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7/30 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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10:45 BBT

The last couple of hours have been filled with non-game conversation.

Correction: there has been talk here and there. For example, Ronnie and Kevin were talking about previous seasons, like when season 9 had to play as couples, and when houseguests got voted back in, such as James BB9 and Kaysar BB6. And Russell and Chima talk a little about who would vote for whom, and who might nominate whom.

Jessie took a shower upstairs while Chima and Russell were lying in his bed. Chima plucked Russells eyebrows, then they discussed past relationships and their favourite sexual positions. Russell said he lost his virginity at age 14, while Jessie added that he lost his at 18 years old.

Chima and Russell discussed reading people and knowing when someone was lying.

Meanwhile, in the Pool room, Lydia keeps working on a garbage bag outfit to wear during the endurance HoH competition they think is coming up. While she does that, Casey and Jeff keep the conversation going. People keep coming and going, joining in the conversation. Michele, Jordan and even Natalie, who said that she was actually spending time in there for the first time.

Casey was doing his imitation of an insane guy in a banana costume. It was so funny that Lydia laughed so hard she cried.

Jeff asked everyone (again) "What was the bowly's name on Different Strokes?", with pretty much the same result as the last time, except this was the first time Natalie and Lydia actually heard him say it, as they were not around when it happened the previous time. Jeff still doesn't believe that he says it so differently that they can hear a difference. And he mentions that the last time this happened around 10 days ago, the diary room asked him about it later, so he is pretty sure it made it to the TV show.

Casey shows everyone how he thought the "Banana Suit" sign said something like "Bahamas trip" or "Bahamas Vacation".

Jordan was packing her suitcase, but Casey still doesn't have his.

Earlier, he was sitting in bed, and took off his banana costume since he didn't have to wear it when sleeping. They called him into the diary room and told him he had to wear it if he was awake.

At 10:51, they again cover the bully/bowly topic, including trying to make Jeff say "pull", to which he says "pole".

At least Lydia was able to confirm to Jeff that the "bowly" on Different Strokes definitely was called "The Gooch".

This sets off a long discussion of old TV shows they all lowed to watch, like "Seinfeld", "King of Queens", "Cheers", "Small Wonder", "Fraggle Rock", "Charles In Charge", "Growing Pains", and "The Facts Of Life". Lydia mentions that she really liked Jo on the Facts of Life, and Jeff suddenly notices that Lydia bears a strong reselmblance to her.

Jeff was trying to recall the name of the actress who played Elaine on Seinfeld. He finally remembers that it was Julie Louis-Dreyfuss.

The party breaks up.

Casey says that was a nice 90 minutes with friends. Well, pseudo-friends!

Jeff says that he wonders what "Boss Hogg" is going to do about it. (I believe he means Jessie, as he says something about the fact that he can't put Casey on the block again.)

11:00 BBT

Meanwhile, there are lots of houseguests in the kitchen/dining area

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10:30 BBT

In the Pool Room Lydia is working on Natalie's HOH Trash Bag garb as Jeff is talking about sitcoms like "facts of life" and "Seinfeld"..Michele is in there being mostly quiet and Casey left to go smoke...

As they mention a sitcom Jeff sings the Intro/Theme song..

10:33 BBt In HOH Russell and Chima talking as Russ says he needs to get rid "of Casey" before Ronnie whom he says isn't that smart.."i want to get rid of Jeff" CHima says as Russ says he's not that good of a cpmpetitor..Chima says Jeff wants to put her up and Russell says no he "wants Ronnie gone"...Russ tells Chima Lydia wants to put her up because she's petty jealous..

Russ explaining why he blew up on Jeff to "figure out where the fuck everyone was at"...."his friends" would gravitate to him as Braden and Laura....Chima sais she knew who was on Jeff's side..Russ said "i had a meeting in the DR" before the fight....Chima saying "what's he so mad about so he can't spell big deal" and the giggle...

Russ "you're blow up on Michele was awesome"..telling her "you look like a woman possessed"....Chima says she "wasn't acting" on that fight..

Russ leaves to go shit and leaves Chima in the HOH...

10:39 BBT Back in the pool room Casey is talking to Natalie..about Laura's blowup in the HOH week 2..."I was ..like wow" Natalie says...Jeff says his baldness on his leg hair "from my jeans"

Michele talking about nothing important as Casey is called to DR and they says he's been called a lot ..Jeff says "like week one Ronnie" was called to DR.

10:43 BBT

Michele says "we should just all wear sweats" saying "my jeans don't fit" and "i'm not gonna wear a dress"...Jeff "I'm not wearing sweats on national TV"

They discuss wether they will have time to change or not.. Lydia says "they will give us time"....

