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Richard Hatch invited to All Star edition

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Since we know Richard not going to be on Suvivor 20 All Stars people have been trying to figure out who will be. I looked at Survivor Suck and a few other places and have come up with my list.

Great things that won't happen

1. Pay Richard's taxes and get him on the show.*

2. Stacey Stillman*

3. Kelly Wigglesworth*

4.Colleen Haskell*

5. Mike Skupin

6 Teresa Cooper

7. Gina Crews

8. Wanda Shirk (Singing Survivor)

9. Eliza Orlins (or so its been reported)

10. Denise Martin

11. Kelly Goldsmith (or so its been reported)

12. Tyson (or so its been reported)

13. Symanticc (has watched every show)

*They already said they want someone from the 10 anniversary of survivor, Borneo. I am assuming someone will make it.The other possibilities would be Gervase Peterson or Sean Kenniff. If they do pick one it seem to me it would be Kelly since Mark is never going to pay Rich's taxes.)

Great Survivors who in my opinion who are likely to be on the show.

1. Coach

2. Jerri

3. Natalie (an all time favorite of mine) It had to be others too because I did a search, hit a link and got a virus.

4. James

5. Sugar (I said in my opinion) I see she just got married so that seemed to elimiate her.

People who I really don't want on.

1.Yul Kwon (As Luck would have it, he had totally stupid tribes.His strategy will be sure blind side in the future.)

2. Stephanie I am not sure exactly what she did to deserve a second chance. (Not a favorite of mine especially after Guatemala.)

3.Big Tom. (He has been reported to make it the third time. I think this would be a very bad idea.

4. Tina (She pretended to be Colby's mother and got him to give her a million. She also was the first off the original All Stars. ) Why do people want her on the show? Its a real mystery to me.)

5. Johnny Fairplay (Did one thing to make him famous and then quit All Stars because his girlfriend was having a baby. This is anticipated so he should not have accepted.) It the same thing with Jenna M. If your mother is sick why would she accept?

6. Rupert (He did one thing to make him famous and was idiot the rest of the time. They already gave him a million for nothing other than stealing the other tribes things and looking weird.)

7. Jenna L from Survivor Borneo. (Did Mark put her on the original All Stars trying to make up for hiding the videotape of her kids?)

Other survivor that are in the running that other people have thought might be picked. These survivor are from a variety of lists.

1. Tom Weston

2. Twila

3. Sierra

4. Sandra

5. Erik

6. Terry

7. Ace (Someone who was in trouble with the law)

9. Randy

10. Jean Robert

11. Dreamz

12. Yau Man

13. Brian. Not my favorite since he shot a dog with an arrow and beat up his wife.

14. Cirie (She seems to be a popular pick.)

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Survivor all-stars cast may include Coach, Fairplay, Rupert, Ozzy, Parvati, Cirie

July 22, 2009, 12:09 PM


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I wonder if Coby Archa is working with Mark Burnett to generate interest. It sounds exactly like something Mark would do.

I will just edit where I got idea.

You Tube: Coby for All Stars 2

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I went to Survivor Live at Darien Lake, NY with my wife my kids and their husbands for my birthday with the intent of trying to get on Survivor Live. Darien Lake is one of three amusement parks with Survivor Live. (PS)

I was disappointed I didn't get picked for the show. However I had no problems getting picked for the rollocoaster. I run 5k every day but after getting off I started reading who should not ride and I wondered if I should have ridden at all. Once started I thought I was going to have a cardiac arrest. My kids thought the same thing.

If you want to know what the show was about they picked 4 people from the audience. You did not have a good chance of getting picked because there lots of people and they were always younger than I. I think they were also jealous because I was wearing a STEELER hat. Boston Rob and STEELER Bob. In any event I was right in the middle of Buffalo Bills territory so that was a real negative.

The cast was all dressed in tribal garbs except for one that was supposed to be Jeff. He of course had his survivor hat on. The cast members dressed as tribe members or maybe Indians danced a lot.

The first challenge the survivors had to do was solve a puzzle in the form of a totem pole. It was not very difficult but the fastest to finish was given an immunity necklace.

