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BB 11 Letters from inanimate objects


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Dear cameras,

Sorry for letting Jesse back in. Please don't break.

Love the Athletes

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Dear Mirrors in the HoH room,

Please hang in there, we know it's hard to have Jesse in your face all the time, but it won't last much longer... Then it will be us that have to put up with him...


The mirror's in the rest of the house

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Dear Icebox. Im sorry Jessie keeps opening you ever 2.5 mins.. I know you probably want a rest... Dont worry. Im sure he will be gone soon.

Dear Mirrors, I'm sorry Jessie keeps looking at himself every 2.5 mins..I know you probably want a rest...Don't worry, I'm sure he will be gone soon.

Sorry for plagiarizing, but it sure does work! LOL!

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LOl @ the Jessie jokes!! I love them. Please keep them coming!


Dear Lydia,

My pen is running out of ink. Can I please borrow some from your body?


A writer in need


Dear Jordan,

My tires are low on air. Can I borrow some from your head? Or your boobs. Or Laura's boobs for that matter?

Thanks in advance,

A stranded car

p.s. Whatever you do, please don't take any from Jessie's head. It's already too small as it is.


Dear Casey,

Mr. Dressup called. He isn't happy with how you grew up. You're either a teacher or a dj, white or black. Pick an identity from the tickle trunk and stick with it.


A Canadian cartoon addict

p.s. He wants me to ask you what you did with Finnegan?

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Dear Jesse,

Do you have to destroy all of us just to show your muscles???

Your shirt collection

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Not really a letter but didn't want this thread to fall away.

A bit of Dr. Suess (Slightly adapted) from the Cat in the Hat to honor one of the HGs:

I will pick the hook.

You will see something new.

Two things. And I call them

Thing One and Thing Two.

These Things will not bite you.

They want to have fun

Then, out of the bra

Came Thing Two and Thing One!

And they fell out fast.

They said "How do you do?"

Would you like a good view

Of Thing One and Thing Two?

All of the housemates

Did not know what to do.

So they just stared

At Thing One and Thing Two.

But the fish said, "NO! NO!

Those Things should not be

In this house! Make them go!"

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Dear houseguests,

Do you not realize they have attached a microphone to you and the camera is pointed directly at us. We are

not Secret conversation place you think we are.


The Hammock and the Storage Room.

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Dear All houseguests

Please STOP.. Just dont do it anymore.. I can't take it.. Everytime you talk, Chima starts laughing for some strange reason.. most the time its not even funny.. Actually, only about .005% of the time is it funny, But it doesnt matter.. she will laugh anyways.. And it hurts.. Really bad.. I think I may be deaf.

- Your friend, Chima's Microphone.

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Dear Lydia,

You will never win, let alone be nominated.

Sincerely from the best judges of drama queens,

Oscar, Emmy, & Tony

edit: Don't get us wrong - you are definitely a drama queen. You are just a very bad drama queen.

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