Natalie "I'm really sleepy" jeff says "then go to sleep" but says she has to wait for her "fitting"..More banana suit kidding at Casey's expense..

10:46 BBT Lydia's "gonna make money from these"..Natalie delusionally thinking "people are gonna want them guaranteed" {talking about her trashbag outfits}

10:47 BBt Casey looking for his "red suitcase" saying "how the fuck does a big red suitcase dissappear" as he goes around asking...

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10:50 BBT the mystery of the missing big red suitcase continues..

In pool room Lydia complaining about "disgusting" goo from comps and she says she's not embarrassed to wear trash bags to save her clothes...

Jesse comes in "nice" at the suit...

Casey returns from his search suitcaseless and says "i don't know" when Jesse asks about it...

Jeff comes back in and they make fun of Jeff's mid west accent..Jeff make fun of the sweatshirt.."you look like Claw from Inspector Gadget"

Jeff wants a "tuxedo Jacek" made from it...Lydia "the mexican worker is taking a break"

Casey saying is "was kinda neat for a second" people in the Pool room or as Jeff put it "the Ghetto HOH" talking..Jeff "its nice to be liked" and Casey "it is....it is"

10:56 BBT Jeff and Casey talk to get to bed soon and Jeff says "i hope they go upstairs" soon to finish...

10:58 BBT Everyone else in the kitchen eating/snacking.....as Ronnie talks about "the switching to the smaller table" and Jesse says thats "next week"...Jesse says "i saw it you dumbass" to Natalie who said he never saw the week 4 table..and she got upset saying "that was uncalled for" and he said he said it because "of you smartass coment" and now she looks pissed...

11:00 BBT Jeff and Casey talking about luggage....

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11:01 BBT

Jeff plaing with "his float" as Russell says he was gonna take it out of the freezer but when he realized it was his he didn't .."had it been anyone else" he would have....

Casey tells Russel "i can't find my bag"....as they shoot the breeze.

11:03 BBT "when you apologize I accept your apologize" sas Jesse and Natalie make up..she says "i can't stay mad at you for more than 3 minutes' and says he's sorry because "it was in the heat of the moment"

Ronnie talk about BB10 house and natalie says if they had "a sauna" "i'd use it everyday"......Ronnie asking anal questions as he is being ignored or blown off..

Lydia heads back to her suit making as Natalie tells Ronnie how great everything looks....Ronnie asking questions about "the spa" and "Jerry"...Natalie says she wanted to be "in the earthquake one" and Ronnie asks about it and Jesse obliges and does..

11:07 BBT "Obama loves the sox ..he's from the South Side" Russell ssays in the Pool Room to Jeff...

Ronnie and Jesse still talking about the "earthquake" from BB10.....Natalie bitching that BB didn't tell them there was an earth quake and complains about "after shocks"

11:09 BBT Back in the Pool Room..Russ/Jeff/Casey talking about sports "bear games" "9'r fans"....Jeff talking how Bears tailgating is "your nose blazing red' "my feet were frozen"..talking about nearly passing out in a bar from "hot toddies"...Jeff saying 'it gets below freezing"..like "10 degrees"

11:13 BBT more sports talk continues.....

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11:16 BBT Jeff talking about "his scumbag" friend who bought tickets from a scalper and said he wouldn't pay until her gets in just in case they weren't legit he gets in and keeps walking and doesn't pay the scalper.....Jeff "what a fucking scumbag"

Casey tells a ticket story wasn't as funny or even funny {so i won't type it}

11:19 BBT jeff telling a story about someone buying tickets for 100 bucks" and there were for "yesterday's game" and was chaing the guy down the street on his bike...

"man in a banana suit is a sad song" according to Russell as casey hums it..

Jeff looking for "pop" {i always find that amusing c coke/soda called pop} and leaves....

Chima asks about the suitcases and riles Casey "what is the security proccess" and brief foth..Michel making ice cream sandwich cookies for her have not ending.."tomorrow"

11:24 BBT Natalie, Lydia and kevin in eco room as Casey comes in and leaves and Lydia says "shady fucking banana" as they talk about Natalies garbage bag suit...They are talking about Pictures today...apparaently they were taking pic of people sleeping...

Lydia says "i have become a migrant woker"..Lydia says she better pick her for luxury if she wins....and Ebay selling talk begins...Natalie says "I don't know how" to use Ebay but says "my boyfriend could help me out"....

11:29 BBT Ronnie and Jesse enters and Natalie tells Jesse to " take the "strawberries upstairs" because "they're gonna eat them" because that selfish {insert favorite insult] wants them just for them "to eat"

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11:33 BBT Jeff in Pool Room with Russ?casey saying he's wearing "dark shorts" because he'll pee in his pants ...saying "i need to win HOH" or I'm gone..