Then they started doing a lot of things with coconuts. The loser was still helping even though tribe had spoken and their torch already been extinguished.

The challenge was to try not drop any coconuts. The person with immunity first had the choice of giving 6 coconuts to the other tribes. That gave the one with the immunity necklace a big advantage right off the bat. For instance the show I watched sometimes the one with the immunity necklace gave 6 coconuts to one of the survivors and the other time 3 to each. Those survivors had to hold the coconuts in their arms and not drop them.

Then they brought out the game where you have to match item underneath half coconuts. The audience was shown a couple of items so they could help the survivors but during the game the tribe members were always trying to confuse the audience so they would tell the survivor the wrong information.

The tribes might get a match or not and the actual number of additional coconuts they had to hold depended on getting a match/or not plus answering a trivia question. They ended up with between 3 and 6 coconuts. The trivia was question like what identifies a tribe. That was a course a buff.

What was the final immunity challenge in China? It was china, you know cups and plates etc. that they had to stack. Who said his grandmother died? The trivia questions were easy but the survivors had so many ways to get coconuts that it was over before hardly any matches were made because someone dropped their coconuts fairly quickly. The survivor that dropped the coconuts first had their torch snuffed out as well.

The final two survivors whose torch was still lit would have the jury decide who would be the lone survivor.

The final challenge was that had to dig pieces out of sand to put together a duck illustrated on the a board Then they had to run/ under/craw under some bamboo squares and put enough coconuts to lower their flag by their bucket by the illustrated duck. It was more than one coconut.

Lots more dancing and the tribes became the jury and voted on whom should be the final survivor. Jeff pulled out the votes out of a jar and announced the sole survivor. Both times I was there, it was a male versus a female and the male won. The females always won immunity.

I think Johnny Fairplay is going to be there tomorrow.

PS I was reading the local online paper and they have good picture of a funnel cloud over Danien Lake and of touchdown around it. The power went out for a while we there and we could hear the terrible rain on the metal roof of the survivor live venue. I glad it did not hit our building because I think it don't it could take it!

According to this account/pic it was an F2 and almost knocked over the Superman Man of Steel. This rollocoaster soars way up in the air so even if it did not hit the ground it still a chance hitting the coaster. Obviously there were worse places to be in the park than Survivor Live. I was wondering why the Superman line had become so short once we got out of the show.


It did not dawn on me why the park seem to have emptied out while we were at the show until I saw the pic in the paper of the tornado over the park. I don't think I would be taking a pic considering how close and clear the picture.

It took a long time to get home because a lot the roads were closed because it cut off our normal way out of the park.

It did make the today show.

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Elizabeth has stated quite a few times that she won't do an allstars... and being that she is also 9 months pregnant right now.... I don't see her changing her mind LOL

I totally agree anyone who has been on more than once.... doesn't need to be on again... let's see some new, old blood this time around!!

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I think they were also jealous because I was wearing a STEELER hat. Boston Rob and STEELER Bob.

Go steelers!

(and I am going to make my perfect allstar season cast, and i want you all to see what you think...Its a work in progress)

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they have said for a couple of seasons now that its getting way to expensive to produce

Apparently Mark Burnett has another show starting this Sunday on ABC. It based on a Candian show that he has renaned Shark Tank. The show works like this. Four to seven people pitch their ideas to multimillions to get them to invest in their ideas.

I guess since the millionaires are doing the investing, Mark can probably afford to produce it.

It a long article and you should follow the link if you want more information.


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Apparently Mark Burnett has another show starting this Sunday on ABC. It based on a Candian show that he has renaned Shark Tank. The show works like this. Four to seven people pitch their ideas to multimillions to get them to invest in their ideas.

I guess since the millionaires are doing the investing, Mark can probably afford to produce it.

It a long article and you should follow the link if you want more information.


The Dragon's Den actually started in the UK... I think what they are saying is that the name Shark Tank changed? I don't know for sure, but I know I have watched Dragon's Den on BBC for a long time now...

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Dallas TV Examiner came up seemed to note a lot of possibilities/not possibilities for the first five seasons.


As a part of my continuing coverage of all things "Survivor," it's about the perfect time for some more speculation as to who might appear on the 10th anniversary edition of the show debuting this spring. While the season is currently filming, CBS will likely not announce the cast until after "Survivor: Samoa" finishes up in December.

