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8/4 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Russell says there are people he doesn't like because of stuff they've been pulling this week. He wanted Kevin to go home this week. He ust wanted to know from Jessie what he knew, who he knew it from and why he didn't tell Russell.

Jessie says he has no intention of putting Jeff and Jordan, says he can't jump in and talk game to them out of nowhere, he says that he can't sit outside all the time like Russell can, hanging out with Jeff and Jordan, he can't sit outside in the sun like Russ can. He can work in it but not just sit there. His stomach hurts now and he wants to just hang out in the pool for the next little while so he can talk to Jeff, Jordan.

Jessie says he has never told anyone else in the house "you and me, final two" no one else. Ask Natalie, I wouldn't do it. That's why I got Casey out, liars lie, he f*d me on that plan and I could never trust him. Trying to convince Russell to be okay with Chima, says she owes them because they carried her through weeks 3 and 4. Jessie thinks someone else brought it up to stir the pot. Russell says no, she's brought it up to Ronnie. Jessie says, but Ronnie is going out there door. Says it was also Lydia and Kevin that said it. Russell says she's really close to Ronnie. And now that Ronnie is out, Chima will be after him.

Jessie says if she wants to put him up he'll stand by him and say all the stuff that was done to make sure she was safe. Russell asking Jessie if he also had an alliance with Michelle. Jessie says no, he only asked her for one name - who would she want to go up as a replacement for herself. First time she said Casey, the second time she said Ronnie.

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Jessie lying to Rus about their "to the end alliance". Claims gNat won't go far because she's too young (he knows she's 24).

Jessie says he never lied. . .throwing Nat, Chim, Lydia, Kevin under the bus. . .seems to be trying to cover all his bases for next week. Continues to act like he knows nothing about anything. Say have not conditions are tough.

Can't tell if Russell is taking it all in and believes him or just letting him vent. How many times can Jessie say "see what I'm saying"? Interesting performance by Jessie. "I've been completely honest. . ."

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9:11 PM BBT

Russ and Jessie still hashing this out. Jessie says he's been completely honest and it's my word against Michelle's and if you trust her more than wow.... the girl wins two POVs and suddenly she's wow. We can't do anything until next week.

Russ doesn't want Chima, Lydia or Kevin to win next week. Jessie says if she puts up Russell then he'd be after her because she's going after his team, weakening his team. Russ says Chima wants to send him home, she's set in her way to have a girl win. She's telling people that Russell and Jessie are the two strongest players and have to go home. Russell says he has a three person deal, that was it. Casey went home because he messed them over. He had a deal with Kevin, you don't put me up, I don't put you up. It's bullsh^t though because he doesn't believe it.

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9:17 PM BBT

Russell continuing to play out situations where Chima could be getting him out. Chima and Lydia called Natalie Jessie's lapdog. To try and get Nat to the girls side.Russell says she's doing a great job of rustling up those girls. Jessie says yeah, it's still stuck in Natalie's head though, don't kid yourself.

Russell trying to convince Jessie that 5the girls are all teaming up "What made Lydia lip off to you all of the sudden?"

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9:30PM BBT

Jess and Russ still going round and round. Russ tells Jess Michelle is a PHD, Russ says Michelle spends all the time talking his ear off about everything. Jessie says Michelle is running the show - she's talking to everyone. She sits back and watches how everyone else was playing the POV first, then jumped in and got points right away and then wins. They say they are screwed if she's playing them against each other, they have to win. She's playing by watching everything that goes on and then playing the best moves. Jessie says she has been going upstairs for hours on end, he's noticed it. Jessie just says, how sweet is it going to be America, when a couple of meatheads take down a phd or a physchologist or whatever it is. Jessie says he can't beat her bozo a$$. Russell says she's scary right now.

Jeff and Jordan out back talking about nothing - Jeff asking her if she knows what a kiwi is or what a mango is.

[And I am out for updates until Saturday evening! California here I come!]

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Meltdown in the BB house. . . .Rus/Chim/Mich. . ... ..liars liars pants on fire. . . ..Jessie lights the fire and then runs away and blames everyone else. . . .these people are interesting.

Blowup takes place in HoH, and on the way down the stairs Rus/Chi screaming face to face. . ..and then Nat comes out of no where and ushers Chi/Mich into another room to focus their rage on Russell. .. Russell into the BY, and Jessie says, We're cool. .. .

