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7/18 - Live Feed Updates


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Casey, Jeff, Laura,Russell, Jordan sitting on BY couch-all getting along for now. Kevin, Nat and Mich in hot tub. Lydia and

Jessie in bathroom. She is massaging his feet (EWWWWWWWW) Think Ronnie in HOH. Just general chit chat right now.

Ronnie now talking with Jessie and Lydia. Ronnie saying how everyone in BY just gives him looks. Yada Yada. Ronnie re-hashing.

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10:20 PM BBT

Casey, Laura, Jeff, Jordan, and Russell are in the BY talking about different reality tv shows. Jeff brings up a show in Europe like the Bachelorette with a bunch of guys competing for one girl. He says the girl was "smokin' hot" and Casey makes fun of the way he says "smokin'" Anyways, Jeff goes on to say that at the end the winner can take $250 grand and the girl but the girl ends up telling the winner that shes a guy. They go on to talk about about the show "True Beauty" about being beautiful on the inside. Then they start talking about the DR and how they'll get called into the DR an hour after they have a huge fight. They talk about whether they'll rewatch the episodes once they get out of the house.

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10:27 BBT

In the bathroom Lydia is playind with Jesse's feet and Natatlie comes in and reports that Russ is smoozing with the enemies....Now Jesse says if he gets a deal with Casey he will probably uphold it he tells the Ronnie..Jesse thinks Ronnie still has her as a friend...Ronnie wonders if she or they will tonight while Jesse says it probably won't happen till after the POV..Jess saying Jeff will put up "Kevin and Chima" and Jeese says you'll be safe becasue they think "personally" rather than "rationally"..

10:31 BBT Ronnie thinks Jeff will have his back because he hasn't lashed out.....Jesse says "risks vs rewards" and Ronnie almost explodes...that's "what I said in the DR"...

Lydia gives Casey her "Heinekens" and Casey jokes "you have my vote" if she gets put up by Ronnie as a replacement nom..

10:34 BBT Russell outside making new friends with Casey, Jeff, and Jordan ...Casey says "we'll look back on this with fond memories"....Jordan says she could be friends with them outta the house..

Casy talking about BB not having a wrap party...

Chima talking to Ronnie with Michele in the hottub "I'm very particular about who I sleep with" says Chima and sex talk sparked Michele alive saying it was a month before she slept with her future hubby.."just if a guys cute" Kevin says about what gets him hot and bothered..Oh God Natalies there and starts chirping away and ironically talk turns to bad personalities...hmmmmmmm. Kevin says he doesn't like "straight guys" because they only like "blow jobs"..Fallatio talk ensues..

10:40 BBT Lydia still playing with Jesse's feet

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10:42 BBT

Chima and Kevin seem to have enough socializing and get up and go in...Kevin follows Ronnie into the BR

Casey talks his Heinekens and heads out and gives one to Russ...

Jordan tells Michele "i like you Michele" Michele says "i know...I love you too Jordan"

Casey "Dan said Have fun with it" and all agree. Jeff "if I go home I go home...fuck it"..Casey says "I could easily be the replacement nominee" and Jordan begs to differ

Jordan asays "that's so retar..umm dumb" that they can't talk to who they want to..

10:46 BBTRuss who's safe says he's say "fuck you fuck you fuck you" when he's nominated...

casey jokes Russ is a "double agent" and slightly drunk Jeff says "I don't care" because "I'm already fucked"

10:47 BBT Michele in BR with Kevin and and Jesse/Lydia/Chima and asks if anyone having "shopping withdrawls" oh damn Natalies there too and squeaks that its hard to just shop and look at things...without buying...

Russell outside still bonding with his new buddies....Casey "laura has a good point..you can't spend an 1/2 million in an insane assylm"...Russ setting Ronnie up by reminding them "he's playing everyone" and he's "the puppet master" and everyone is still nice to him....Casey and Jeff is upset "its over ..I'm out" because as casey put it they whisper "like cockroaches"......Russ still planting the seeds about ronnie but the soil in their heads may be a little too dense..

