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Pre-Season BB11 rumors

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It's really too bad you all don't know the side of Sheila I do... She's really one of the best people... She has a heart as big as the earth itsself... If you all would like, I could call Sheila... I know she can't say if she's in the house or not, but if she doesn't answer the phone for a few days, there could be some truth in the rumor... Y'all just let me know what you all want me to do...

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Just a rumor I found on another site-not sure of validity

Rumored cast list

BB11 Cast

Marty - 25 Iowa

Jennifer - 21 California

Daryl - 30 Florida

Kathy - 41 Ohio

Rachael - 26 Kansas

Tony- 23 California

Alex - 30 "Female" Arizona

Ethan - 28 Colorado

Heath - 34 Texas

Emily - 32 Georgia

Brendan- 22 Illinois

Taryn - 39 Texas

Source: BB Dish

Just checked my predictions against these HG--All I can say is "Better luck to me next season". Good luck to all others that played.

Also...this was posted about Sheila as ANONYMOUS

This is the post-I am not the source

(Also, they told her she was the "14th" houseguest. This would mean i guess that she is not the only former entering, since the commercial shows 12 strangers. I know many of you want to know who I am, but I am sworn to secrecy. Don't worry, everything will be out tommorow anyway . Well anyways, gotta run!)

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