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7/13 - Live Feed Updates


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10:40 BBT

Jordan and Ronnie sitting on side of pool talking. Camera seems to have a interest in Ronnie today. Zooming in on his "butt crack" (didn't really need to see that) and then Ronnie decided to pick the lint out of his belly button! (really didn't need to see that?)

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12:43 BBT

Lydia tells Kevin about an abusive relationship she was in that ended in December in England. She says that he kept calling her being very abusive. She also says that she would have killed herself if it was not for her best friend who helped her get through everything. She says she went out one night with one of her friends and started drinking a lot and talked about killing herself. Her mom told her she needs to get her shit together and find a healthy way to deal with it. Lydia says this is why she does not drink hard liquor. She says she thought she was going to have a family with this guy and thought everything was her fault. She thought she found her best friend in this guy and she was in a strange country with no friends and thats why she thought she was so happy with him. They were only together for 4 months.

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1:04pm BBT

Lydia, Braden, and Kevin talking out back... Braden is accusing Lydia of causing him to get put on the block. He told her that he is true to his word and he thanks her sarcastically for all the great times. He then also says thanks Kevin and Lydia jumps him for bringing him into it. Kevin says that he is the one that recomended him. Kevin tells Braden he is so full of shit. Lydia is cussing Braden out. Braden keeps saying to Kevin to go back to Mexico. Braden calls Kevin Beaner... Kevin tells Braden that he is the joke of the house and that the entire house knows he is such a liar.

Kevin keeps saying he is not even a mexican. Someone is heard "I think Natalie" says I thought he said the N word so I was going to come out there.

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1:08pm BBT

Russell, Braden, Natalie and Jeff out back

Braden is saying that he calmy went over to Lydia and Kevin that he knew before veto that they were talking lies to the HOH. Braden says he knew before POV that he was going up. Natalie is questioning how Braden knew before POV that he was going up. She is trying to get him to say who told him that he was going up.

Inside Lydia is telling Jeff to stop having Jordan fight his battles. Now they are going back and forth in regards to Jeff knew she was going to go on the block. Kevin is saying that he heard Jeff say that he knew Lydias name was getting tossed around to go on the block. Jeff says that Jordans name was never mentioned about going up on the block. Jeff is upset that Lydia is saying that he had the chance to defend them when Jessie wanted to put them up. Jeff is saying that he did not know that was his opportunity to defend them from going on the block and that it was a 30 second discussion. Kevin asks Jeff that if he was HOH he is putting Jordan up and he guarantees Jeff will tell her. Jeff asks if he is being serious. Jeff asks Lydia if she really thinks that he does not give a shit about her. Lydia says she does not think he does. Lydia says he could have gone back up there and defended her but he didnt. Lydia says he never even told her about her possibly going up. Jeff says he swares to god that he didnt know she was actually going up.

Shouting continues between Lydia and Jeff. Lydia is screaming at Jeff saying she should have done something to prevent it. Kevin says that its Bullshit that Jeff did not do anything when Lydias name was mentioned.

Jordan walks in and Kevin tells her he threw her name out to be nominated but he did not mean it.

Kevin tells Jeff that he is hanging out with a bigit. Jeff tells Kevin that he thought they were going to have another meeting. Kevin says he put his kneck out for Jeff and that Jeff should have stepped in when Braden was throwing bad names out. Lydia screams from the bathroom that she is part mexican. Lydia asks Jeff if he would defend Jordan if Braden called her a scank or a slut like he called her. Jeff says he would.

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1:23pm BBT

Fighting continues... Jeff says that he only has 1 friend in the house and thats Jordan. Kevin tells Jeff that Jordan is going to get evicted because of Jeff. Kevin tells Jeff that Jeff never talks to him. Jeff says that he thought they were cool and asks should they have a sit down. Kevin tells him thats bullshit and not right now.

Lydia tells Jeff that he puts more effort into other people in the house rather than his own team. Jeff tells Lydia that she flipped and screwed him. That he had her the votes but she flipped and screwed him.

Kevin tells Jeff that he was on team Jeff but his actions speak louder than words. Kevin keeps telling Jeff that he is going to go hang out with the bigget. Jeff says he was on team Lydia. No matter what the situation is now he was on her team and that his actions were true. He also says he wanted to save her thats why he tried to recruit the votes. Jeff says he just came in to defend Jordan.

1:28pm BBT

Natalie, Kevin, Lydia and Jessie

Now in the HOH room Natalie tells Lydia Jeff never had the votes to keep her. Lydia says that Braden said you will be out either next week or the week after. Natalie says if you were with them you would... Lydia quotes Kevin when he said Jeff said Tuna was more important than saving Lydia. Natalie is saying that next week will be so easy as to who to put up. (They are talking about Jeff and Jordan) unless one of them win it. Kevin is saying he wished Braden had thrown something at him to make him look worse.