10:52 BBT Russ contionues hs strategic bonding..and Russ says "you're stupid if you think you're gonna beat him" about Ronnie

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10:55 BBT

Russ really trying to drive his point home and it seems Casey and Jeff are finally geeting the idea.....Russ says I'll be the backdoor situation" and tries to make them believe he has no chance...

Russ telling them "I'm no follower"....Casey telling Russ about Chima "and you can tell her if you want to" and says "i don't like to be strong armed"

Casey says "i couldn't pick my team" and says "i didn't like Chima trying to tell me what the fuck to do".....some lady and I use lady loosley..ain't going to tell me what the fuck to do"

Again Russ saying Ronnie will win and Jeff thinks it will be Jesse because "no one will have the balls to put him up".....Russ saying right now they are saying "he's on their side" because he's out talking to them.....Russ turning himself into the oucast of his alliance to them{not realizing he's really becoming it}

11:00 Jeff says Dan was unconfortable with Jesse "throwing stones" at Dan..and how its awkward...."Jesse or Ronnie have it in the bag" Russ drives into their heads...and has Casey empowered with fear and scared talk and how stupid it is to be scared of them..Jordan says "y'all got it".........Jeff saying "you give Ronnie too much credit" and Jeff says all of Jesse "dirty work throuh Natalie" but Russ says no that it will be Jesse and Rnnie and Ron will be the winner...

Caey still made about the scheming after the noms and Jeff chime in "it's over"

11:03 BBT Laura comes out and her and Jordan talk about making something to eat"

WOW Russel yelling at Lydia "I wasn't talking to you....not everything's not directed at your ass" and she and Ntalie blame the booze..because the are acussing each other of gaming

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11:06 BBT

Russ heads back out to his new crew "enough's enough".."the shits over" Can we take an hour break and have dinner" and Casey says "it suppose to be fun a little bit"

Russ back to driving the point how infallible he is...Russ conforms that it was Ronnie who flipped the vote yeaterday....

Jeff comes back...and Russ rags about Lydia.....she gets brave and "gets brave with the wrong person" and Russ says what Ronnie did to them "i'm not going to be him"..

11:09 Laura now saying "he has more tricks up his sleeves" about Ronnie and says at the next endurance "y'all" need to get him out...Jeff "whose y'all" and Laura insists it her that's leaving.......Jeff "i'm fucked".....Laura "no you're not"..

Jeff saying Jesse was going "to Roll to the top" and tried to get the numbers.....and tells Casey "be the 2nd man to make a move...I tried it and failed"

11:11 and Lauara says "why can't speak as human" because the damage is already done....and Russ says Ronnie and Jess are running things and the rest are puppets...

Russ says if he was Nat's bf he would be wating for him at the door.....Jeff says he would be happy to make it to jury house to "party the rest of the summer" but resigns he's going home.

11:14 BBT Jeff why would "they keep me" and Laura "because you're on their team" and Jeff realizes he's talking infront to Russ but doesn't care....

Russ asks Casey is "jesse sitting there with his harem around him" casey says" pretty much"

Geek boy Ronie can't get his mohawk because BB won't let him for "continuity purposes"...{otherwords editing things out of context}

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11:20 PM Ronnie is up in the HOH with Jordan, telling stories about Laura and the lies she's told. He then tells Jordan that Jessie and Natalie want Russell gone because he's been caught making deals with everyone in the house. He's told her that he's gotten them to promise her at least 3 weeks of safety, and that his friendship with her is genuine, and he'd like to be friends outside the house. Jordan is telling Ronnie that she thinks he Natalie, Jessie will be final three. They hate Laura, they don't want Jeff out. Jordan asks, So what do they want, backdoor Russell against Laura. They want to watch the POV and see how Laura performs, and if she rises up and wins then they want Russell gone. If she doesn't win then she's gone, and Russell next week.

Ronnie tells Jordan that she's in by proxy. They don't view you as a threat, and all have promised/swore for her safety for 3 weeks.

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11:18 BBT

talking about Dan outside..Laura it was nice to see another face...