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10:21 BBT

Post Chima Russell blow up has the Russell seeking comfort in Jesse while Jeff sits looking confused "so much for fucking relaxing" Jeff offers Russell

Chima still seething as Ronnie denying..and wants to tell Jeff and Jordan because "she has something to tell you" ....Chima throwing Russell under the bus..."more than anything" and "Russell is fabricating shit" and says its "very necessary" that she let them know....Ronnie saying Russell lied about his words..

Chima takes J&J to the green room "he's purposely telling" things to cause "division" and Jordan says "michele hasn't said anything"....and Chima goes over her fight with Russ.......Chima saying he's just lying and saying stories "that aren't true" and felt she needed to let them know..

10:27 BBT Jordan says she like Chima and says Lydia said she was upstairs with Russell and Chima says "he just needs to get over himself" abd nobody cares what he says...

Jordan saying Kevin told her a different story from what Russell says..

10:29 BBT Outside Natalie and Russell talking as Natalie perpetrates the lie that caused this whole mess.."she denied it" Russ says "going in the room" as Russ says that's a lie "that's two"

"Kevin and Lydia are loving this shit"....."She physically lying she went into that room" and Chima believes Michele and says "fucking tell her" Russell insits..

10:31 BBT Russ says this fight is "so dumb and so petty" and is "confused" Michele is denying "going into that room" with Natalie and Jesse when Jesse and Natalie said it happened and Russ {stupidly} believeing Jesse and Natalie are telling him the truth..

10:33 In green room and Jordan says "I want Ronnie to go" because she said "he already showed me" he lied....

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10:10PM BBT: Flashback Alert! If you have the live feeds you can Flashback to any point in time on the live feeds. Watch Big Brother on SuperPass!] Russell calls for Chima to come up to the HoH room to sort things out. Chima enters, and Russell tells her to, "Sit down let's talk. I don't know why you're mad at me." Chima: "Are you serious, you really don't know? First of all, the only reason I came up he is because Natalie said Michele is saying shit about me." Russell asks Chima if she said that she was planning to backdoor him. Chima blows up and and insists that he get Michele up there to answer the charges against her. They bring Michele in, and Michele denies saying that Chima was out to backdoor him. Michele said she said that, "I said you're getting paranoid, and if Chima wanted to evict you, she'd backdoor you. I didn't say she was, it was speculation." Chima believes her (I'm not sure if she did say it, but Michele did have a conversation with him in which she called him paranoid.) Russell asks Michele if she was in the green room with Natalie. Michele says she wasn't. [she wasn't Natalie made it up to make Michele look bad and try to flip the Ronnie vote to Lydia.]

They begin shouting, Chima says, "We all now know who the rat is, and it's Russell!"

Did you know?

All registered users, and if you can read this, that means you, have an access level high enough to post updates in this forum. If you think you don't write well enough to contribute, think again. Members are not permitted to post criticism of your writing, and we'd rather have something poorly written, than have nothing written. Did you know that people that post updates on a regular basis get an access level that grants them access to the board even when it's off-line due to overloading (when technically possible). Tonight's a great time to get over your shyness and try to write a quick, even brief, description of what's happening on the live feeds. Just try to post without opinions.



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10:35 BBT

Chima still in green room throwing Russell under the bus as Jordan keeps talking unnecessarily as Chima keeps throwing him under the bus...

Jordan keeps telling Chima "i caught him in a lie" and "something is up"..

Chima saying all the fights and dissention are being caused by Russell and all his HOH meeting lies are coming out now that they are talking....

10:38 BBT Chima "that's why he needs to go" and Jordan saying "Michele hasn't said anything" as Chima says Russell said she was talking..Jordan says "he's trying to get people after Michele for some reason".....and warned Russell "Michele is telling you the truth"

Jordan keeps blabbing

In the pool rooom Natalie is talking to Michele and throwing Russell under the bus and saying Russ and Ronnie have never been together....and says "Ronnie has been loyal to us" and says "I can only speak to us"...as Natalie sings Ronnie's praises......

10:41 BBT and Natalie says "he's being blamed for shit that" that he never did and Natalie saying Russells story about them talking is "not true"...and is talking about making an agreement with "Ronnie" and he will not go back on you..as Natalie works Michele to keep Ronnie...