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1:33pm BBT

Braden comes into the HOH room and says that the racist comment was irrelivent because he grew up in a mexican town. Lydia and Kevin tell him they are done with him and walk out of HOH. Braden tells Natalie that she is much more mature than either of them combined. Natalie says that she really has not said anything bad about him but unfortunatly his name was thrown under the bus because someone else wanted off the block

1:35pm BBT

Jordan and Lydia in screaming fight in plush room. Lydia tells Jordan to stop fighting Jeffs battle. Jordan says she did not do anything to Lydia and she needs to stop making her look like a bad person. Lydia is telling Jordan to stop yelling. Jordan says she is not calm. Jordan tells her she had the votes but made the veto be used. Lydia says she did not have the votes. Lydia says Jeff validated everything in regards to them getting put on the block. Lydia apoligizes for attacking her and making her feel like she did something wrong. Kevin says Jeff did something wrong and it appears that Jordan is right in line with him. Kevin also tells Jordan if she hangs out with Braden they will be made at her. It looks like she condones that type of behavior if she hangs with Braden. Lydia and Kevin are telling Jordan she is taking the heat because of Jeff. Jordan says she knows. Kevin is telling Jordan she is to innocent. Lydia tells Jordan that she was upset that she cried because Braden went up but didnt cry when Lydia went up and they were suppose to be so close. Lydia tells Jordan she needs to stop taking up for him. He needs to make his own friends. Jordan says she is not going to stop talking to jeff just because the fight with Jeff. Kevin is saying Jordan needs to distance herself from Braden and Jeff to help keep the target off of her. Kevin says that Braden lies 24/7. Kevin is telling Jordan she is going to get burned and that if she hangs out with Braden he is not going to like her.

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Sorry just realized there hasn't been updated in a bit but the past couple hourse have been the aftermath of the big fight so in summary:

Brayden explained himself to Jessie ... Brayden is now completely screwed!

Casey was woken up by the fight and has remained neutral

Russell talked to Jeff and said he doesn't see why Jeff couldn't talk to Jordan just like he should be able to talk to her what they have between them is between them and nobody else. They both agree and later Jeff goes inside and they confirm that it's the right thing to do.

Jordan has talked to Kevin and ironed things out with him explaining that she doesn't understand why it's okay for Jessie and Nat to hang out but not her (Jordan) and Jeff. She also talked to Ronnie & Michele and they don't see whats wrong with her hanging out with him. Natalie comes over and thinks it's stupid why Jordan & Lydia all of a sudden don't get along ... Jordan doesn't understand either.

Kevin has talked to Jordan & Jeff basically saying the same thing and that Jeff is a great guy but he sucks at the Big Brother game

Jessie talked to Brayden then spent some time talking about his dream

I think Laura managed to sleep through the entire fight.what was going on and she was surprised by the way Lydia I think reacted to the situation towards Jordan ... She also said she doesn't wanna get rid of all the nice people.

Laura talked to Ronnie briefly after she woke up and he explained

Lydia & Jordan still haven't talked yet ...

3:30 BBT - Idle chat outside ... looks like they are getting ready to play keep away in the pool

Will let ya know if I see anything exciting lol

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5:04 PM BBT

Chima, Lydia, Michelle and Laura in the BR. Lydia changing hair styles - again. They talk about there being no steak or eggs left and asking for more food as they are running out. Michelle fixing her make up. Laura complaining about being lazy enough as it is, why is everyone saying stuff about her getting fixed up all the time. At least it gives her something to do.

In the BY, Ronnie, is sitting near the Hot Tub talking at Natalie and Casey . Telling them about his evenings with his wife and how important it is to marry your best friend, because you're going to be with them the rest of your life. Natalie alking ot Casey about how she doens't even know how to put on make up , as a fighting girl it's just not her thing. She went and got her done and her make up done for a special event but she's just not like that.

On the patio Jeff is sharing about his family, his grandparents both just passed on, he had 4 brothers in the suburbs of Chicago and his parents are still together, like the Cleavers (ha ha). Describing what each of his brothers do. He's closest to his middle brother. Nat in the background saying she's missing out on "dress up" outside.

(I'll be back in an hour or so...)

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5:38pm BBT

All 4 feeds on Jeff/Casey in BY talking about how in the heat of the moment, everything you have told someone can come out. Casey says you just have to be careful what you tell everyone.

Casey says trust is a commodity around there. Jeff says he doesn't feel the need to tell every little detail about everything

Jeff says he was asked all this crap about the "what ifs", he says what if "f'ing martians came in (pretty funny)

Casey tells Jeff he feels like he can tell him something without it being told in the heat of the moment, then says there are f'ing morons in the house.

Jeff says he feels like he is taking crazy pills in here

Jordan walks in and they tell her she looks beautiful

More rehashing of the argument earlier....

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5:48 BBT

Jordan and Jeff rehashing the fighting, and how she has been crying.

In mid conversation Ronnie barges out and interupts saying "Im letting Lydia give me a legit Mohawk! like down to the skin!"

Jeff-"Do it! ease the tension in here".

He walks back in, and they go right back into talking about the Lydia-Jordan fight.

