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Episode 4.03: Chapter Two 'Ink'


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Courtesy of: SPOILERFIX

Episode 4.04: Ink

Airdate: October 2009

  • 07/10 - Doctor Cambridge: 60s, female. Caucasian. Must be fluent in sign language. Kind doctor in a NYC hospital. Compassionate and knowing with a vested interest in her patient. Possible recur. Source: SpoilerTV
  • 07/10 - The series is looking for a male cellist in his late 20s. The role is described as a sensitive troubadour who plays in Central Park and who has a magical experience when a stranger plays his cello. Source: SpoilerFix.com
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Courtesy of: SPOILERFIX

Episode 4.03: Ink

Airdate: September 28, 2009

  • 09/27 - Peter faces unexpected consequences for his heroic acts and encounters a reluctant new hero (guest star Deanne Bray). As Claire continues to adjust to college life, she must figure out how to deal with her ability having been revealed. Meanwhile, Samuel moves heaven and earth to recapture the memories of his late brother Joseph. Elsewhere, Matt struggles with his internal demons as Sylar mysteriously resurfaces. Jack Coleman also stars. Assaf Cohen and Rick Worthy also guest star. Source: NBC
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Heroes Episode Recap: "Ink"

Sep 29, 2009 08:55 AM ET by Adam Bryant

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In this episode of Heroes, Claire decides to stop being trapped in a life of lies and shares her biggest secret with her pushy friend, Gretchen. Meanwhile, Sylar continues to wreak havoc inside the brain of Matt Parkman, and Peter has a run-in with mysterious circus leader Samuel. Plus: We meet Emma, a deaf young woman who sees sound and has a knack for the cello. What does it all mean? Let's find out.

The Adventures of Super Girl and Retchin' Gretchen

After seeing Claire hurl herself out the window and then stick her ribs back into place, murder-obsessed Gretchen becomes Claire-obsessed. She knocks and knocks on her door, only to be ignored by Claire. When Noah comes to visit his Claire-Bear, Gretchen takes advantage of the opportunity and finds herself invited to lunch with the father-daughter duo. She makes small talk about a girl on YouTube who can't feel pain, and it isn't long before HRG realizes that Gretchen knows a thing or two about Claire.

Before he can speed-dial the Haitian for an order of scrambled brains, Claire tells HRG that she will clean up her own mess. After Gretchen shares her deep, dark secret (that she was teased in junior high for being bulimic and was given the unfortunate nickname above) Claire decides honesty is the best policy. Claire opens up about her ability, and even lets Gretchen slice open her palm for show-and-tell. HRG calls, Claire gives him her over-rehearsed speech, and he apologizes for not trusting her to handle her own life. Claire-Bear's all grown up, and Daddy's proud. But Claire decides to keep her secrets close by: She offers Gretchen the empty bed in her dorm room. For those keeping score, that's the cue for the beginning of the arc that involves awkward roommate sexual tension that leads to a contrived girl-on-girl kiss. Katy Perry would be so proud.

I Hear Voices in My Head

Parkman's story tonight reflects one of my biggest problems with Heroes. The characters seem to do the same thing four or five times before ever correcting/changing paths. (Hiro and Ando had the same leader vs. sidekick conversation in about 12 episodes last season.) While the circumstances were different this week, Parkman and Sylar basically played the same game they did in the premiere.

Sylar: I want my body back.

Parkman: Buzz off, eyebrows.

Sylar: Fine, I will annoy you until you give in and/or screw up.

Parkman: Oh, hey, look, I can use my power to fix all my problems.

Sylar: I want my body back.

Maybe I'm oversimplifying, but that's what I see. This time around, Parkman tells Sylar that he has no power and he can ignore him. Sylar does show some power, however, by creating images in Parkman's brain that don't exist. When Parkman believes the drug dealer he's been after has killed a little girl, he beats the snot out of him, only to realize Sylar's sick joke. But to get out of his jam, Parkman mind-warps his partner into believing that Matt didn't use excessive force. Sylar's motive is simple: Give my body back, or you will relive this day every day. (Please, Matt, listen to him!) The one plus side to this arc is seeing Sylar with a sense of humor. Best line of the night: "You're welcome," when Sylar helped Parkman find the perp in the closet.