10:43 BBT Natalie working overtime to save Ronnie as she now throws Russ under the bus...Michele telling Natalie "refused" to say she was part of the team and Michele since he couldn't actually say it she was just someone "to vote out"

Natalie "it is what it is I'm just being honest with you" and says to Natalie "he'll never be honest with me" like he is with you and this blowup "does not impact" voting Ronnie out....

10:46 Michele "if this group is without Ronnie" she would have been happy as Natalie does the "he's not coming after you"

I'm here ????

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10:50pm BBT

Kevin goes to see Michele on the bathroom lounger.

When he sits down, she immediately whispers to him "Stay strong! Ronnie still needs to go."

He agrees.

They continue to chat, about Russell.

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10:49 BBT Natalie's attempt at indocrination of Michele utterly failed..as they leave...Michele asks "if its safe to head outside" and says "russell's out there"

Michele heads to the bathroom and sits alone peobably wondering where things went wrong {If she was so smart she'd figure out it was Jesse/Natlie}

10:51 BBT Jordan still talking about Russell to Chima as Chima keeps looping Russell is lying causing divisions in the house..

Michele saying "I don't understand".."this is bad" as they discuss the Wizard Power and Kevin asks what happened and Michele says Russel told Natalie I'm a fucking brain surgeon"....

10:54 BBT The true rat Natalie throwing Michele under the bus.....reaffirming the lie they come up.....Natalie completely lying...and Russell says she won't tell the truth "unless she's cornered..as Natalie saying Michele telling everyone different stories.....Russell "Chima is just too dumb to know anything" and fell for the trap of the all girls alliance...

Russell talks about the Chima fight and it was Chima called Michele upstairs and Chima told Russell "I believe Michele"

10:57 BBT Russell and Natalie bashing Michele to Jeff as they tell the "in the green room" lie...Natalie sing Ronnie's praises...and Russell "by the way she's a Phd in psychology" and jeff "who cares"...and Jeff "everybody's fucking lying" as Russ throws Michele under the buss...

11:00 Jeff tells Russ all the wonem are using all the guys in here is what Chima told him...Jeff "its not my war" as Russell says Michele "denying all together" as he says "I'm trying to piece everything together" and wars Jeff "Michele is smarter" than she believes it to be...

11:02 BBT Everyone "is a their fucking boiling point" Jeff says as Russ "blantant lie to my face".....about MIchele and accuses her of being like Ronnie..

Russ "Nothing adds up Jeff" {because he can't see Jess?Nat are lying}

11:03 BBT Chima still going on and on in the bathroom about Russell as Natalie is in there sing Ronnie's paraises...."they're together Natalie..we're not dumb" Kevin tells her..as Lydia jumps in...Chima not helping Natalie saying "he was winking the whole time" at Ronnie during their fake fight...

11:05 BBT Natalie defending Ronnie {are these idots this dumb} as they are now saying Ronnie and Russ are working together.....Chima "natalie Jesse and Chima " want to keep Ronnie and Russell is doing the set up..Chima not helping...Ronnie comes in and Ronnie tells Kevin "you are lying" and Ronnie says he told them he didn't have anything with Ronnie...and Natlie jumps in "are you with Russell" and Ronnie "I'm not with Russell" calling the plan of putting him up "the oldest trick in the book"...

Natalie saying use "the mystery power" to save Ronnie...

11:09 He's has napoleon complex" Kevin says about Russel and really making Ronnie look like a fool.....as Ronnie gets heated and Kevin calling Ronnie out and "chest butted me" Ronnie cries and Kevin "Fuck you" and "your crazed outta your mind"

11:110 "fuck you mother fucker" and says you have Jesse "but you don't have me mother fucker"...Lydia jumps in

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11:11 BBT

Michele now joining in on the Ronnie bashing to his face as they accuse him of having an alliance with Russell

11:12 BBT "hitler was a good speaker" is what Lydia is throwing in Ronnie's face...as he tries to defend himself as Kevin is being relentless on Ronnie "both you guys are chronic liars"

11:14 BBT Chima is now rallying the troops to agrre to get Russell our and Michele agrees that a lot what Russell says is "bullshit"

Where's Russell?? sitting outside on the couch wondering where things went so wrong I would guess..

11:15 BBT

Chima says she wants to go get Russell now...as Chima and Michele talking the the red bedroom...and says Russell "didn't want to get you" to discuss...

Now the mob is throwing the key around...as Chima wants to throw it in the toilet.."why don't I throw it outside at him"....

11:17 BBT Kevin wants to shit on it as chima says she should put it us her ass and she is delerious with giddiness and wants to throw it up near the ceiling and would like to "see his short ass" to go up and get it..

