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7/13 - Live Feed Updates


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(Thanks Mods)


Jesse and Nat have joined the others outside. They are all laughing about the veto ceremony saying it was one of the funniest veto ceremonies ever. Saying how Braden was really funny at the ceremony. Jeff was impersonating Braden say"I just got vetoed" and how funny it was.

We keep getting brief FOTH..not sure why

Jordan is finally awake

Kevin, Michelle, Lydia, Ronnie and Laura still in the kitchen making/waiting for dinner. (I have never seen burgers take so long-smooch)

Outside crew trying to figure out what day it is

BB has given them alcohol (not enough I'm afraid, they are boring me to tears)

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Still nothing going on.

Most HG are outside talking about TMZ and Talk Soup.

Russ, Lydia and Kevin in the kitchen with random convo (dinner still not ready)

(Really boring tonight, you guys are missing nothing-smooch)

(anyone care to take over?)

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10:45 BBT

In the have-nots bedroom Ronnie and Chima talking about Braden..."I like him" even though he has his faults Chima tells him...Ronnie assures her "you're safe" They were whispering about Casey and Jeff and warns her to be careful what she says to Kevin. Chima says Casey is "obnoxious"....Chima says the backdooring of Braden "made no sense". Chima says if she wins HOH "everyone in her alliance is fucked"...saying she will be talked out of everything by Natalie, Russ and Jesse "that's why she can't win" Chima says "she might put me back up"

Chima "they took her off the block she's is not going after them" Ronnie says "she's a mess" about Lydia.

They talk about HOH sayng "My memory is really good" when she asks about Michelle's memory.

"Jordan and Laura" Ronnie says are the only two who have had plastic surgery...as that was one of the questions on the questionaire...

10:51 BBT Ronnie and Chima talking about POV comp and figure out "how many pimples" there were and the number of letter tiles...

Ronnie gets up to check the door as he thought he heard something and they continue to discuss the # of tiles in POV comp

10:54 BBT Jeff and Michele are playing pool and talking "gansta to the pool table" ....

10:55 BBt Chima getting tired of being a have-not saying if she keeps bothering them "in the DR" it will be sooner ...she'll be off

Ronnie says before there was drapery in the have-not room and he looked behind it to see the silver door. They discuss before it was all drapery and Chima called to DR.

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10:59 BBT

Outside Jeff and Michele playing pool and jeff seems to be being overly nice and she's giggling a lot.

Inside sitting at the table Russel is sitting by himself with his ubbercool fedora on {rolls eyes}

He heads up to HOH with Natalie and Lydia who's offering to do her hair...Natalie says there is no point as she's 'going to bed" Lydia whines "wheeen" and Natalie says tomorrow...Lydia heads downstairs and Russell follows and Natalie jumps out of bed and follows them too.

11:03 BBT Braden is now playing pool and bonding with Michele...No giggling like when she played with Jeff....Jeff comes back and the gigling starts.....Braden starts talking to Jeff and then heads back to the pool game....Braden asks if he wants to split the burger later but Jeff says "I'm over it" and Braden says maybe "a little breakfast love snack"

11:06 BBT Inside Russell by himself doing dishes cleaning up "what's up beautiful" as Chima goes to the bathroom asks her if she's going outside she says "I'm tired of you guys' jokingly and asks him if he is he says "probably"...Chima "if I stay up I might say the wrong thing to the wrong person...I'm in that kind of mood"...she says "I wouldn't say anything to you because you are not getting on my nerves" to Russ I think...Ronnie comes in to take a shower and sits to talk to CHima and talks to him about her flea/bug bites...she leaves to leave Ronnie sitting there...alone. He's latying there staring up at he ceiling..

11:00 BBT

Braden scmoozing Michele still as Jeff watches from the sides and talking with them about general chit chat..

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11:14 BBT

Natalie come in, so Ronnie finally has someone to talk to and complains his "battery is on E". Chima comes in and says "this place is disgusting". They discuss the 4 days left till Have-not is over. Chima says "he's already campaigning" {about Braden}. Chima thinks Lydia is "putting me back up" and Natalie says "I'll knock her block off" if Lydia puts her up. Natalie says 'she better know" what's she's doing if she gets put up, but Chima says she won't.

Natalie going on about making life miserable if she's nominated. Ronnie agreeing like the wannabe he is. He leaves, comes back to whisper and says "good, that's the way we can get some dirty work done". They are whispering too hard to understand, "she's weak" Ronnie says, "Yeah she is" Chima agrees. They all agree "Jesse's right" playing the "what if" game". Whispering ensues about upcoming HOH. Chima talking about the order of who goes next and she says "Jeff" and "if you cut off the head" and starts wiggling her arms. Ronnie says that's what he was thinking.