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5:56 BBT All 4 feeds still on Jeff and Jordan in the BY. Jeff is laying on the couch with one leg on the back on the couch and the other on Jordan's lap. She keeps rubbing his leg as they continue to rehash the earlier arguments.

6:03 PM BBT Jeff and Jordan believe that they still have Casey on their side. They are discussing how hard it will be to survive now that Braden is leaving. They are trying to figure out how long they have to hang on to make it to the jury. Chima comes out and educates Jeff and Jordan how to use dryclean sheets to launder dry clean only clothes and heads back inside. Jeff and Jordan are discussing how it is possible that the earlier fights may turn things in their favor now that others are "showing their true colors." They seem to think people are being nicer to them.

6:11 PM BBT Braden heads out to the hot tub. All 4 feeds still on the BY. Just general chit chat. Jordan tells Jeff to make sure he doesn't blow any competitions. He says he can't afford to. Jordan says "or I'll have to save you". They are discussing the other houseguests' fear the power of the athletes but that no one fears them (Jeff/Jordan). They say that someone needs to do something or they will coast all the way to end of the game. Jordan says she plans to.

6:20 PM BBT Jordan is lightly pulling the hair on Jeff's legs and she comments on how weird it looks. This leads to her revealing how her aunt used to kill her chickens (how she's connected the two I will never know-Goldylucks) and Jeff talks about a disturbing turkey hunt gone wrong. The turkey was still alive after being shot and his hunting partner had to wring it's neck.

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6:30 PM BBT Jeff and Jordan head back inside. Jordan brings Braden a bowl of ice cream and goes back inside. All 4 feeds are on Braden in the hot tub and we get FOTH.

6:34 PM BBT Feeds return. All feeds in the BR where Lydia is styling Michelle's hair. Laura, Chima, and Natalie are sitting on the BR coach. Laura says she needs to get in a fight with someone to get some freaking camera time. She says her family probably doesn't even realize she's on the show. She quickly takes it back saying that it isn't worth it. General chitchat of not much significance.

6:40 PM BBT All 4 feeds change to the BY again as Russell goes outside for his nightly workout. He tells Braden he is going to concentrate on legs and asks him to join him. Braden jokes that he is a model so he doesn't need legs. The conversation ends there and all is quiet so the feeds follow Braden into the kitchen where Jordan and Casey are discussing food. Casey says that half a pizza is 1000 calories. (thanks for raining on my parade-Goldylucks) The camera guys must like Braden tonight because the feeds follow Braden back outside even though he has nothing of interest to contribute.

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6:56 PM BBT Feeds switch back to the BR where Kevin is describing today's fight with Braden to Chima. He is again rehashing incorrectly about Braden calling Lydia a bit@h and hoe. I guess Lydia and Kevin really believe Braden said it but BB is not interested and cameras switch to the BY again. Russell is still working out. Casey is lounging on the coach where Jeff is sitting having a cigarette. Braden is still in the hot tub. They are discussing dinner.

Jessie and Casey decide to join Russell. All seems to be pretty quiet. Russell is air boxing with his own reflection.

7:10 PM BBT half the house is crammed onto the BR couch and Ronnie is trying to get Chima and Michelle to storm the DR at midnight to ask for food. They are hoping the "have nots" ends at precisely midnight. Ronnie and Chima head to the LR where they speculate that they have handled their week of slop very well and that they think they have had the worst living conditions in BB history (tell that to season 1 who hand washed their clothes or to Danielle who spent an entire 24 hours alone in one room with a bucket for a toilet-Goldylucks) Chima admits that she went off once but that she feels she has been positive for the most part. She mentions that the sleep deprivation from the bed has been her biggest problem.

7:19 PM BBT is dinner prep time.

Everyone is either preparing dinner, watching dinner being prepared, or working out in the BY. Nothing interesting ever happens during dinner so I'm out for tonight.

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7:10 BBT

Chima, Ronnie are discussing how they have experiances the worst living conditions in BB history..And how they have acted the best from any other season, and how they complain the least out of every season (if only they could see themself)

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7:56 all the hgs are eating dinner or cleaning up . Braden's telling a story and everyone around the table seems to be involved except lydia is putting on red lipstick and looking annoyed.

Chima says she's never been arrested.

All the girls are dresed up except Chima and Nat. There are 4 hgsts wearing green tops ( laura, chima, casey and kevin)..... Nat is saying that Ronnie can't get a mohawk beside the production already's ready for tomorrows show and that he can have his cut probably after the thursday show.


Just genreal talk. I will report if something happens

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8:57 BBT

Jordan, Natalie, Braden. Michelle and Russel hanging out in the kitchen. Casey is there too.

Laura just came out of the storage room saying "Feeding Time!" There's beer and wine available now.

Casey and Ronnie in the storage room talking about humility. Saying their group has good examples of humility and will go down in history for it. Ronnie got to eat tonight and says being able to have a hot shower will make that bed (in the have not room) so much more comfortable tonight).

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