Chima and Kevin talking about Russ "you're messing up the little plan" saying he's going around attacking temammates and kevin whines "i don't get it"

Jordan getting ready to learn how to make slop cookies from Michele....

11:20 BBT Jordan uptairs with pasty face Ronnie he's tell her Laura is "a detrement to us"..."she's emotionally and gets so worked up and says what comes to her mind" and tells her "we think about what we say" even though they are emotional....."what I'm about to tell you..swears on wife....Jesse Natalie..want Russell gone" because he's making final 2 3 4 d4eals..after Jordan says "because he's talking to us"......Jordan says if its between Russel and Jeff jeff will be gone because "chima hates Jeff"...Ronnie "no".....Jordan says "i've never been so hated before"...Ronnie says....Jordan tells Ronnie he'll be final three and "gurantee you and him will be left standing"

11:24 BBT ....Ronnie says "this frienship is genuine" and tells her "they promised me you're untouchable for three more weeks"..Ronnie if any one off them win HOH "you will not be nominated"......Jordan says she can't believe her...Ronnie tells her "laura is hated...they hate Laura" Jordan says "reallY? I didn't know that".......Jordan tells him he's smart and will win it because "he knows the game like the back of his hand"

11:27 BBT Russ telling him about his Lydia blowup to Jesse at the ppool table...Jesse lies and says "nobody was even talking about you"

11:28 BBT Jordan being told not to say anything about the "3 more weeks" deal....Ronnie says "they hate laura" Jordan says she know..Ronnie tells her "they don't want Jeff out" Jorda says "because he is on his team" and Ronnie tries to tell her after Laura's performance in POV they could possibly get Russ Chima out....Jordan says "i don't think they can trust her........Ronnie saying if we can get rid of Russell Jesse and Natalie then they will be :to scared" to try to get chummy with Jeff

11:31 BBT Jordan being skeptical......and "who promised you" Jordan inquiress. and he tells her Jesse Lydia and Natalie...Jordan says jeff is more hurt than mad...Ronnie continues his bullshit..."jeff will not go home" if Laura doen'st win POV"......Ronnie tries to tell her Laura being evicted will strengthen her and Jordan says "it will weaken me because they are getting rid of all my friends"

11:34 BBT Ronnie continues his bull and tries to find out what "did Russell say"

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11:30 BBT

Jeff, Casey, Russell, and Jessie are all in the BY playing a game of pool. They're all getting along, laughing, joking, talking about random nothingness. It's like the twilight zone in the backyard.

Meanwhile, Jordan and Ronnie are having a conversation in the HoH bedroom. Jordan keeps telling Ronnie how smart he is and how she thinks he will make it to the final three because he's so smart. Ronnie tells her if Jeff and Russell were on the block that Russell would leave.

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11:36 BBT

ronnie says "i have every intention "I plan on taking you guys with me" and Jordan "I hope so" because nobody ever remembers the first four evictees...when people talk about the first four evictees they say "who's that" and she wants to "be remembered"

Ronnie continues Laura bashing...

11:39 BBT Puts the blame on the current nominations on Laura...because they way she came up and lied about voting for Braden when she promised Chima...he actually tells her pretty much what happened during Laura's rant in HOH except he sais Laura kept flip flopping on the way she was voting..

In the red room Natalie seething to kevin about Russ being "buddy buddy with Jeff" Chima with an angry look on her face shaking her head in disbelief..."what the fuck is wrong with him" Chima chirps...."why dis he come after Lydia like that...it wasn't neccessary"..

11:42 BBT the three whispering...Chima we "can't let him win anything"...Natalie says he can win HOH because he wouldn't put us up and Chgima says do we know it.....Natalie upset "they're talking the're fucking playing pool" about Russ..