Russ saying "what if they make you carry "everything in your hands" on your way out..casey says "i'll look like Steve Martin in the Jerk" laughing because Casey can't find his suitcases...

11:36 Russ casey and Jeff enjoying each others company laughing.....

Casey says "ha ha very funy" saying "i'm not walking out with my shirts rolled in a bag"

11:37 BBT In the eco room they are talking about the same thing as Ronnie says "i never saw a suitcase in the SR" as Lydia works as Jesse/Kevin/Natalie observe..

Casey says "the dark cloud"..I'm trying to make the best of it..and says he just nervous "being on edge all of the time" and casey says "i'm not mad at you just trying to give you perspective" as he tells Jeff and Russ they have been "safe"....

Casey joking about the orders he would give if he was HOH "clean my feet" "get me a turkey sandwich..one side white one side wheat" "don't fuck it up or you're going up"..

11:42 BBT Russ asks what Casey's gonna wear tomorrow.."the green shirt" and Casey "i wore that last week" and is called to DR..

Russ and Jeff talking about the size ofthe beds in the Pool room..and now silence...

11:45 BBT Silence............

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11:50 BBT

Casey returns from DR "where the fuck would that thing be" jeff asks about the suitcase...Casy walks around and chima says "they still haven't found them"..Michele says she done with her "cookie sandwiches" and is giving the leftover scraps to the HG who wants them...

Chima says "that's not funny" as Russ says "yes it is" and Chima says "the have to buy him a new one"

11:52 BBT Lydia/Jesse/Natalie/Ronnie/Kevin talking about movies, actors......

11:53 BBT Casey says "i seem to remember it sitting in there" as Casey keps looking for his suitcase...

{slow slow slow slow BB night as Wednesday's usually are..}

Russ laughing about the banana suit {stopped being funny days ago} as Chima says he'll be stucked in "unitard" and Russ says he won't take it as good "as Casey" and says "he'll be a bull"

11:57 BBT In kitchen/Dining Room Chima/Russ/Casey/Michele ?jordan talking "cokkies" and "cookie dough"

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12:00 BBT

Chima and Russ in the red BR....Russ complaining "i ate too many cookies" and says "why didn't you stopp me"\

Natalie trying on her hoody made of garbage bags...

12:03 BBT chima quizing him about Casey and have a spat..and Russ goes to tell her "what we were talking about" and Chima "i don't care what you were talking about" and Russ tells her...in saunters Kevin and Chima says "you can stay" and says "nothing is going on"

12:06 BBT Russell talking about "i don't want to be that guy" with "youtube" clips...and it may "jeopordize" your career saying Youtube clips" are there "for life"

Chima being all tochy feely as Russ complains "this room is hot" and tells BB to turn up the AC..

12:09 BBT ALl 4 feeds on Chima and Russ talking....

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12:13 BBT "if its a treadmill" Chima says then they should all concede to Russ and says ifit is then "it being rigged for an athlete to win"

Chima's Russ odd little love fest in the Red BR contines..as chima asks "will you be fat when you get older" and says he won't..."my mom is skinny" and Chima says yes when Russ "you're the smallest in your family" saying her whole family is skinny "id rather be skinny than fat"

They talk about Jordan's weight and Chima says "she better watch it"


Chima says "it's bittetsweet " he found it and now "has to pack to leave"

12:18 BBT Russ says he doesn't want to come back "to the reunion" saying "i'll be workin"........ "K A I R O U Z" Russell spells his last name when Chima asks "God Angels are protecting me" is what his name means in Arabic as he tells Chima Russell is his "middle name" as he tells Chima is real first name "Maruse" {SP}...

12:22 Russ talking about his "well known..feared" family.. in Lebanon...

12:26 BBT In eco/green room Lydia/Jesse/Natalie talking about the HOh's past...Kevin comes in and out as Natalie yells at him to fetch her some things ...

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12:34 BBT

In the green/eco room Lydia still working as jesse fell asleep with his mouth wide open and like the idea Russell tossed out on the feeds a few days ago of sticking an apple in his mouth while he sleeps..

In Pool Room Jeff and Jordan "are you talking about sex" Jordan says as Casy and Jeff trying to explain "who's on first" and old "Abbott and Costello" bit and says they don't want to explain it to her..

12:37 BBT Pool Room Jeff/Jordan/Casey talking as they get ready for bed...talking what Braden is gonna "wear to the finale"..Jordan onders "what Laura's doing"

Jordan "i'm ready" as she's finished packing" I need to iron"

12:41 BBt Natalie modeling her ridiculous outfit ''You make a cute bag lady" chima tells her..Russ says "look absolutely ridiculous"...Jordan "you really wearing that"..chima says she looks like Missy Elliot in some video..