11:19 Natalie "you guys better be careful as he may have the mystery powers"...Chima "fucking terrorist".."i said it yes I did" about Russ and bashing his family

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Kevin heated argument with Ronnie. . .and they chest bump. . K/Gn/M/J/L/C all against Ronnie. Ronnie holding firm. Kevin calling Ronnie a racist, Hitler lover, says Ronnie is a liar. .. . ..Lydia says Hitler killed thousands . . . . Ronnie just sitting there taking it after brief defense. Ignorant emotion has overtaken these HGs. Jessie still in DR.

Chaos reigns in the BB House. . . . All HG involved except Russell who is steaming in the BY, Jessie in the DR and Jeff who hid in the Kitchen.. . .ugly

Chima wanted to put Russell's key in the toilet but was talked out of it. . . .so she hides it. . ..they all conspire to hide it. . . Lydia ties it to a camera wire. . ...

Russell is now the target of everyone. . .it seems. .. Jessie and Nat plan is working. . . ..

Also, apparently because Russell is 1/2 Lebanese, Chima calls him a "terrorist". . . . ."yeah, I said it". . . interesting from Chima

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11:21 BBT The mob is still in the dining room..Jeff being quiet and Jordan to some point is also....as Natalie telling Michele she thought she had something going...as Chima tells everything rude Russell has said about Michele......

jeff "let's discuss about dishes being all over the fucking house"

Kevin asks if Michele has "a crush" on Russel and she says no and he's jealous Michele find Jeff more attractive..

11:24 BBT Jeff/Jordan talking saying they knew something was gonna blow...Jordan says she knew Russ was lying and gets a warning from Jeff to be quiet.....

Everyone telling Kevin he rocks for going off on Ronnie like he did....as Lydia heads into the HN room to talk to Jesse..who's trying to sleep

11:26 BBT Kevin still Ronnie bashing...Michele in her derr voice "i'm going to the diary room to try to get Kevin kicked out" as Ronnie heads into DR

Chima throws some water on Russ "Fucker" for telling people shes trying to hit on him...he throws water back at her but misses..

11:28 BBT Russ comes in and accusing Chima wanting to "give me a blow job" as Chima Yells "CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY"...Russ saying "why did you kiss me"...and arguing over who has class.....Natalie watching in disbelief............as Chima and Russ yell at each other ''You're an ignorant mother fuck" and tells her you're only good "for talking and sucking dick"....as Russell makes fun that she's still single...."GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY FACE MOTHER FUCKER" as she gets in her face and call him a "SHORT DICK MOTHER FUCKER"

Kevin calling Russell "Desperate" ...as they continue their arguing....

11:33 Russell pushes Chima as he tells her "get your hands off me"..she screams "don't touch me"

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Mostly incoherant babbling. . . It will be interesting to see what the dynamics are when the dust settles. J/J/Mic still seem friendly.

Jessie talking to Lydia in HNroom. . Ronnie going to DR to try to get Kevin DQ'ed for bumping him.. . . Chi in BY just doused/assaulted Russell with glass of water. . Rus/Chi now in heated argument... Russell sayes Chim offered sex. .. Chim just yelling to deny.. .... .

Chim filled up a glass with water, took it to the BY. .. .and assaulted Russell. ....she called Rus a Ignorant MFer.. . getting really personal. ... .talking about "34 year old has been. .. . Small dick MFer. . . . .Liar. . . .desperate. ... .. . Classic BB argument. . . .close to violence. . Chim put hands on Russell. . . she won't back down. . .Russell ushered in BY by Jeff. . ..Kevin takes Chim away.. ..

Chim appears unstable and Russell attempting to push her into further physical contact. ... .with this cast how can this be surprising. . .tension blowoff...

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11:34 BBT

Jeff pushes Russ outside as Jeff says tonight "its blow-up city"...Jeff "everyone is just heated"......

11:35 Natalie outside..as Jeff says "fuck it, let's cool down" and Natalie tells him about the Kevin/Ronnie fight....

Jordan and Michele and Kevin talking about Jordan getting Jeff to "get him outta here" as they talk about Russell Michele says "now we're stuck with him" and Michele "He better not threatened me" Michele says "I'll fight back"....

