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7/19 - Live Feed Updates


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10:39 BBT In the HOH Ronnie explaining to Jeff and Jordan the plan to backddor Russell

while downstairs Lydia whispering to Chim and Kevin the fallout from Russell when he finds out he's backdoored. Lydia said she will cower in the HOH. Kevin does say he wants Jeff to go "soooo bad".

Kevin and Lydia head to the SR to exchange mic and Lydia expresses her worries about Russell.Kevin switches his mic..and talk their top 5 or six...Both says them Chima natalie Jessie and Ronnie...top 5 Lydia would drop Chima while Kevin would drop Ronnie.

10:44 BBT Natalie and Chima talking..Natalie telling her "he can't be backdoored this week. Chima tells Natalie that they told Jordan she's going up.....Natalie says she'll go with the group....Chima says "Jordan will not put you guys up" and Natalie BULL SHIT she says she'll put up her and Jesse or her and Chima...Now Chima sasy to tell Jesse to "go talk to Ronnie" but don't say she said to because I wasn't suppose to say anything"

10:47 BBT BB lights go out and they think the cameras went out too.

Back in SR Lydia and Ronnie grab cabdy and leaves.......and Ronnnie and Natalie head in and Ronnie tells Natalie what jeff supposedly said...SHe stupidly asks if Jeff will win POV....He tells her he said "do whatever you want to do" and Natalie says "you will have an enemy" and Ronnie says he knows he'll go up...Nat says "we've got the numbers" and asks if its going to be Jordan.

10:50 BBT Russell outside sleeping unaware what may transpire in the next few days...Chim with Ronnie walking out of the BR....seems very few people talking game tonight.Chima in the HOH and he's telling her Jeff wants to knock his block off.....and Chima says "I told Jesse he needs to talk to you" and Ronnie keeps telling her what Jeff said how angry is from putting up Jordan that they "should tell him" about the RussPlan..even though he already did....Again Chima says Jesse coming up and and complains about Natalie saying she heard Jordan's going up and tells Chima "its against the rules" to say who's going up...Chima says Nat and Jesse will be most concerned...even though they are on the team they are playing for themselves...and Ronnie says we "shold do it anyway" if Jesse and Nat don't like the plan Chima asks..

10:57 BBT and Ronnie still talking to Chima and in comes Natalie wanting to know.......and Ronnie says he's committed to the 4 him Chima Jesse and Nat.....Natalie asks if they are putting one of their teammmates up....Ronnie explains the side deals Russ has..while natalie says it would be wise "one more week" and Natalie wants all these gurantees from Jeff about not putting any of them up....since Ronnie says they have "jeff and Jordan" on their side now...

11:01 BBT They talk about Russell again and all his little seed planting....Nat wants to know how Jeff came up with offering her and Jesse safety...Ronnie goes on Jeff isn't stupid and proved he can win comps......natalie worried about Laura even though Chima and Ronnie think she won't...but will get a deal or "promises" from her...

Natalie "we don't need to make deals they need to make us deals".......Talk turns back to Russ and all the crap he's talking about Ronnie via Lydia's word..

Natalie expresses her worry of Laura...Chima thinks "she'll be indebted to us" and wil make the deal and says "we expect this ..yes or no" Natalie "i don't think Jesse's gonna like this"....but Natalie says "i'll go with the group" but Jesse wants "Laura outta here"

11:07 BBT Ronnie stupidly says "if she's smart" about Laura "she'll throw the HOH"..

11:08 Jesse's out of DR and Ronnie tells Nat to go get him.."we can't let them talk us off this" and Ronnie says do you "want to hear what Russ told Lydia" and Ronnie's doing all the dirty work.....

Jesse says "it doesn't matter"...buts says he'll suppport you "100%" andbut you have to "weigh out all your options"..and says "its not his time" but "if that's how everybody feels" the "so be it"..and Jesse says "that one comment" and all jump on him and say its more...Ronnie says "you and Natalie offered you safety" and Jesse says they can promise all they want but they are getting "what they want" and Jesse goes off about Laura and Natalie says "he'll swiitch sides and become their leader" Lydia says...natalie says Ruus wants "the other side " to "break us up" abouther and Jesse..