11:44 BBT they hear door close and stop talking now Chim says "he should go in that room now since they are buddies"...Chima says I "something else to says but I'll wait till there's no one else around us" talking about how antagonistic Russell is being..."who does that" Chima says...Natalie "its scary"..Kevin says "he might attck you or flip"

11:46 BBT..Natalie still talking about the bed situation "we are short one bed" "until next week"......and they still talk bed situations

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11:48 BBT

Laura asking about what Ronnie said....Casey now has Casey in the HOH...and Ronnie tell him pretty much..what he told Jordan that athlete's want Russ out....gives casey the beer and tells him if he sees me talking to people not to be alarmed......

11:50 BBT...Chima comparing Russ and Evel Dick and Kevin apparantly told DR "i'm afraid" of Russ attacking.

11:52 BBT

Russ getting a little testy with Jess about the Lydia situation...Jess trying to calm him down...and is insulted about Natalie an 18 year old..trying to tell him "a 25 year old".....Jesse trying to say it just assuming what they are saying when they are really not.....Russ says he might not trust Casey but wants to "be friends with him" Jesse trying to take some heat off natalie...and telling Russ their strategies are different "but i'm not gonna burn you"...

11:55 BBT Ronnie comes out and tells them Jordan came up and told him they're BFF and she told them "you have my vote" and both look in disbelief..saying that was "too easy"

11:56 BBT

Natalie gets Lydia Jevin and Chima together....Lydia said "I went into the DR" and Kevin says "that was smart"..Lydia looks like she's been crying..and they are doing sleeping arrangements again..moving stuff around..

Kevin says "i don't think we should talk to him about it at all"...Kevin "its too scary" .....Lydia "he's kinda crazy"

they keep talking about Russell...Lydia says "it brought up a lot of things that happened".....Lydia says "all day he's been telling me not to talk about game"...and Lydia says he talks about winning all week and lokks who HOH "A nerd" {a pasty face one at that}

Natalie says they just have to ignore him....kevin worried about "safety" and talk about Ruuss going to Jail if he hits one of them..

Lydia complaining about Russ "making buddy buddy" Chima blaming alcohol...and talk about Russ "being two faced" Basically Russ has them crapping in their pants with fear {I love it}..but reluctantly "laura this week"

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12:06 BBT

Lydia and Ronnie head up to the DR "i be done..I's got no mo power" Ronnie says about after POV...Lydia goes on about Russell and starts crying......"its ok" and she sya "wah wah wah" "alcohol" "abusive" and says she didn't want to socialize because she backstabbed err doesn't feel comfortable around the others..

Lydia rags on Russell his deals..."over confidence" and peps up..."I'll put Michele and Jeff up and backdoor Russell"...Lydia "I want to win HOH and backdoor him" as Kevin comes in HOH..Kevin and tells him not to "bring it up"...

12:12 BBT Lydia feeling like the battered HG...and says "hear that America" about her winning HOH {we know she won't} as she shoves cookies in her mouth...

12:14 BBT and Ronnie telling them that jordan telling him and Jeff are horrible at the game...Lydia "i was flabbergasted..FLABBERGASTED..yes I'm using that word" about Ronnie and in walks Chima "are you feeling better Lydia"

Lydia insist "I wasn't trying to talk to him" {she was} and Ronnie "I wonder if he 's going to get a warning".....Ronnie says Russell reminds him of cappy...

12:17 BBT Lydia "it would take all of us to stop Russel if he tried to do something.....we'd have to jump him"

Lydia's pitty party continues in the HOH.....

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12:19 BBT

Natalie and Jesse talking "we need to get rid of him before he explodes" and Jesse says 'he's on our side"

Michele comes in and says "put in some more orders and I'll make some more food" {smooch smooch}

Natalie and Jess eating in ktchen and whispering saying Russ knows they're going home and trying to make nice and is trying to get "casey on his side" they are whispering with their mouth full so understanding is kinda hard.....pluse Natalie talks like a rabid chiuaua..but they are talking about Russ and I think Michele about being two faced and can't be trusted...Natlie calling her "a spy"

12:25 BBT Jordan and Laura on hammock talking...