I See Your True Colors

Meet Emma. She sleeps on a vibrating bed, listens to headphones with no iPod and apparently loves cats. And what's this? The tap in her kitchen serves sparkling water. No? Ok, well every time a drop falls, she sees a flash of light. And it happens again when Peter knocks her teacup off her desk. Turns out, Emma is deaf, and her doctor believes whatever she is seeing is the result of her senses being cross-wired. Emma's a shy girl, and she uses the headphones to block herself away from people who will judge or over-sympathize because of her disability. (People like Peter Petrelli, she believes.)

But she forgets all that in Central Park when she sees the rainbow jumping from a busker's cello. Even more amazing, when he steps away for a hot dog, Emma uses the colors to go all Guitar Hero and play the cello to perfection. A crowd gathers round, and no longer are the faces judgmental or sympathetic. Instead, they are replaced with awe...until she sees Peter and is reminded of that old feeling she can't shed, causing her to run away. New Peter Petrelli love interest? I think so.

A "Hole" New Mystery

Thanks to Lydia the Tattooed Lady a week ago, Samuel sets out to find "a candidate" to replace his dead brother, Joseph. (Oh, and Samuel, as we saw last week, controls ink as well as he does dirt. He even sucks it into his fingers for later use.) The candidate of choice: Peter Petrelli. To do so, Samuel files a lawsuit against Peter under the name William Hooper. Hooper is an alleged victim of a bus crash who had his shoulder dislocated by Peter's speedy work at the scene of the accident.

Although Peter doesn't recognize him, his partner says his name is on the log. His partner also drops another bombshell: The way Peter is always the first man on the scene has created some suspicion that he is creating the accidents in order to hog the glory when he saves everyone. Peter, still a non-believer in Hooper's story, returns to his apartment just a few seconds too late. Samuel snuck in moments before and with his batch of magic ink, inserted himself into the picture on Peter's shrine of newspaper clippings. (I'm sure he also added William Hooper's name to the victim log the same way.)

Peter runs all over the city (ha!) to find "Hooper," and apologizes for the mistake. Samuel opens up to him about his dead brother, which leads Peter to share a few tales of why he became a paramedic. He says he wanted to save lives rather than watch them pass as he had been doing as a hospice nurse. Samuel realizes that Peter makes a fine candidate, and shakes his hand, promising to drop the lawsuit. "You're exactly who I hoped you'd be," Samuel says with a grin.

While he's out and about, Samuel visits a home from his childhood. (Something Peter suggested, but Samuel had previously told Lydia he would not do.) Apparently, Samuel's father was a butler and the boys grew up in the carriage house. When the snobs who currently live there won't let Samuel look around the property because they're having a dinner party, he explains that he's just looking for a connection to his brother that recently died. "Sorry for your loss," the lady of the house says coolly. And so, Samuel does what any self-respecting TV super-villain would do: He opens up a giant sinkhole, which sucks the house into the ground.

Peter is called to the scene of the accident, where Samuel finally puts his plan to work. He uses his magic ink to tattoo a compass on Peter's arm, just like the one Samuel showed Hiro last week. With the compass, Samuel seems to be able to control Peter. This could get interesting...

While the episode didn't contain any "wow" moments for me, I also didn't find myself rolling my eyes, (which is a compliment for this show, as of late). I actually appreciate how they have begun to fix Peter's character, which had spun way out of control. I also am still totally digging Robert Knepper's portrayal of Samuel. And even though I thought the colorful Soloist scene with Emma was oddly out of place in this show, I am intrigued by her character. Best news of the night: No Mohinder for two weeks running!

What did you think of the episode?

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