11:13 BBT "for me this would be a mistake" Jesse says...Chima "there is no guarantee " they will have the chance "next week"

Jesse goes on about his "actions"..Chima "no one wants to put Russell up" and says "i don't want him in the Jury house" ...and Jesse says "she's going to be Keesha of this season" Jesse says about Laura as he works hard to convince them.....

Natalie "if Laura gets HOH...we're fucked"

11:16 BBT...If he stays in he'll win "HOH and we're screwed again" Chima says......"he's just not someone we can put up" while Jesse thries to downplay his worth as a player...

Chima Lydia really lobbying for a Russell backdoor......they continue....."I wish I could put Michelle up" Ronnie says..

Chima "something in my gut tells me Russell"

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11:11 BBT

Ronnie has now told nearly everyone about his plan to backdoor Russell. Jordan, Jeff, Chima, Lydia, and Kevin are all on board. He has finally told Natalie, but she's iffy. She doesn't think it is the right time but Ronnie and Chima tell her that it might be the only chance that they have. They call Jessie into the HOH room to discuss it. Jessie starts off by telling Ronnie that whatever he does he'll support him 100%. But Jessie tells Ronnie that he has to "look from the outside in." Jessie doesn't want Russell to leave because of one comment, but the others tell him it's not just that. They say it's because he's been making side deals and it might be their only chance. Ronnie tells Jessie that he (Jessie) and Natalie have been offered safety by practically everyone in the house if the plan goes through. He tells Jessie that Jordan was up in the HOH room and promised it. Jessie tells Ronnie that they can tell him that to his face all they want, but if it goes through they (Jordan, Jeff, Laura etc.) still got what they wanted. He says to Ronnie, "they were this close to getting kicked in the f-ing balls, and Laura going home, which is the way it needed to go because you know you still have a relationship with Russell, and can voice you're opinion. You can't voice your opinions to Laura at all. Ronnie agrees that that is true. Jessie says nobody can trust Laura and she'll lie to everyone's face. But the others say they can worry about Laura later and Russell will switch sides and become their leader.

Ronnie says he wants to make the best decision and doesn't want to choose right. He doesn't want Jessie to feel like they're going against him. Natalie says she sees both sides and she can't stand Russell right now. Jessie tells her that will change day to day.

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11:21 BBT

Jesse in HOH lobbying hard.......for Russ to stay...Ronnie says "I wish Jeff didn't win the veto"........Natalie says she does have concerns about Russ but need not to do it......"Is there anyone else besides Jordan I could put up"....."Casey"........now Lydia "I guess Laura has to go home then" and CHima "I can't trust him" and Natalie says "he won't put any of us up"...they disagree..and Natalie says "we have the numbers to keep you"

Jesse comes back in and says to stop "playing the what if game"...Jesse 'you still have to have people on your side" and says "how do you know he's on our side".......jesse says he can talk him down...say "its that easy to defuse him" and says "he can't back you into a wall"...and goes off about Lura..Natalie says "I think Laura needs to go this week"

Jesse says he'll support the backdoor "1005" if they choose to do it...and Chima really lobbying for it.....they are talking about putting Casey up and says we "vote laura out"....Lydia "I want Casey out"......

11:29 BBT

Jesse saying he supports Chima in not wanting in the jury house....and Jesse says he can tell Russ Casey "crossed him" and talking about putting Casey up...Natalie "next wee" Chima says what if he wins HOH and Natalie says they will be "safe"

Natalie "teams can stop next week" ans Ronnie says it won't be till Jury.....Natalie "I will go with the group decision"...Ronnie says we "maybe will be ok" and "maybe we won't" and next you know he's in the Jury House...and same with Laura...and all says they would rather have Russ as HOH...