In HOH Ronnie says "if it wre between Jeff and Russell they would vote out Russell"

12:27 BBT Natalie complaining about the bed situation and being one short {Damn BB give the idiot a cot so she'll shut up about it}

Natlie says Lydia or Chima told DR "the alcohol needs to be monitored better with" Russell and Natalie says he'll do it to her and unlike Lydia she'll bite his ankles and "we'll never be teammates"...Natalie "i'm not scared of anybody but I'm scared of him" Natalie says...Jess insists he isn't going to do anything..."people like that are going to be sent to jail" Natalie insists....Natalie says it was alright when he did with "people who wanted us out" but now he's doing it " to the teammmates" Jeff comes in and do their Brad Pitt imitations from Snatch....Natalie whines "will you guys talk regular"

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12:33 BBT

"I'm not going to vote against my own team" Jesse tells Jeff in their Irish "snatch" accent.....Natalie and jesse tells Jeff they hope they look out for "us two"...Jeff "haven't ya noticed I haven't been playing well" as they try to reel Jeff back in..

Jesse "we'll give it to you straight" ...and Jeff listens..and seems to starting to sell his soul to the Douches err Devils...Jesse says since he has "athlete across his chest" and probes what Russell has offered to him...."were not going to vote you out" and Natalie "next week we hope the same from you" even if "you go up" they hope they have their votes...Natalie "its between to us" and Jeff brings in Jordan "as loyal" and Jesse says if he can keep her in line and "won't tell her until have to" and Jeff says "If I can trust you" and Jesse says 'you'll see at the end of the week"

12:39 BBT and jesse says theirs POV and are confidence they won't have to use ....

12:40 jeff has crossed over for survival reasons to Jesse and natalie and is bringing jordan along...

Theu start the Snatch Talk..Natalie "i can't take in anymore" Casey comes in and all three talking like that...I thinks its pretty funny

12: 42 Joking about talking like that for his speech..

Laura and Jordan and talking about what she would do with the money.....Natalie asksed Dan how much money the IRS took out in taxes...and jordan says she's dumb "an idiot" and feel embarrased for her "boyfriend" the way she's acting on TV {I can think of 500,000 reason he'd forgive her if she won}

12:45 BBT Russ has joined in the snatch club.."julie i vote to evict him don't like the fucker" saying that's how they'll talk on the live show and all of the guys minus Kevin and Ronnie having a good time together...

Natalie enters the pity lounge aka HOH with Lydia KevinChima, Ronnie......Lydia still feeling sorry for herself....and Natalie talks about the "sleeping situation" again... {STFU already}......

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12:49 BBT

its apparant who the social awkwards are because they are in the HOH bitching about the same thing for over an hour instead of haviing fun like the rest...Natalie tells them they "need the numbers".."he's an ass..we need to pick off two more people before Russell" seems Lydia Ronnnie and Kevin aren't buying it..Natalie says "we need to pick off one more"..and natalie ask what DR said..she said "they are aware and are monitoring" and get BB warning about talking about DR sessions..

12:52 BBT They are talking about veto tomorrow..and the rest of the weeks schedule...

12:53 BBT Ronnie says about getting a BB! Tat" and talk abot Evel D's Tat. and we get FOth

12:55 BBT they are still talking about Russell

12:56 BBt Jordan telling Casey what Ronnie said and they should compare notes and Casey says lets do it..and tell him and laura says they will never put Russ up.......Jordan asks if you believe it..casey thinks it may be a possibilty but if they plant the seed..it "may grow"...

Casey says I have been going about "sinking their own ships" and says its moot unless "you or Jeff" gets POV and warns them to keep their traps shut and tells them ronnie told him something similar......and tells her not to bitch about the food and Jordan says "its not that bad" and Casey "its the first day boo boo kity" and not get fights into the girls and talks about getting Ronnie back and even if he blames michele being the rat 'we'll pretend" to believe and "get him back" "we'll have the numbers" {wow they really are stupid}

1:01 Jeff Russ and Jessie still having fun with their snatch accents {great movie if you haven''t seen it}

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1:04 BBT

Outside Laura and Jordan on the hammock and Casey and Russell and Jesse sitting outside stil doing their accents..