11:37 BBT.....Michele "the devious people" will throw more lies "to Russell" as she says he was "clapping" at the fridge..Michele says "who knows how many people are on the fucking team" Michele wonders..Kevin worried Russell will vote to keep Ronnie but Michele reminds him "Russell doesn't vote" and says "there is something fishy here" and there is "more than two people' other than Ronnie causing shit...

11:40 BBT..Outside Russ accusing Michele having everyone wrapped up making them think "she's telling the truth"...to Natalie..

11:41 BBT Natalie joins them in LR and tells Michele he said she's the "Ronnie #2"..as Natalie blatantly lying....telling Jordan "you're playing Jeff" is what Russ says..

1:42 BBT..Kevin seems to have calmed Russ down as Russ wants to talk to Chima now...but Jeff saying he agrees but now "is not the right time"

11:44 BBT Jeff saying he needs to "talk it out" since they are stuck there as Russ says "the funny thing is that I haven't lied"...Jeff saying "they're straight" as Russ in called to DR..

11:45 BBT Ronnie crying hysterically to Chima as Ronnie saying he was attacked by Kevin.......and "backtrack and apologize to all of America" for calling him a Hitler lover.....

Jeff "where's my car keys"

11:47 BBT Natalie is bashing Michele as Ronnie joins in....as Kevin rushes in "SHUT THE FUCK UP....SHUT THE FUCK UP" as Ronnie "you need to leave" and tells him you need to leave....as he gets mad he and Natalie "always tag team" Michele and calling him "spineless"....Ronnie "big Brother please call Kevin"......and he leaves "he always has to gang up on Michele" as Chima "Russell started everything"....

Ronnie wants "a transcript" from the convo and "he will owe me an apology"....

11:50 BBT Russ out of the DR and all the yelling has subsided.....

Chima "I can't wait for Julie to ask me a question" as Ronnie saying this is the most fights out of any season..{note: not even close!}

Ronnie "I am going home"......

BB is giving all the fighters "The 3 foot distance rule"

11:52 BBT Russ sitting at the table as Natalie's mouth going off in the background.....as she defends Ronnie....as Chima bashes Russell

11:54 BBT Natalie "I wish I was the wizard" {Dream on, Rat!}

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Ronnie in a crying meltdown w/Chima. .REVIEW the tapes. . HORRIBLE PERSON. talking about Hitler, but still defending his speech skills. . .Michelle and Nat arguing about Ronnie, Kevin screaming at Ronnie . . MFer MFer. . ..throws blanket on Ronnie. . Spineless. . . .Kevin continues to berate Ronnie. . .Ronnie cried, but had no tears. . ... Nat blames the entire night on Russell. . .. . Jordan laughing at the entire fiasco. . . Ronnie pacing in BR, and now comes out . . .Ronnie "we have the most fights". .. Chima "we have the most liars". . Chima continues to berate Russell Kevin to DR, comes back out and tells Ronnie to go back in. .. .

Jessie hid from all of the fights. . . . Nat attempted to involve herself in every fight, and hang around afterward to put the spin on it. Nat slinking around with a smirk on her face. . . . .Chima making comments about Russell as he sits in the kit. . . .silence, as some, many, most of the HG reflecting on what has just occurred. . Jessie rationalizing his behavior towards Kevin to Lydia. . .

Chima saying Russell can never take back what he said. . . .pot calling kettle very black. . . .. delusional observations. . . Ronnie emerges from DR and is lecturing the rest but we get cut off to go back to Jessie. . . .

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11:54 BBT

Chima "i see Jessie's hiding"..Natalie 'he said he has a stomach ache'..Chima "yeah..whatever"

11:55 BBT Chima defending Michele that what Russ says about her "is not true" ....Chima saying "after what he said to me" there is no going back..

11:56 "I would vote for you Jordan" Chima says when they talk about the "Wizard Power" {who came up with this stupid moniker???}...as Natalie calls J&J "America's sweethearts"

Apparently, BB is calling everyone in to DR tonight as "they are afraid.." feed cut off to Lydia laying with Jesse


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12:02 BBT Feeds briefly return to Ronnie who's all puffy eyed from crying from being called a Hitler lover and being talked down by Kevin..

Jesse and Lydia in HN room as Jesse wishes "I don't go home this week".....saying "i want to be in the jury house" as Lydia reassures him he will be.

12:05 BBT In LR, Jeff Jordan Kevin Chima and Michele talking about past BB fights and why HG have been kicked out...Ronnie "I make no bones about that" (knowing all about every season on BB).