Jesse says he won't put Ronnie up because "he owes you"....Jesse says "when I get the chance I'll put him{Russ} up and I'll beat him in the POV" and Jesse says they are giving him "too much credit" jesse says "I'll give you my word I'll put him up"

Chima "Okay...back to Laura" and talk about votes....Ronnie "you think Casey will forgive me if I puts him up"...

Natalie "who wants to be a pawn...we have the numbers" Chima tells Natalie you be the pawan and says "fuck no"

11:38 BBT...Jesse selling Casey out saying..Ronnie says if he gets everyone up there and guarantees he'll stay...and everyone says no.."he'll go straight to Laura" and he needs to just be put up....

Chima "let's just put Casey up"

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11:40 BBT

So it seems Casey is going up and Lydia says to tell jeff and Jordan "its too high risk" and "Laura's going home"

Kevin comes in "new plan laura's going home" and Kevin dumbfounded..and told caeys's "going up" and claps...Chima says "we were railroaded" laughs

11:42 BBT....Ronnie trying to figure out how he can be safe......"i doesn't matter" Jordan knows...and Chima thinks Jeff doesn't know about the plan...

Chima "keeping Russell in the house is a mistake" and Kevin "we've shown our hand" and Russ may find out....Cima "we all just deny it?" and say they will "blame Luara"..

Chima "casey's going up as a pawn but doesn't know he's a pawn"

11:45 BBT Now they rag on Casey and his untrustworthness....Natalie "casey doesn't trust Russ at all"....Natalie believe Casey will but up Russ...Ronnie says "it will be me Michele and Chima"....and Natalie says "he'll put up Russell" and Chima says "I don't think so.........it will be Ronnie and Me"...and tells Ronnie just that "you know"

Chima says casey won't keep a deal.....even though Natalie say he'll be gratefull.and next week whe "I'm HOH I'm putting up Michele and Jordan"

Kevin says "we opened a can of worms with Russell" and will tell Russ...

Natalie wnts to bring Jordan up and tell them the switch...and Jesse says no "she doesn't talk game"......Kevin "we are underestimating her influence"

Chima if Ronnie and her go up..than they don't "have the numbers"..

11:51 BBT and Natalie says "don't play the what if game" and Chima snaps back "well you guys were playing the what if game when I wanted Russell to go home"

Kevin"the four of us are comprimised" beacsue Jordan was in there when it was "presented to her"....Jesse says "why make a deal" when she is 'not going to win" HOH......

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11:54 BBT

Jesse says they want to get Jeff up there and say not to use the veto and kevin says "no way" he will "not use the veto on himself'..and these idiots realize that's the truth..

Kevin whinning "he's made deals with everybody" and Kevis doesn't but Jesse's reasoning..and says "but you'll be safe from his wrath" and he will "be gone"

Laura bashing......."she's a bitch" "she lies" and Chima still ragging on Russell...

11:56 BBT...Jeese about jordan "if she wins I'm screwed" and Ronnie "i wish I can put up Michele" and Jesse says people "are not convinced"..Chima says "I'm not convinced" and wants Russell gone...

Talk has turned back about Russell...and Ronnie says Russel and BBAD cut off and missed it and had feeds off...so I missed it..

Ronnie worried about Russell...and so is Chima...Jesse "I see Laura winning HOH me going up and home" and Jesse making it all about him..and says he won't go against it if they support it..Kevin says "i think she'll{Laura} will be grateful" if she's stays...

12:00 BBT Jesse saying he'll support them for the upteenth time but saying they have one more day...Jesse saying crap about what Casey saud about Ronnie..Nat "I want em both out".........casey says "maybe I'll get him to hit him" and Natalie says "you're the safest person in the house" if Russell goes up...Chima "really...did he tell you guys that"...Chima "why can't we backdoor casey' and everyone says "Laura" and Chima "oh yeah"......Chima says "I'm putting up Jeff and Casey"

Now they play the what if game about who Casey will put up.......Chima "Casey's definitely putting me up" Chima not worried about Jordan winning anything

Kevin worried its "out there with Jordan"

12:05 BBT Jeff and Jordan talking on the hammock talking how Russell going up...and Jordan "I don't know if I can trust them"...Jordan says when she went up to "goo poo" Chima said that she wanted a promise she wouldn't put her up...Jordan says Natalie didn't ask and will put her up..