UPstairs...Ronnie still talking game ..Casey please crawl up my butt" when BB called him to DR...Ronnie says "I was on medical steroids" because he had "shingles"{round two of Chicken POx} and talks about stress going to school and newly weds...and talking how the steriods mage him hormonal...{switches feeds}

Michele and Chima brushing their teeth and talking about the eviction and Michele "you knew" that she wasn't leaving... but says she didn't..they breifly talk about a possible Russ backdoor but says Ronnie wants the noms to stay and Chima says "we'll have to wait and see" and says they have to wait for POV

1:10 BBT Jesse comes in to HOH while Ronnie telling his hormonal story..{he's pathetic} about getting in a fight about his birthday cake...according to him '"made this woman's life hell"

1:12 BBT Russ and Jeff join Laura and Jordan at the hammock.....talking in their accents...Jeff being funnysaying they talk about "dragon flies" to Russ "that's why were so bad at the game" in his Snatch Talk...

Talk about "beaner" and laura says she's never heard it...feed switches...

1:16 BBT Upstairs..they try to float the Russ backdoor..."i wish I can put up Michele..is that horrible" Ronnie says...Jesse defends and makes excuses for Russell and says he just said his two cents "and walked away"..Jesse "if that what you need to decide to do then" and Ronnie still hopes Laura goes...Ronnie hopes if neither of them 'win it" no one uses it....Jesse saying "he's a sincere cat" about Jeff...

Ronie says "can you get Jeff up here" and tells him i guarantee he'll tell Laura and Jordan..and wants to tell Jeff to make sure laura doesn't win..Natalie finally made some sense "what person would want their competitor to win"{ok Sarah from BB6}

1:22 BBT there little pow wow in hoh continues about POV...and Jeff's performance..

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1:26 BBT

All the group minus Russell in HOH talking about the general timeline and natalie is still talking about "beds" and sleeping arrangement..

1:27 BBT

Outdoors Laura "I know this damn game" and Jeff saying he's going and Laura says she is...and Laura says not 'to believe him" and jordan says "we should have followed her the whole time instead of being skeptical"

Kevin wants to gets the "pawns out" like Lydia and Kevin before Jury but Laura says you need them since they float side to side and need their votes and get the "smart people out"....Jeff "i don't belive a fucking word Ronnie says" and Jordan tells him to stay cool...

1:30 BBT Laura says they should get to bed "soon"..Jeff says "if I get out of this you're out of my loop" he tells Jordan..she laughs"shut up" he says "i'm going solo"

both Jeff and jordan bickering about "cold shoulder"......"were are you sleeping" Jordan asks Jeff..he says "in my bed" and Jordan laughs "they didn't kick you out" and Jeff rehashs the CHima fight about the bed...Jeff jokes "chima can I sleep in my bed" and immitates her "you motha fuckin racists"..they all laugh {me too}

Jordan called to DR..and Jeff starts his accent up..they leave Laura on hammock

1:35 BBT Chima and Michele bonding at DinRm table..talking about work...

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1:37 BBT Casey talking to Laura saying he would rather be Nominated than the replacement because at least you have a shot at POV. Basically tells Laura she still has a chance

1:38 BBT Inred BR Russell doing the accent and Kevin tells him "i can't do it" and Natalie laughs.."what so funny" Russell asls "you're so funny"

Russel in kitchen "jesse talking to the other team he must be scheming" he jokes...

In green room Russell tells Ronnie that he doesn't want to talk game after Noms and wants to relax and since we can't get away..."you do need to sit down" and "be a person" even if you don't like the people..

Russ says after dinner he just wanted "to relax" outside and when out there it was the other team and they didn't mind...and tells ronnie "you have a room to go hide to...we don't" and talks about paranoia..and says someone "rubs me the wrong way" with a 'smart ass comment"..and people need to learn and understand about taking break from the game.....

1:44 BBT Russ tells Ronnie he talked to jordan about ..and told him people ignore her and realized that they are becoming what jesse told us not to do.."mob mentality" and we need to stop teating people "like their invisible".....Russ says if no one has the balls to say it.."i do"..