11:21 BBT Jesse come in to the BR and Natalie immediately helps him rub down his back with lotion and Ronnie announces again he's going to bed and he's getting ready for HOH Thursday. Tells Jesse "anytime" even if he's sleeping, to wake him up to talk. Chima complains she can't get into the DR because they just called Jesse and he tells her to go now.

11:23 BBT Ronnie comes back in to brush his teeth and tells Jesse "don't worry" about Lydia coming after "us"....Jeese heads to DR and gives Chima key to HOH where she heads.

11:25 BBT Back outside, where most of the houseguests are. Natalie heads to the hammock to talk to Russell, he offers her a spot but she doesn't take it. Just workout talk. Russell "what's up with you and Chima". Russell "what's her deal", while Nat says about her personality, that she's introverted,"she's like one of my girlfriends back at home". Russ "cool", "she's not a threat to my alliance". She sits on the hammock. "She likes you", she tells Russ. "You fucking with me"? Nat says NO. "that's cool", saying "i don't want her to get played by you" because "you're a player". Russ says a girl like that "I respect", she's not like the "girls at the bar", and Natalie keeps playing matchmaker for Chima and Russ, then she leaves.

11:30 BBT Jeff playing pool and Natalie joins him...everyone else at the couch.

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11:33 BBT

Ronnie and Michele talking in their have not room....they are laughing..."It is kinda that vibe" and she agrees {not sure what they were discussing}

she tells him she's looking for "my fuzzy socks" and I'll let you got to sleep"...."good night" as she leaves him.

Lydia changing as Michele walks into the bathroom.....Braden comes in....no words exchanged...

11:36 BBT Outdoors same ol thing...

Jeff says "i can see you being a sergeant" "or a cop" to natalie she says "I'm too scared"..Jeff "really?"...Braden joins them...watches from the side..

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11:44 BBT

Laura talking to Ronnie and talking about Braden, "he's not helping me" about voting him out. Braden comes in and starts talking to Laura. Ronnie reappears, and he's still going to bed.

11:47 Ronnie finally turns off the lights and goes to bed {hope that's the last of him tonight!}

Everyone outside, kinda lethargic tonight. Braden rejoins Jeff and Natalie at the pool table. Jeff doing his laundry while playing pool.

After Jordan's marathon nap, she's yawning, saying she's tired. Casey says he's "left out of the loop all week". Kevin says "we're not the first to be evicted", "for sure" to Casey. Michele laying there next to Laura and they talk about fast food.

Natalie and Braden and Jeff trying to figure out the washing machine. Jeff "I'll wait for Kevin" to show me. Braden figures it out. Natalie "huh?". Jeff says he'll just wait.

11:53 BBT

At the couch the talk has turned to who's sleepy as everyone is sitting there lethargic.

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12am-12:15amBBT Natalie is changing her pants, Lydia & Kevin sittin on sofa in LR all quiet. Jordan & Jeff are talkin in kitchen.

Jesse is in DR(he is sendin out tweets, his last tweet reads "BigBrotherHOH: In closing, I'll give you a rip the shirt off helicopter when I step outside the DR!!! Mr. PEC-tacular...OVER-N-OUT!!! until next time..")

Jesse comes out of DR, takes off his shirt, twirls around. Lydia asks why he did that, he tells her "It hot in there." Lydia then gives him a massage.

Casey is outside talking to Laura

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11:56 BBT

Jordan eating while talking to Kevin and Lydia about Casey "he has like 20 years on us". Jordan says "he's smart, always talking about school stuff".

12:00 BBT IN the living room, Lydia playing chiropractor with Kevin.

12:02 BBT Jordan and Jeff talking in the kitchen about cereal. "Teddy Grahams". Jordan "I love to eat. Maybe it helps deal with... I don't know". Jeff "stress", she says "ya".

Jeff "we're going to be up all night". She says "maybe we can work out tonight".

Natalie runs upstairs saying she lost pool. "I wanna play chess... where's Jesse" and leaves HOH. Natalie had to leave the lights on so Chima wouldn't be sleeping out of her have not room.

12:06 BBT Jordan putting metal in the microwave, and Jeff telling her "you can't do that". "I'll go home before you" Jeff says. Jordan says no. Jordan "I'll save you" with POV and Jeff "I'd save you". Talk about POV, saying he got flustered and realized "Techo" wasn't going to win it. They talk about their teeth, and how straight they are, and white too. Both had braces.

12:10 BBT

In living room, Kevin talking about who will fall for each other. Lydia saying "I can't believe someone hasn't gotten married" out of BB. Kevin says because it's so dirty, too much manipulation.

Back in kitchen, Jordan and Jeff talking... Jeff "if you left, what would I do"? Jordan tells him that his accent is "rubbing off", and she accuses him of "looking at my boobs" he says "no" she says "I don't care". Jordan "I don't like thongs", telling Jeff she wears semi "granny panties". Jeff "let's go outside, Gucci... I just called you Gucci".