They talk about Russell flipping his shit...and they thought that he may know...

Jordan saying Lydia Kevin Ronnie Talking about how she doesn't try...and Jeff says "kevin" does... and talks how they think she's throwing comps...

Jordan and Jeff think Laura is saying and Jeff reminds her not to say anything........Jordan says "I don't trust em"

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12:10 BBT

Jeff and Jordan talking.....Jeff says "I don't know anything" saying he hadn't talk to Ronnie after he won POV to Jesse...and says he already had their word they didn't want Jeff out....and Jordan says no because Natalie seemed she didn't want him to win..

12:12 BBT Jeff says they cannot tell Laura even Jordan thinks she thinks "they're being sketchty" and Jeff says "its only one day" and says that's why he didn't tell Casey..becasue he didn't want him to act differently...not knowing it mau have flipped to Casey going up...

Thay are talking about making Jury house and Jeff says "i'm trying to carry you but you're getting heavy",...Jordan says "i'm not doing my part"..Jeff says you are but kinda blows it off as he was kidding..

12:15 BBT Laura comes over.."what's wrong" nothing they say and talk about the pool rafts....Out comes Ronnie and Laura tells him Jordan's stomach issues.."from the slop" He asks where Casey is...but laura says "he's asleep"..Laura asks why the hammocks "is lower" than usual and Jeff says its weight distribution"

natalie talking to Kevin about waiting for "next weeK" for Russ while they do Laundry with Chima...

Chima kevin talk about dryer shhets and smells....as nat fetches the sheets..

12:19 BBT Ronnie at the Hammock pushing the point that Laura "can't be reasoned with"...and they want her out...jeff says "you change every hour" and says for Ronnie to admit "you want laura out"...

Jordan "why is everyone afraid of Russell"....and Ronnie explains if Laura wins HOh...and Jordan says she can't get a deal of not putting Ronnie up because they told her not to say anything......Ronnie says to act like you don't know anything.......if Casey goes up....Ronnie says "chima and I think Russell is the best option" and say Jesse says he would support it that's when he wanted to do it...Jeff says he may never get another chance.....and Ronnie is worried....about Laura.......he asks "do you think Laura might put up Casey"...Jeff says they don't know..

Jeff says Russels is "getting wise" and will turn on them......and Jordan says "for a fact" Ronnie is going up.....and "you're playing every side"...Ronnie says "I'm going by my instict" and says he will put him up......Ronnie "i wonder if I can get him to yell at me and explode"..Jordan says "he called you a fat somethin'" when Ronnie presses her what Russ said..

12:27"Ronnie "I'm doing what's best for me"I'm putting him up about Russ

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12:28 BBT "he called me a fat fucking faggot" Ronnie steams in the green room and says he's going to put him up....Natalie wonders if jordan is telling the truth.......and Ronnie says he had to drag it out of her...Jesse tries to bring Casey being a threat...

12:30..they talk why Russ would give the ammunition...and chima says because he wants to join the...Chima "I don't think they're lying"...and lydia wants a round table with Russ.. Now lydia wants Russ not up and "Jesse and Natalie need to go talk to Russell"..

12:32 Ronnie and Chima saying Jesse is "selfish".....and now for Jesse its "personal" with Laura and Chima says "we need to think about us" and Ronnie says he wanst to confront him...and Chima "you realize it will turn into a big fucking war" laughing at Russell being "overconfident" "talking shit about the HOH" and try to say this move was as bad as BB3 Marcellas..

