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7/12 - Live Feed Updates


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9:45pm BBT

Casey was in with Lydia/Jordan talking about being paranoid in the house. Lydia saying she will never put Jordan up and Jordan promising Lydia she won't put her up either. Lydia telling Jordan she told Russell not to use the veto on her, just vote Chima out.

Jeff/Braedan still playing pool with Michelle

Lydia/Jordan now discussing if Russ uses the veto who would go up and what the votes would be

Laura/Nat/Kevin/Chima sitting with feet in the hottub talking about if Russ uses the veto who would go up. Laura thinks she would go up. (hard to hear over the hottub)

(Be back in a bit)

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11:00 BBT

Big "out in the open" strategy conversation going on between Jordan, Natalie, Jessie and Lydia in the HoH room on feed 3.

Ronnie and Chima talking in the backyard on feed 1.

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11:04pm BBT

Jesse, Jordan, Nat talking in hoh. Lydia laying in the bed sleeping. Jesse/Nat discussing Jeff, Jordan defending him. It seems they are trying to work things out. Jesse told Jordan that he offered to Jeff for all them to be aligned and did Jeff tell her, she said no. Jordan says that the reason they have been kinda put off was because Jesse/Nat have made her (and Jeff) feel like they were not welcome there and they feel like Jesse/Nat are saying in their heads "what are they doing up here". Jesse/Nat say they didn't mean it that way. Jesse says he has only spoken 5 mins worth to Jeff. Nat keeps saying that the only ones that are for sure together are her and Jesse (she keeps repeating it.) Jordan says she is not gonna stop talking to Jeff and they all tell her they don't expect her too. It seems that they have worked things out.

Jordan left hoh. Jesse/Lydia talking about Jordan still wanting to defend Jeff. Lydia says you gave her plenty to think about and Jesse says I didn't tell her to much cause I know she will go tell Jeff.

Kevin made dinner (looks like s'getti) everyone raving about how good it smells.

Jeff/Casey outside smoking

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10:58 BBT

Upstairs in HOH Natalie, Jesse, Lydia and Jordan are discussing Jeff and his alienation from his clique is affecting Lydia and jordan. Jesse rambling on "other people instigating" and jordan says "other people are making stuff up" Jesse "who and Jordan says people are telling Jeff was going to put up people that he's not...."That's what he said" both Jesse and Natalie said...

Jordan defending Jeff and Natalie and Jesse saying that Jeff didn't defend not putting Lydia and Jordan "of not putting both you up" they admit he said "I'm closest to those two" Natalie says "him and I are together" "if we don't win I know we're going up"...Jordan says "you have Chima" while natalie says "are you kidding we put her up" Jesse what can I do "were playing a fucking game" while Natalie says Chima is "gunning for Jesse" and says it her and Jesse because eveyone wants them out.

11:05 BBT

Natalie "I'm either Jesse or I'm sleeping" saying "I talk to nobady in this house" both her and Jesse whinning "nobody comes up to talk to us"

Jordan worries because she hangs out with Jeff people think they are strategizing...Natalie say that what everyone thinks the same about them..

Jesse says "stop playing the what if game" and Lydia interjects saying that feeds the parnoia...Jesse "that's why I sit up here"....Natalie says "how you and Jeff are" thats how "me and Jesse...its him and I ...that's all i got"

Natalie says Russell ons our team.."But he's not with us"...as Jordan calls him a "loose canon"

Lydia says she doesn't want to fight "his battles" about his fight with Russell...."thats all i want to say"...

Jordan leaves and the other three says nothing was accomplished and assume she has "feelings" for Jeff and Jesse says "she's a great girl" and every loves her....Lydia says "she's too emotional" over Jeff...Lydia tells them Jordan told her to noy use the POV on her because she had the votes...