The following people are by no means guaranteed to be on the show--they are merely people that both CBS and the viewing public would be interested in seeing again. Today, I'm focusing on the show's early years. Since a fair representation of all "Survivor" seasons would be best, let's hope at least a few of the following people make an appearance.

"Survivor: Borneo"

Richard Hatch- Since a judge banned him from leaving the country due to his past arrest for tax evasion, it looks to be a no-go for the show's original winner.

Kelly Wigglesworth- The runner-up has yet to receive much support from CBS, and there has been no word on a return.

Rudy Bosch- He was great in the first season, but he's now over 80 years old. It's a shame since America does love watching the cranky old guy.

Gervase Peterson- Would actually be a good choice. He was memorable, athletic, and has yet to see any love from CBS. Being that so many from season 1 aren't possible to get, he could very well make an appearance.

Colleen Haskell- Rumor has it that CBS would kill to have her back on the show; unfortunately, she just doesn't seem to have an interest. Maybe now that her attempted acting career has come to a complete halt she'd be interested in going out again.

"The Australian Outback"

Tina Wesson- She is probably either on the cast or an alternate. Whether or not this is deserving is another issue; Tina clung to Colby and won $1 million for it.

Colby Donaldson: He's been doing some work on the "Ellen" show lately, and that could be a deterrent. There's no doubt, though, that CBS wants the popular cowboy.

Jerri Manthey: Of course she'll be back! Jerri is one of the most notorious villains of all time, and they don't have many female contestants to fill that role.

Amber (Brkich) Mariano- She's out. She just had a baby with Boston Rob from "Marquesas" a month ago.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck- Wouldn't it be awesome? It will never happen; "The View" is far and away the better show for her career.


Ethan Zohn- He's a very popular contestant, but he would not be on since he is currently undergoing cancer treatment.

Lex Van Den Berghe- Tattooed-up Lex was on "All Stars," but to this point there hasn't been any talk of him returning.

"Big" Tom Buchanan- Probably the likeliest candidate, Tom is memorable for his goofball nature; however, he doesn't really have any strategy in the game whatsoever and hardcore fans aren't interested in seeing him again.


"Boston" Rob Mariano- One of the more famous reality stars out there, Rob will be coveted but probably not join since his wife just had a baby. If he is on, expect him to be even more ruthless than usual.

Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien- Odds are about 50-50 on this one. Kathy was reasonably popular on her season and has a matter-of-fact nature about her missing from most "Survivor" contestants. Would she even come back? She's already been on the show twice.

Gina Crews- Gina's name always comes up as a contestant people want to see again, pretty surprising considering she only placed 11th on her season. I wouldn't be shocked to see her, but it's probably more likely if "Survivor" ever does an edition where they bring back those eliminated early.

Vecepia Towery- She won the season, but wasn't really an interesting enough winner.


Brian Heidik- He is known for being one of the most shrewd winners ever on the game, manipulating everyone while taking someone to the end (in Clay) that he knew he would beat.

Shii Ann Huang- She was the only representative from this season on the first "All Stars," but the fact that she's not well-liked hurts her (as does that "Thailand" really wasn't that popular as a whole).

Helen Glover- She would be a good choice, especially since she was another tough contestant not afraid to speak her mind. However, this personality trait got her in some trouble with CBS in the past as she leaked production details on a website.


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I swear more than half these people were on all-stars. Please don't do that and focus on the cast after all stars minus Steph and Bobby Jon.

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Its always hard to do more than one allstars..

then you have to consider if you want to bring back people from before the first Allstars..

If you want to bring back people 3 times.. and if not, there is a reason they didnt make the first allstars...

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Update: ]

'Survivor' Richard Hatch still in jail after hearing

3:23 PM Wed, Aug 26, 2009 | Permalink

Maria Armental Email

By Mark Pratt

Associated Press Writer

BOSTON (AP) -- A lawyer for Survivor winner Richard Hatch is threatening to go to court if her client is not released soon from a Massachusetts county jail.