12:34 BBT Ronnie heads back outside the back in..Jordan and Jeff on the hammock and upset they can never make a decision and Jordan says maybe it will "stir up some drama"...and Jeff says he needs to Jesse and to see where he's at..Jordan says he was "sketchy" about Jeff winning..

12:37 BBT Jordan "i wanna win" and Jeff says "I want to get through this week"...Jordan wants to tell laur aand Jeff trying to drive it into her dense head not to say anything..

Laura comes over and tells her they need to get the "green pillows" out of their room...Jordan says Jeff upset Ronnie wants to talk strategy and Jordan says "I'm trying to stir up some drama" so they put up Russ...Jordan tells Laura what the Russ intentions...Laura doesn't seem the paln will work "I doubt it..we'll see"..

12:41 BBT we'' seems Russ said "fat Fuck" and not "Fat faggot".....and Jordan said to Ronnie "fat something"...Laura expresses her disdain for Jesse and express their disgust of a Jesse win...

Laura says Russ would have our back and come to our side.....even though "I'm positive I'm going home" and says she upset spending the last week like this on slop sleeping in the have not room and may be worth "the penalty vote" 'to eat..

12:44 BBT and Jordan goes over the plan and said to Ronnie laura would do what he wants HOH but Jordan says if she wins she can do anything she wants..Jordan says "they all sit up there and cram your name down his throat"...Laura "I will be extremely shocked if he put up Russell"

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12:46 BBT Jordan says he stormed out of there....and laura says he'll probably put up "you and I or casey" up at the end of the day....Jeff annoyed at Jordan snaps at her what does he want him to say that he's heard "800 things"........Jordan says ignore it "because he wants to talk game"...and tells Laura "he doesn't know what he wants to do" and Michele says "he's nver approached me" about anything..

laura about ronnie "hats off to him" for playing them "like fiddles"

Jordan's gum flapping and Jeff is so annoyed and remains mostly silenet...Michele says "not open your big mouth" to Ronnie and to gain favor say to him "nominate me"......Laura "ronnies calling the shots" and "jesse's following"....

Michele says she's not afarid to get Jesse out since she tried to get "my own teammate".....Michele says she heard them talk.."they want to nominate Russell".....laura says they may have been talking loud intentionally for Laura to hear...and says Russ may stick up for us..and isn't happy with them.Michele says..

they warn Michele Ronnie is talking shit and she says she needs to talk to him when she gets the chance.

12:54 BBT Michele says she needs to talk and figure where they stand.....Michele says his flaw is underestimating her..and talk Ronnie admitted to the vote and Laura wants to know what excuse..and Jeff says he didn't know....and didn't want him "to blow smoke up my ass" and didn't care why...

Michele "he's a liar"..."who cares" about Ronnie.....Laura "he's not a teacher".....Michels says "i know" and complain he's watched all BB seasons and shouldn't brought him in...

12:57 BBT this week is a "5-4 vote" and next week is "4-4" and Laura seems to try to get votes..even if "its Russell I don't know what will happen"...Micheles says he's puuting it "whomever he puts up" either leaving "would benefit him"

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1:00 BBT Inside Ronnie Lydia in kitchen talking about movie "julie Julia" ...they talk while Jesse complain about someone "stealling my fucking toothpaste"

1:02 BBT Natlie offers her "Colgate" and Jesse wonders if its his..and says she always leaves her in her room.."who the fuck steals toothpaste"....and the idiot finds it....and balmes the people for squeezing it diffrently from him "douchebags"...

1:04 BBT more people head outside to play with bubbles ..well Lydia and Ronnie are..Natalie talking about what's missing from the BY...Jesse and Lydia talking outside...about unicorns...and their names..."ya ya" yak yak" some of the ones thrown out there FOTH {thank God}

1:08 BBT

Feeds back and much of the same..and doing accents...."free ballin" what Jesse says...

People are outdoors Michele and Ronnie have their feet in the hot tub" and asks if she can sleep on the sofa in his room because she can't "sleep at all..otherwise I'll be napping all day" and I guess that's when she'll have her talk..