12:15 BBT Laura "that's part of the game... who can last the longest without going crazy", she tells Michele. She says she's about ready for bed.

Laura wondering if her "judge of character" was right when she gets out of the BB. Realizing betrayal is "the nature of the game". "Money is the root of all evil", while Michele says "money can do a lot of good". Casey "it certainly greases the wheel".

12:19 BBT. Laura talking about deserving winner at the end {does she realize this is week 1?} as she says "I haven't told a lie yet".

Casey says "I've learned stuff about people... and you adjust accordingly", He says he knows who he can and can't tell things to.

12:21 BBT

Jesse in the LR with Lydia and Kevin

OH God, Ronnie is back up. He's in the LR, Jesse rubbing Lydia's hand, she gets up and returns with some lotion... and starts applying it to Jesse's knees.

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1217 BBT

Lydia giving Jesse a massage. Flirting going on, Kevin encouraging it.

Lydia asks to sleep in his bed so she doesn't have to sleep with Miss Jay.

He tells her he feels he righted a wrong by getting her off the block, she says she is grateful.

Kevin says he feels like he has people in here who will watch his back, Jesse says we're in the Kevin posse.

Back massage over, Jesse massages Lydia's hands, more flirting.

Ronnie joins the group, Kevin gives him a hug (makes a face behind his back).

Kevin heads off, Ronnie remains sitting on a chair, hand massage continues.

When Lydia goes to get something special (an oil) for a cut on Jesse's knee, Jesse tells Ronnie he shouldn't go to bed if he isn't sleepy.

(Very slow tonight)

Casey joins the LR group, most everyone else has gone to bed

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Nat joins the group, makes comment about walking in to see Jesse getting a hand massage.

Natalie asks about the oil, its Moroccan oil for cuts and cuticles.

Feed switches to backyard Jordan, Braden and Jeff.

Guys are telling Jordan that the reason they are in this mess is because of Lydia, they should have taken Chima's side.

Jordan is trying to rally the guys to turn the game around and bring Lydia back into the group. Braden and Jeff feel they used to be friends.

They begin to talk about Laura, how she is always staring at Jordan. Boys say Laura is jealous, wants all the attention.

Braden says this has been the best week of his life. They say the hg get $750 a week, 9K if they make it to the jury.

Feed switches again to HoH room, Chima and Jesse. Just chit chat about being on stage or TV

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12:30 BBT

In the LR Casey talking how close the door is when on TV it looks far away in actuality "it's 10 feet" away from the couch. Jesse and Lydia groping. Casey on the couch with Natalie. Laura laying on the other couch. Lydia explains the potion.

Outside Jordan tells Jeff her discussion with Russel, and that she didn't "trust him", and Lydia agreed, saying she was trying to "cover my ass". Jeff "she ruined our game". He's pissed they are in the position because of her. Jordan "she's all about them". Braden "I've accepted my fate", saying one of the local girls screwed him over.

Jordan says every time she looks over "she's always staring at me" (about Laura). Jeff says because "she's jealous". Jordan "No". Braden "this has been the best week of my life", even though he's leaving and going to a place he doesn't have. Braden talks about stipends.

12:35 BBT Upstairs Jesse talking to Chima about his 2 months at WWE school. {The Midget Douche}. and the thousands of dollars it cost. How wrestlers are getting old and you can see it in HDTV and says they wear makeup or "they put on war paint".

Jesse tells her "Laura looks amazing on TV" and says Oh ya so do you. saying he saw Natalie "oh I have the cholo on my team", making fun of Jeff. Chima, "Jeff does have a good heart"

12:42 BBT Talking how Natalie is "tough for a 18 year old". Jesse "i would not entertain the thought" of showmance with Nat {I think}. Jesse rambling with Chima, her saying Nat is always saying she has a BF "I'm not a home wrecker"

{I'm out. I'll be back tomorrow}

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Jesse says when he goes to photo shoots his face doesn't match his body. (lol)

Jesse making comments about how good Laura and Chima looked on TV. Calls Nat a "Cholo" with a bandana on, Russel strutting around, and Jeff not being involved in the game.

Chima says Jeff has a good heart, Jesse still adamant that Jeff messed it all up.

Jesse says he doesn't go for younger girls, but Nat gives him a run for his money. He finds her toughness attractive.

They talk about Nat's boyfriend and how Jesse is holding back. Chima reassures him Nat is attracted to him and to be patient. Jesse says he doesn't play second-best to anyone.

Jesse worried about chilling with Nat who continually says she has a boyfriend. He takes it as a slap in the face. He would like to know what happened to break them up.

He says they are not dating exclusively but Nat says she can see herself married to her boyfriend.