Jordan says "I'm having deja vu" Jeff "you are? where did you go to ever fucking experience anything like this"

Now the girls talk cleansers.......as well as Kevin..Jeff leaves...

12:08 BBT Chima tells Natalie "see what happens when you tell me to go talk to people?" Kevin "I have never hit anybody in my life" as cCima says in real life she wold have slapped his ass..

Russ called to DR and Chima hopes he gets kicked out...as he walks through their convo, they all looked down or away except Jordan..

12:10 BBT In HN room Natalie comes in"I want Michele's ass up..fuck her" as they both start getting Lydia on board..."Russell's attacked me and Michele hasn't" as Natalie upset Michele yelled at her..threatening her with violence..."I'm not gonna even put Russell up" as she says she'll use Jesse as a pawn..

Natalie upset...about her poor Ronnie...and now they are laughing about Chima throwing water on Russell.."every last bit of it" was "On Showtime"

12:15 BBT all feeds on the dimwits in HN room....Natalie wanting Michele gone....and she's wanting a "boxing match"..they are talking about Michele's PhD...Michele bashing....do you '"hear her yell at night" and making fun of her spasm..

Natalie says "where's Jess" Russ asks "tell him thanks for defending me" Russell told Jesse...

12:18 BBT More plotting and scheming as Natalie bashes Michele and plots physical harm against her....Jesse "now I'm the asshole to Russell" Jesse whines

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12:19 BBT

Michele and Jordan whispering the the Re-cycle room very hard to hear but I think Michele is going over the lie Jesse told Russ and she is thinking she's been set up by them...

12:22 BBT Jordan looking like she's confused as she tells her she doesn't have the power..

12: 25 BBT Sorry but Michele is inaudible as she whispers to Jordan

Jordan "we need to get him out before Russell" about Jesse..

12:25 BBT Michele whispering about Natalie saying bullshit to what she told Jordan..

Jordan tell Michele be cool just in case they pull Ronnie off with the power..and hopes Russ put 'one of them up"

Russ goes outside and Talks about Chima's accusation of her saying he said she was using Jeff and was honest..about what he really told her {see posts from 2 nights ago} Jeff saying he didn't know anything about it..

Russ saying she he was just trying to figure out who was lying when the fight broke out and he's adamant Michele is lying...

12:30 BBT Jordan asks if Jess and Nat are really putting them up....Russ says Michele's fault for saying she did not go into that room with Natalie and Jessie "when she did"....and warns them to be careful what they tell Michele....because "she did go into that room" and warns them not to listen to Chima because she's mad "at me personally"

Russell telling them "ask Jessie and ask Natalie" about her trying to go against them to keep Ronnie....Jess says "either you're not" or "Jesse and Natalie are not" telling the truth Russ says he told Michele and has concluded Michele is lying..

12:34 BBT "you should ask them" he tells them...he leaves...Jordan says Michele told her "i believe Michele I really do"..I think this fight tonight was fake"..I caught it when Russ winked at Chima.......

Natalie comes out.."what did Russ say"...Jeff asks Nat about the green room ..and she lies and Jeff tells them "i don't know who to believe"....Natalie trying to build bridges between them..Jesse says 'they all need to team up together" and Jeff calls Nat out when they did that again Jesse put them up..as Natalie lies they heard Jordan was going after them..

12:39 BBT..Natalie saying "2 seconds before she went to DR" she found out Jordan was going up...Natalie lying......Jeff quizzing her.."she got put up two times in a row"...why didn't Ronnie go "he went against the whole house"...."what was best for Jessie" was not to get rid of Ronnie and blames Casey coming after them..

12:42 BBT..Jeff "House decision" and Jesse "shouldn't of agreed"

Michele comes out...as does Kevin..and Lydia..

12:43 BBT "so many questions" Jeff says...

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12:44 BBT Natalie shuts up and Kevin talks about the fun parts...

12:45 BBT Jeff saying he's going to drink "diet pop" as Jordan talks about eating too much" and they talk about everyday life....and Jeff talks about his unmotivated day..until it "all blew up"

12:47 BBT Taking about "after tomorrow everything will be ok" Kevin suggests, and Jeff say "who the fuck knows what's going on..I don't"

Natalie has shut up...since Michele came out..

Finally Nat says "like every week there is one vote"..Michele doesn't say anything even though she knows its him...they talk about it and Michele says "its people planting seed against me and against Casey"...Natalie tells her "originally, I thought it was you" but she doesn't think so now..