1:12 BBTJeff trying to play with something and ronnie helps him untwist it.....no game talking just people having fun

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1:19 BBT

Laura and Jordan talking about being have nots and have appreciation for things like water and talk about being homeless and Jordan talks about a homeless man named "jelly welly" and foth...

Jeff almost figuring out Ronnies soap "wand" to make bubbles..it seems their are soap issues.....Ronnie says there is "a breeze" and jeff says that can't be it since you make a breeze "when you run with it"..Lydia now playing with it and try to figure out what soap to use...

1:22 BBT

Casey and Russell are asleep....Laura talking about 'being a good sport" in what she believes her impending eviction..Jordan has joined a very subdued Michele i the hottub...."it feels so good in here" as Jordan gets in as its "better than taking a cold shower"

1:26 BBT Not much going on...pretty much the same

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1:28 BBT

Jordan trying to talk about Natalie and school..Natalie says she's starting "next semester" and asks if she likes her" Blockbuster" job.....Natalie says "once you get to our age" frday nights are no big deal...

Jesse at the pool table with Jeff doing those accents that have now got on my nerves...again no game talk just having fun doing their accents..English ones tonight..

1:31 BBT

All seems quiet after the Russ backdoor attempt....I guess we'll find out when the POV ceremony is right now they are all outside enjoying themselves minus Russ and Casey who are in bed"

Chima Lydia and Kevin are playing with the beds and Ronnie comes in "to have our meeting upstairs" but first he has to find his HOH key which is on Lydia's unicorn outside..

Chima says "it was a go until they said no" about a Russ backdoor..and Lydia worries about Laura staying in...Lydaia complains Jesse and natalie won't see their point "since they don't get attcked by him" and Ronnie "they're safe" with a Russell HOH....

1:37 BBT FOTH as Lydia tries to make her point....

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1:39 BBT

Whispering going on about Russell and his actions...Lydia worried that "we can't trust her" about Laura while Russell "there's a little bit of trust" and they got fetch the HOH key and head upstairs...

11:41 BBT Lydia and kevin outside the HOH and Lydia 'its a ballsy move".....

Ronnie's back and into the HOH...with Chima who locked the door...

1:43 BBT they are using Ronnie's candy as substitutes for HGs....and breaks them into cliques...."lets try to think logically" and Chima points out the athletes."there something wrong here..there's 4"

they go through scenarios when BB decides to go to foth...

1:46 BBT and talking about being able to reason"wuth Casey" and Chima "I thought we were going to let him sweat it out"....they think they will be safe with Jordan and Jeff...Ronnie says maybe "chima and Michele" and real problem ..

they are talking about how Jeff won against Russ...they are talking about putting up casey as a pawn...and Kevin says he thinks Casey has something with the athletes which brings Ronnie back to Russel going..Lydia worried about Laura while Kevin says Laura will "go for the jugular" and go for Jesse and Natalie" and talk about bringing Laura in and threatning her....Kevin says she didn't want to talk to anyone until the veto ceremony is over...Lydia says its arrogance while Chima says no "she knows she's going home"

1:53 BBT Ronnie "i need to do what's best for me"....

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1:54 BBT Ronnie saying "Micheles ass would go up" if they were in the clique.....Ronnie says Jesse didn't want Jeff out..he's back off that...and they talk about not wanting Russell in the Jury House......saying they got Braden is out for "stirring up some shit" and what's Russell doing "stirring up some shit"

1:56 BBT Ronnie worried keeping Jordan and when they decide to " she's HOH"...Chima says Jordan stays in she may win.. an unanimous "Russell" when Ronnie asks his geek squad who they want.........He says he wil confront Russell about caling him a name..he still hasn't confirmed it with Michele....

They agree not to tell Jesse and Natalie and believe they will "vote him out" and "fight not to let Laura win HOH" and she will "still be on slop" come HOH.