(Time to go to bed all)

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1:11 am BBT

Chima and Jessie on all feeds. Still talking about jessie's crush on Natalie. Jessie saying how he's trying not to be sensitive and Chima is egging him on that it's ok.

Natalie has now joined them in hoh. Watching the spy screen. They see Ronnie. Natalie mentions everyone else is outside.she is now under the hoh covers. Rambling convo...naps..etc.

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3:15 BBT - Chima says it's dirty in the house because and points to the white part of Nat's PJ pants and she doesn't get it so Chima points to the white part of her top and says her black friends would understand and she finally figures out that Chima is referring to the house being dirty because of the white people. :omg:

3:45 BBT - Jordan has the giggles and can't stop in the bubble room with Jeff ... She keeps pooting (Farting)

Jessie and Lydia laying in the hammock very dull convo sorry can't watch that! blahhh

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6:00 am BBT

Looks like Braden just got up, put on his shorts and went to the WC, now he is back and as he is walking to his bed he drops his drawers to reveal a stark nekkid bum and crawls back into bed.

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8:55 BBT - Russel seems to be the only one up. Admiring himself and playing with pimples. Casey is up as well both sitting outside now. Russel drinking coffee. The two of them are talking game.

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9:00 BBT

Russ says the top 3 people he wants out, in order, are Lydia, then Laura, then Chima. (then why did he take Lydia off the block?!) Casey asks Russ how he feels about Ronnie. Russ says he feels closer to Michele thank Ronnie. Russell calls Ronnie the rat of the house. Says Ronnie talks with people then tells the convo to someone else. Casey tells Russ that Ronnie told him that when he talks to other hgs, it's not about the game. Casey says he told Ronnie not to piss in his ear and tell him it's raining. They joke that Ronnie has an upside down smile. Casey says he hates talking about other people and Russ agrees, but says he needs to laugh in the house. Russ says Ron would be his number 4 (to be out the house).

Casey says Laura is pretty smart, which may be a good reason to get him out. Russ says he's grown to like Laura. They talk about Laura's physical appearance and their misconception about her. They both feel like they me be replacement nominees in the future. Casey says Chima bugs the f*ck out of him. He hates how Chima tells jokes about people and laughs it off. He says that there's a nugget of truth in everything and Chima means that stuff. Russ says that Chima just wants to be liked.

Casey mentions to Russ that Kevin mentioned to Casey that they should be apart of the athletes alliance. They both laughs and Russ says Kevin is just now catching on. Casey tried to act to Kevin that Kevin came up with that great idea.

9:15 BBT

Russ goes inside to refill their coffee cups. Russ comes back and asks Casey if he wants to hear something funny. Russ says he and Jessie were in the SR the other day and as Jessie went to open the door, he almost cracked Lydia's face, as Lydia, Laura and Braden were all on their hands and knees, trying to listen to their convo. (Russ was NOT in the SR with Jessie--it was Ronnie. Russ didn't even believe this story when he first heard it.)

9:30 BBT

The boys have just been talking game play about every HG. Casey wants to get rid of all the brains and populars and Natalie (in that order). Casey says he was ready to get rid of Chima this week. He states that Chima will turn the house upside down if she wins HOH. Russ says he can't stand if CHima stays in the house another week. Casey every day, they've been wanting a different HG to go, so who's to say that they won't want Chima to go over Braden in a few days and how Braden will be trying to get votes today.

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9:35 BBT

Ronnie is now up and gets on the elliptical. Casey and Russ are roaming around the house.

9:45 BBT

BB tells the HGs to get up for the day and how there are fresh batteries in the SR.

Ronnie wanted to say something to Casey, but Casey said to wait til he gets out the bathroom. While he waits, Ron watches Russ running around the BY. Ronnie's now moving around the house, looking at things.

9:50 BBT

Ronnie finally gives up on Casey and goes back on the elliptical. The HGs are given another wake up call, but no one's moving.

(I'm off to work on my elliptical for awhile. Nothing happening on the feeds.)

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Michelle in HOH room talking to Jessie. They are discussing Michelle being on slop. Michelle heads back downstairs.

Kevin and Casey walking in the backyard. Jordan can be heard saying something about POV and then BB asks them to put on their Mic.

Jordan and Ronnie in pool...

Jordan asks Ronnie if he is going to shave his chest. Ronnie says when he gets buff he will...

Jordan now saying how her pooting smelt like rotten eggs last night. (NASTY!)

nothing exciting really happening right now.

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10:38 BBT

Jordan and Ronnie discussing how they need to win HOH next week otherwise they are screwed. Talk continues about the Comp but its hard to hear them because of the guys walking in the Backyard.


Laura, Braden, and Russell in the Kitchen. Braden saying he wants to go to Australia to surf and open a fish taco stand.

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