Hatch had been serving the remainder of a prison term for tax evasion on home confinement at his sister's Newport, R.I., home. He was jailed Aug. 18 after granting two TV interviews for which the federal Bureau of Prisons says he didn't have permission

Hatch remained behind bars at the Barnstable County jail in Bourne after a hearing Wednesday with sheriff's deputies, said his Los Angeles-based lawyer, Cynthia Ribas. She said the information gathered at the hearing will be passed on to federal prisons authorities, who will then decide whether Hatch will be moved back to a prison, to a halfway house or returned to home confinement.

Bureau of Prisons spokeswomen Felicia Ponce said she could not confirm where Hatch is being held, but said he remains under the supervision of the department's Philadelphia office.

"It's awful. It's been eight days. He's tormented. It makes no sense," Ribas said. "We'll file something in a real court of law if they don't get him out of there."

Hatch was not allowed to have a lawyer present at Wednesday's hearing with two sheriff's deputies, Ribas said. She and the Rhode Island chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union submitted witness statements.

The ACLU claims that Hatch's constitutional free speech rights are being trampled.

"It is appalling that he would actually be sent to jail for engaging in quintessential free speech activity," the ACLU said in a statement.

Hatch granted three television interviews last week -- to NBC's "Today" show, NBC affiliate WJAR-TV in Providence, R.I., and the NBC-owned "Access Hollywood." He claimed in each interview that the judge in his case discriminated against him because he is gay, and accused federal prosecutors of misconduct.

A Bureau of Prisons spokeswoman said last week that the department bar prisoners on home confinement from granting media interviews without first getting permission.

Ribas said she received the proper permission for the Today interview and thought it extended to all NBC properties. But federal rules consider each media outlet separate.

Hatch was convicted in 2006 of failing to pay taxes on the $1 million prize he got for winning the first season of the CBS reality show. He was given extra prison time for lying on the stand.

He has maintained his innocence.

His sentence is scheduled to end Oct. 7.

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I know I mentioned this but I don't know if I posted the link. Rich just brought this up again in his Access Hollywood interview.

In 2002, in a video interview with Mark Burnett, Rich Hatch, Jeff Probst, Rich Hatch interrupted the conversation about communication if an accident occurs like when Michael Skupin fell in the fire. Richard out to the blue said he was often ask what interaction they had with the cameraman or sound man. Rich said there was none. It was as if the were like trees. It was only when the tore down the camp and saw all the wires there they realized how much they were apart of the camp.

Then years after Rich gets arrested for tax evasion he said he complained to Mark about cheating when cameraman and sound man gave other survivors food. According to Rich, Mark then agreed to pay his taxes so Rich would shut up.

What is the real truth when Rich gives two totally different stories. One time they are trees they other time they are passing out food.


Its seems really true Rich just can't shut up on video or on the radio or TV.


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Its been decided that Rich is going to stay in jail for additional time and will not get out until October 16 so obviously he not going to get out his original release data of Oct 7. This means he will spend 59 extra days in jail. The ACLU is disappointed.

Of course Mark Burnett let him be naked on the show. No one knows exactly how this affected his trial. In my opinion Mark Burnett made a lot of money because of this. As I said Mark referred to Rich as gold dust.

Did Rich originally get extra time because Rich was gay or because he walked around naked on the show?Is it because he was running his son so early in the morning and supposely hurt him or the fact he supposely beat up his former boyfriend. It appears he lied under oath at the trial and that is supposely the reason.

Rich thinks it only because he is gay that he was convicted. The facts as I understand it was the first accountant said Rich owed a lot of money and Rich said what if you don't include the survivor money. Rich then turned that tax return without the survivor money and I think he got a refund of like $4000 or so instead of oweing 300 to 400 thousand dollars.

I really don't care if Rich or anyone is gay. I am not so happy he was allowed to walk around the show naked even if it was blurred out. It was not blurred out for Sue Hawk on all stars. On Survivor 1 Jennis L took off like a bullet when naked Rich sat beside her.

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I don't think letting Richard be naked is any worse than letting Russell burn socks or dump water. Not to mention all the females with their lady bits all but hanging out just about every season. As long as he isn't touching me or shaking his wanger at me, I could care less.

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