Russel says "why do I get so much heat for it" when he says he agrees with him 100%

Russ kissing Ronnies ass..talking in circles pretty much repeating saying "i'd rather lose than go out like a complete prick" and commends him for talking to both sides...

1:48 BBT Ronnie says he'll make sure that people will play nice...Russ "i respect you"

In bathrrom Lydia talking shit about Russell in bathroom and in pops Ronnie..."you played me"...and in an efeminate whine says "i didn't play you"...Jeff says "its in my hands now" and needs to win it..."you got me" and took it in the ass"...Ronnie says he wants him to fight and jeff says "you haven't seen me fight"

Jeff "you got me you litle bastard..i like your assshole in the DR"...Ronnie "I understand".."hopefully you win the veto"..if not "you'll see on Thursday" and tells him "I don't hate you"...

Ronnie "I have a plan I hope the plan come to fruition" hopes Laura doesn't take it personal....Jeff says "i don't want to hear" about his plans "because everything has not been true"

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1:55 BBT

Ronnie heads outside to talk to Laura and tells her "i have a master strategy" and lets her know its not personal..Laura "i understand" and says she knows how it works and

Ronnie Casey...I have overheard " that "plan can still be a master effect" Casey "we heard that too" and Luara says "i don't want to discuss it until after the veto"

casey there's a scenario "that you both stay" Roonie blabs about "smoke and mirrors"..Ronie says "I put you up for the master strategy".."what ever happens happens"........"both of you stay" he says that he wants that and "we're back in control"

Laura says "no hard felings..." "thanks for giving me the opportunity to fight" rather than being "backdoored" and if it doesn't she'll walk out "with class"

Ronnie talks about "the big 180" and they may both stay....Laura says "i hope so"...

2:02 BBT Casey says the plan is contingent on veto and Ronnie offers his hOH to Laura "anytime you want"...Ronnie continues his long winded talk....

Jordon comes out "what happened..what'd I miss".....jokingly...

Ronnie talking about "numbers flipping back to us"

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2:05 BBT

Ronnie finally finished his hot air talk and talks about his HOH slippers and says he's heading to bed..but talks turn to PoV...Casey:" the guys were fine but you girls were catty as fuck"

Ronnie goes in.."5 4 3 2 1...he's such a fucking liar"Laura says..he just wants to keep thinks good just because she might win POV...Casey says if he wanted tp "preserve their numbers" he should have put "two of them up"

2:09 BBT Out comes kevin..."russell got in trouble" Jordan says "he did?" Kevin says and Jordan replies " for sitting outside with us"

Now they are talking about birds and how "hot" it was today and the POV....

Jeff comes out....and sits next to Jordan...not really talking and jordan asks about Casey's rappin hat...

casey doing his accent...."it seems people get along" better when they "do that accent"..Laura the first woman to do the accent

{i'm out.... be back tomorrow}

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cams are on bedrooom with sleeping house guest but you can hear someone up and moving about... kitchen maybe. You can hear people talking... appears to be Casey ??? not sure who the other is .. possible Russell

trying to hear .. {stupid camera idiots must be asleep}

keep hearing lots of chatter like workers in the background.. .weird. Also sounds like something is being built. Several voices I don't recognize. Someone just barked like a dog and others laughing.

Still seems to be Casey and Russell... ?? maybe Jesse? .... { IDIOT CAMERA JOCKS.. WAKE UP AND DO YOUR JOB!!}

Hearing another male voice now... ?? Ron or Kevin.. talking about the way they do it.. tickets...?? can barely hear. Also heard a female voice.. mumbling like they are talking in their sleep.

Definitely 3 people talking, and maybe more. seems to be discussion some type of game... about tickets and elimination. {wonder if this is the crew setting up or discussing POV}.

now hearing several female voices also. very strange since I see no one getting up.

Boom.... you hear nothing now except the heavy breathers sleeping. Wondering if it was work crew with open mic's

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