Jordan says shwe would go psycho if anyone messed with her family..

12:00 BBT( VOTING HAS ENDED )as we wait to see who gets called to DR the next few hours...

Michele asks if Russell has fed his fish...as Michele says "i'm an animal lover".....

12:02 BBT Russ talking he's not a pet person as their backyard party Natalie crashed is breaking up...


12:03 BBT Russ in a good mood talking to Michele talking about "Life is too short"..Lydia called to DR {hope the straight jacket's ready}

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Russ and Michele talking about Chima...Russ wonders if Chima really thinks she's smarter than everybody

Feeds died can't get them going..sorry

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From Real

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4:28 BBT

Ronnie, Jeff and Jordan in bed in splish splash room. Jeff and Jordan in big bed and Ronnie telling scarey stories. Ronnie keeps talking and talking.

Lydia and Kevin are in the BY boxing.

(A few minutes before going in bed, Ronnie told Jessie he was going to try and get Jordan to give him a sympathy vote and feels she might go for it because she really doesn't hate him - thus he is trying to be very endearing.)

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4:42 bbt

Ronnie telling Jeff and Jordan how he wishes he had got rid of Russell. How he should not have lied to Braden about voting for him to stay. (He is piling on the sh*t).

4:52 bbt

Ronnie promising Jeff and Jordan their safety should he by some miracle not get booted. Ronnie says, Jessie will make one of the final 2. Now his is saying Russell is a liar and his nominations speech was bogus. (This dude won't shut up)!! Ronnie goes on to say that he feels Jeff has a shot at final 2. He tells Jordan, he doubts she will make it that far.

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5:30 am BBT

Ronnie is still doing his persuasive speaking with Jeff and Jordan trying his last ditch effort to get them to have him stay. They are firing off questions and he is answering him but leaving out anything about his allegiance to Jessie.

Ronnie is just telling them he wanted to come clean of everything. Jordan tells him he is handling leaving very well.

Getting a lot of FOTH during this discussion.

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(was unable to post earlier)

6am BBT Came into end of Ronnie marathon talk w/J & J. He was talking about all the animal names he's been called, ie Rat, Snake etc. Apparently J & J would really like him to "cork it" as Jordan got up and left for the bathroom. Ronnie (hard to hear) said something to Jeff whereas Jeff muddered a reply and buried his head in the pillow. Ronnie finally settled down and went to sleep.

6:50 am BBT Find Jordan in kitchen fixing something to eat. Havenot room sleeping on Cam3, RR sleeping on Cam4. Cams 1&2 on Jordan .....

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