12:51 BBT...talking about what show the fight will be on..and what they will show....they all think the Kevin and Ronnie fight will be shown since he's on the block..

Natalie saying people shouldn't use the power since Ronnie is going..even Lydia ..nobody agree with her saying if Lydia has it she should use it..

12:54 BBT Natalie trying to tell them when voting will end and Jeff says "how do you know" and no one seems to believe her..

12:55 Kevin apologizes for his "actions" and says he kinda "blacked out a little" and apologizes if he said anything offensive...

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12:56 BBT

Natalie claiming she came to the girls' defense during the fight....

Natalie still there, trying to say Russell and Ronnie in an alliance together..No one is believing her.. and backs off the idea...

12:59 BBT Jeff "are all these fights real?" and Michele says hers was....and Natalie defends them going up to defend themselves...Jeff telling Natalie he "doesn't respect" Ronnie's game-play, and if you keep someone like that around..and bashes Ronnie...

1:01 Natalie backs off her defense of Ronnie...

1:02 BBT Jeff leaves to smoke and its silence....

Still awkward silence as Kevin/Michele/Jordan are probably hoping Natalie would leave......Natalie not taking the hint and so the awkward silence continues..

1:04 BBT finally broken with idle chit chat and Jordan asks where everyone is at...Kevin "Lydia Jesse and Ronnie" are together...and talk of Chima's fight with Russ continues..

1:07 back to awkward silence...

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1:08 BBT Michele leaves..and Jordan follows to do laundry...and then Kevin 'to go to the bathroom"

1:09 BBT Natalie "I got no beef with you or with Jordan" and telling him "you guys never done me wrong" and that Jesse wants them "to team up"

1:10 Jeff" it seems weird"..and says "I'm gonna ask {Michele} later" and says he should have asked her in front of her and Natalie changes the subject..and says Ronnie was "next week" after Casey...

Jeff telling her 'I would have went up" if he didn't play out the HOH and Natalie says "you would have beat Russell" and was secure "neither one of us" thought they were going up...

Jeff "i find that hard to believe" Natalie was more worried they would go up in Russ HOH..

1:13 BBT Jordan talking about "hidden alliance" and says Jesse wants to talk to them..and want agreement "we don't fuck you you don't fuck us"...and Jeff brings up Jesse putting Jordan up...

1:15 BBT Jordan saying they didn't talk game and don't "have that bond" with some people in the house..

Natalie continues to lie....as feed cuts to Ronnie talking to Chima and Lydia in bathroom...

1:17 BBT talking about Russell, and Ronnie saying he had no deal and just wanted "to hear him out" and lies to Chima....

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1:19 BBT

Chima telling Ronnie tonight was the perfect "catalyst" because everyone was on edge to call people out by Russ...Ronnie complaining "about the whole Hitler thing"....and wants an apology.....and says he never said "hit me, hit me" and Chima doesn't remember anything or "the chest butt" and Ronnie says he didn't, but did "throw the blanket" and that's why he got warned..

1:22 BBT Ronnie going on....Chima saying she doesn't remember what was said as she was dealing with her own thing...

1:23 BBT Kevin comes in and Ronnie apologizes to Kevin and Kevin reciprocates even though he wants the transcrpt to the whole Hitler thing.....and tells him "i can't say i think the world of you" like Ronnie told him but apologizes for letting himself losing control...and Ronnie just goes on and on..

1:25 BBT Kevin says he will avoid him just for the sake of people interpreting it as anything scheming..

Michele came in........and Ronnie excited it was on Showtime.."they were eating all that stuff up"

1:27 BBT Jesse and Natalie in recycle room talking about them trying to ride the bike and how BB sternly warned him not to do it again....

Post fight talking in bathroom as Chima is still fuming.."The damage is done the apology is null and void"....talking about what Russell really does...Navy Seal? real estate broker? Firefighter? they discuss he may be lying about all of it....Chima saying "he's never been a Navy Seal" and Kevin thinks he was a volunteer fire fighter..."they don't even have a fucking uniform..they get a back-pack and a shovel" as a wilderness fire fighter...Russ bashing goes on...

1:32 Chima saying the viewers know what people do.."if people are really a fire fighter" and follows up with "if people are really a teacher"

Chima laughing about her "penis" low blows and "for the record" she's never "seen it"

1:34 Russ bashing

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