2:00 BBT Talking about how nervous Laura was at HOH and being on slop will make it worse...

Chima says they need to target athletes "especially Natalie has a slop pass" Chima still says a lot of what jeese has with Laura is personal and not stratetic.....and talking about Russell having a "masters degree" in Econ and "owns a BMW" and Chima says "he'll be fine"

Ronnie says Jesse blabs to Russell and then Russell came up and accused him od hiding things..they ask why he didn't tell them and said it something "he does" about his persuauive speaking...."it doesn't define" who he is...

2:04.."we get out Laura..it benefits Jesse and we get out Russell it benefits us" Ronnie sumises....

2:05 bbt Chima "they have nowhere to go" and will stay with them....and Lydia says why Jess and Nat can't see Russell wanting to switch over and "be their leader"

2:07 BBT FOTH..

Talking as though they will backdoor Russell and are talking in circles about the backlash....and says when he asks if he said that and Russ gets in his face he will tell Jesse he won't be able to handle that.....They are questioning Jessse why he's so against it.....and realize that they are teammates and he's a "good competitor.....

2:10 BBT "for me..if I put up Russell" he ask will they vote him out..they all says Yess..and Ronnie says who will put him up and says "laura potentionally" buts says Jordan can talk him out of that....

"Majority Rules" is what they think the next HOH will be...and Ronnie explains how it works..and the week after that "it will be endurance" and Russell will win it..Ronnie says he may not try..and they all disagree because Chima says "fuck everyone I'm winning"

2:15 BBT so as of 2:15 they have flipped back to backdorring Russell so we still ahve the DR intervention and Russell talking to them so expect it to go back and forth several more times..

they are just repeating themselves with the same scenarios...and threatning Laura...

{i'm out be back tomorrow}

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2:45 BBT

A quick last uddate..Ronnie Lydia Chima and Kevin broght Laura to HOH to get her on the plan when Natalie came up stairs...Laura hid in the bathroom with Kevin who was pretending to be using the bathroom and then running the water. Natalie tried to get them to keep Russ. Chima got her to leave and Lydia and Ronnie and Kevin talked to her..and when asked who she would put up ..Laura gave the golden answer "Michele and someone else"..Roniie was happy with the answer and Laura was calma and agreed to put up "maybe Casey"

They seem to be on board with backdorring Russell but it was funny watching Laura get stuck in the HOH bathrrom while Natalie blabbed on. It was almost slapstick like.

I'm out for sure be back tomorrow.

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6:10 am BBT

Casey sits up with a grunt and lights a smoke... looked like only the butt of a smoke.

Other HG's still in bed asleep

Casey done smoking his cig and starts coughing , leans back on couch...

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6:12 am BBT

Casey leaning back on couches, he looks to be deep in thought. Casey has a big black dot on the bottom of his foot, all of a sudden the lighting in the BY changes, he looks around like WTF?...

Casey starts digging in his nose and then rubs it into his hair... weird....

6:14 am BBT

Casey still only one up and is sitting in BY on couches really thinking about things, he is counting things out and rehashing in his mind (you can tell by the expressions on his face and his body gestures)... yawning...

6:17 am BBT

Casey gets up, walks over to their little garden on wheels, looks up at camera, and then starts messings around with the vegitation. Looks like he was picking tomatoes and ate a couple and is picking things and throwing them back in the garden on wheels.

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6:22 am BBT

Casey walking around the BY, feeling the walls, opening things, checking out everything (the morning cameraman really should be fired, he can't seem to keep up or do his/her job correctly)... Casey walks over to hammok and picks up the pillows off of the ground, throws them on hammock, lays down on hammock in a very weird position to where his head is almost touching the ground and his feet are way high in the air, yawns, pops knuckles, startes into space...

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10:23 BBT

Casey has been the only one up all morning. He's slept outside on the couches, swam a little, laid in the sun and smoked a few cigs.

Houseguests have still not had a wake up call yet!!

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