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Episode 4.07: Chapter Six 'Strange Attractors'


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Episode 4.07: Strange Attractors

Airdate: October 26, 2009

  • 10/11 - Matt goes to extreme measures to extinguish Sylar, who continues to torment him. Elsewhere, H.R.G. calls in a favor from Tracy to save a troubled young boy whose misfortunes resemble her own. While Claire and Gretchen are being hazed by their new sorority sisters, they realize pledging might not be their biggest problem. Robert Knepper also stars. Lisa Lackey, Tessa Thompson and Rick Worthy guest stars. Source: NBC
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Heroes Episode Recap: "Strange Attractors"

Oct 27, 2009 11:28 AM ET by Adam Bryant

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In this episode of Heroes, Matt goes to drastic measures to rid his mind of Sylar's presence once and for all. Meanwhile, HRG calls in Tracy to help him bust healer/killer Jeremy Greer out of a Georgia sheriff's station. Tracy, however, receives an equally enticing offer from carnival leader Samuel. And when Claire and Gretchen take part in a slaughterhouse scavenger hunt for sorority Hell Week, the girls soon learn that they could end up being slaughtered. Let's get to it.

I know it's popular to beat up on this show, and for the most part, I've tried to stay as neutral as possible, especially this season, which has offered some serious improvement, if not returning the show to its former glory. But this episode, while not flawed in the ways of many episodes of the past, felt like blatant filler meant to just coast along until sweeps starts next week. The high point, thanks to some actual emotion, came from Jeremy's story. So let's start there.

"Can we ever be invisible?"

That's the question Tracy Strauss asks of HRG after Samuel gives her a tour of his magical carnival that appears and vanishes at his bidding. His notion is that the carnival is home to those with abilities

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