She shows Casy and Jeff and admire the workamanship "that's sweet" "impressive"

12:44 BBt Natalie heads back to green room "i'm loving you lydia...as Natalie asks her to make her a drawastring for her hood...

"you did a great job" she tells her and tells her "everyone" is impressed..

12:46 BBT "its fucking hot as hell though" Natalie's only complaint

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12:49 BBT Ronnie has informed Jesse the vote will be "8-0"...

Ronnie worries if "russell wins HOH" of being put up and asks Jesse to says its a "bad idea"..nataie/jesse/Chima "trust you 110%" Jesse tells Ronnie...as he leaves the green room Natalie comes back in...Natalie says Roonie will put up "jeff and Jordan" and says he would vote out "jordan"...Natalie says Russ will put up "kevi and Lydia" and says "i'll cross that bridge when we get there"

12:53 BBT Jeese and Natalie talking in green room..as Ronnie walks in saying BB won't let him cut his hair..

Talking about Casey's "pot and Pans" natalie "he's not gonna do it'.."he's accepted it" as Jesse says Casey never came to talk to him since '" I was the one who put him up against Jordan for a reason"

12:56 BBT Russell, Chima, michele, and Kevin talking about the Pool Room curse...

12:58 BBT Ronnie nad Lydia back in Eco/Green Room with Natalie/Jesse..Ronnie blabbering about shows...Ronnie being all geeky and Lydia apologize for them geeking out..and been spared by a FOTH..

Other than that no game talk, campaigning and Casey seems to be a goner and has accepted it.

1:02 BBT Ronnie says "i'm scared" about Casey's speech....

Natalie being obnoxious and lydia who's may or may not be joking and tells her "the angry chiuaua" persona needs to stop..

1:03 BBT Jordan doing her ironing in Pool Room wondering if she can iron something that's "dry clean only"..Jeff asks her to read the tag.."dry clean only some big word"...........

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1:08 BBT Casey dons the banana suit and leaves the pool room as Kevin asks Casey if he wants to chat..casey says "sure but I have to pee first"

1:10 BBT In the red room they are talking about why BB is making them go "to bed early" as Russ asks what they ask for their HOH baskets...Jeff says he doesn't know what to ask for and says "i want duct tape for a couple people in here"

Casey comes in saying "I'm tired"...Casey tying to explain why people yawn jeff cuts off casey saying people yawn for "more oxygen".....talking about it being contagious....

1:13 BBT Russell laughing in his high pitched laugh as the talk turns to his farts....

Michele walks in with her plate of tomatoes.."basil and garlic salt" and Jeff suprise she's "allowed to eat that"

1:16 BBT Seems BB told them to go to bed early and everyone is getting ready for bed so I guess {i'll call it a night be back tomorrow}

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4:10AM BBT

Everything seems to be leading up to a endurance..

the shoes.. the time (this time last year was), and now having them go to bed early..

Jessie,natalie and Lydia are up talking in the Red room.. they are talking about how Jessie is still swearing he Isnt on steriods..

[come on people, its 4:15 in america,and you are all wide-eyed... youve been saying all week thursday is endurance... I hope BB keeps them really busy today cleaning, and they will be exhuasted during the competitions and that they are the first ones off.. that would make my day.]

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4:35BBT Nat/Jess/Lydia in HOH. Girls want to sleep (they are laying at Jessie's feet..figures) but Jessie talking about being a body builder. Finally Jessie gets out of bed and says the fish will at least talk to him.

4:40BBT Jessie goes out of HOH room and is now playing a game of chess by himself. (bet he wins). Nat and Lydia asleep in HOH at foot of bed all other HG sleeping

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8:30am BBT - all the lights appear to have gone out. The night vision isn't working and it's really hard to see anything.

8:40am BBT - Emergency lights have come on.

Seems like a power outage in the BB house. (are the cameras on independent power?)

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12:42 BBT HG now out of lockdown, Ronnie in Red Room sleeping, Russell happy about KC waking Ronnie up with pots and pans. Michelle in Kitchen fixing something...Chima also eating..KC told Ronnie he'd be back in a few to wake him again.

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Ronnie is pacing back and forth in the kitchen, visable shaken up.

Ronnie''If he (casey) took time to know me he would realize that I have been through so many difficult things that he cant do anything to phase me" **still pacing

Michelle is listening cause she is in the kitchen making a protein drink.

Russell walks by and Ronnie pretends to be a cowboy pulling guns out of his holster and shoots russell.

Ronnie "" I got you"

Russell keeps on walking

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Seems we are locked out of the house ...... the WBRB has been on now since 1:20 BBT

00Ps 1:26 and feeds back

1:27 BBT Russ/Kevin/Michell/Ronnie talking at kitchen table about kids in HS, KC and Lydia in BR getting ready, and WBRB

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