Chima enters and Natalie goes and eat...Jesse asks Lydia "are you alright" and she hmmm.....and jesse knows 'she's freaking out" and tells her "sorry I had to put you through it" "if it wasn't for Jeff"........and insidt they go down and eat...They leave

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11:15 BBT

Late night dinner of pasta and "it smells so good" as Jesse acts over excited and "geeked out" over the meal...

In storage room Natalie and Ronnie talking about Jordan and how he told her that Jesse expects him to vote his way because he didn't put him up and he told Lydia and she ran to Russel and told him and he was confronted by Russell..

Chima pops in and says "I think she should go home this Thursday" {I think referring to Lydia}

Ronnie now ragging on Lydia saying "if I don't come off the block" she should vote becasue she's honest so he tells Natalie that he confronted her about the Russell situation and she bite his head off.. and says she will do anything to stay in the house "and that makes me nervous"

11:21 BBT Jesse enters as Ronnie spills his guts and their pow wow breaks up and Ronnie walks the house nervously..and evetuallt takes a seat ant the dinner table.

11:24 BBT Braden and Casey talking outside with Jeff. "Party all night" and hang out with boys is what Braden says.....Casey says "most peoples clock are swing back to normal" and people staying up till 4 in the morning........Jeff says people are "scheming" but Casey says Lydia was "venting" and even though he wants her to stay..but her performance has been bad....Jeff says the word is they are "going to save her"...I'm gone Braden says......Casey says he didn't know but the game changes "every six hours"......Not they are joking about about being safe...

11:27 BBT Outside its general chit chat abbout "dying to come" and thinking they would never be in the house..

Late night meal continues...

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11:30 BBT

Outside Jeff discusses people run around covering their tracks saying he would never run around until PoV is over because the more they run around the more they "kill yourself"....Jejff says he won't play his card until its time after the vote comes and his person stays 6-4...

Casey ranting about the mess outdoroor and jeff says thats another good thing about "not talking to people" you just clean your own mess..

Casey left and feel bad he didn't know about the POV might be used. about how cool Michelle is and say that can't talk to her Jeff say about what "herself"...Jeff says "Laura's alright" but she's not her type of person "Braden don't get me wrong "I hit it" but she's not girlfriend material and says he's on her team but doesn't give him "the time of day"

11:37 BBT Jeff complaining people are blaming him for being put on the block as Chima blamed him saying he had no hand in the decision while he admits they asked him what he would do and says he would of put her up. but it wasn't his decision..

Jeff "Chima needs to go" and they are in a good situation to get HOH.....Braden says the worst thing is Jesse put him up and get him out the first week..Jeff tells him he's not sure about POV and Jeff says he's suprised Jesse hasn't talk to him..

Both ragging about Russell calling him a "snake" Bastard" and "cut him into litle pieces" talking about "you can't fight" saying why he's getting tough knowing "you can't fight"...saying we keep talking about him "because there is nothing to talk about" Braden and Jeff say they are not tired and Braden says he wants to go into the hottub..Jeff says "he'll stick his dogs in"

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11:45 BBT

Jordan come out to talk to Jeff and fills in Jeff about what her discussion with Lydia, Natalie and Jesse went> Jeff says "did you laugh" in their faces...she goes on and he says "WOW!" and goes on about them blaming them for Lydia's nomination..."Om my God man" Jeff says in disbelief as Jordan tell him..

Jeff says he told Jesse he's cool with Jordan and Lydia and Jesse told him cool and make sure they don't put them on the block.....

"You're dead...Lydia flipped" Jeff says after she tells him after she left the three stayed and talked about her......"I can't believe they flipped Lydia" Jeff says...as Jordan says she's probably going up..Jeff says "I can't believe Lydia..what a fucking snake"

11:50 BBT Jordan says Jesse says things "that sound believeable"...Jeff says "that's amazing"....Casey comes out to smoke...Jeff says he'll go up to talk to them....and will "call them" out on all their shit..

11:52 BBT Now they are talking to Casey now and Braden comes out and Jeff is pissed that they are trying to pinn the noms on him..saying a lot of times he's been screwed by being a nice guy and talks about the tuna he made them during the nom convo and that he was in there for 30 seconds to tell them the tuna was done and that's when he talked about noms...now hes says "I wished I poisoned that tuna" and later says "ex-lax tuna".....

Jordan "I'm going home" and they will put me up "against Kisha" laughs "or whatever her name is" and goes on how condescending Jesse is..

Jeff wants to go "in there" Jordans says "no"...

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12:13am bbt - Jeff confronting everyone, but not yelling, just talking... he is bringing up how when he went up to give them tuna and how they asked what would you do if you were HOH and how he said either the first 2 who dropped off on toilets seats or chima from her blowing up... it was just me answering your question, not me telling you what to do... now he is talking about his personal conversation with just Jessie and since then I have not been involved in anything since then and everyone is making me the bad guy... Jessie says but your admitting you havent talked to me much, Jeff says yeah but I came up to you right, not you to me... Jessie agrees... Jessie says but you said you were a team guy, Jeff says not now.

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12:07 BBT

Jordan still bruting "they're all liars..and they all suck".."they can stay in there and I'll stay out here" she tells Braden..and says "they are trying to turn everything against him"

Jordan defending Jeff saying its making her mad because people are fake....hoping she hopes one of them will win HOH to get rid of "the bad eggs" "I agree " Braden tells her.

Braden "you'r e nt tired" as he yawns uncontrollably......."I'm not tired"......and Braden wants to go in and shower but Jordan doesn't want to go in because she wants to think......"you're gonna be alright its me they're after" Braden tells her...Jordan "its me" ..Braden I want to stay a ling time...I need too...." and says he wants to "make it to the jury ideally"

12:13 BBT

jeff confronting his clique with the others watching at the dinner table and regails his tuna story and explains that's what he woul;d have done and idn't think "that wasn't the decision" saying "I didn't put anyone on the block" that it was a "suggestion"..."you guys" made the decision.."never game me a chance to stick up for lydia" and they had a meeting he wasn't invited to...."I know I look like the mastermind" and I had no hand in the planning....Jesse "no you're right...team morale is the hghest degree in you're head" Jeff say "not anymore"

Jesse says he hasn't said anything that he just said....Lydia says she was bummed out he didn't make the effort and Jesse tries to turn it saying that he didn't make the effort to try to prevent her nom. Jeff says "I didn't know" about her nom.."I'm kins hurt by it" and Lydia "I'm hurt by it" because "I'm on the block" Jeff "im as shocked as you"

Natalie accusing Jeff he told lydia not to talk to them. Jesse rambles and Lydia though he meant don't talk to them "becasue they're assholes" and jeff says after a day of her crying about it....

Natalie turning to her...saying she wanted Lydia "on the block" she says she went to the meeting because she wanted to include herself.

Jeff says why they didn't make the effort because "my team didn't want to talk to me" jesse and Natalie say he didn't want to talk....and Jeff says he wanted to eat the tuna and he tried to talk to them but they didn't...

Jesse says "too little too late" about his efforts to talk because 'nomination were over" Natalie say he didn't "what are you talking about..Yes i did" and get louder... "3 to 1"....."you just got in the house" when he didn't want to talk and Jesse gets loud and says the game started when he walks in..."I like to see people" and their "colors" Jeff says...Jesse "you're on my team"

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12:28 BBT

The confronation continues......Jesse "its a huge psychological game"

Outside Casey wonders why they need to do it in fron of everyone...Casey thought their are aspect of the game you need to keep private...Jordan "this is High School"

Casey seems annoyed by it."jesse made a mistake by letting Natalie...she thinks she's calling the shots"...Jordan on her Jeff defense and the use of the word Faggot as both Russell and Jeff both used it but Jeff is getting the blame according to her..

Casey blaming natalie for her age for going aroung talking.....saying she is "drunk with power...it consumes it....instead of being drunk on liquor she's drunk on power"

Casey says "try not to be so sensitive" but concedes that she was talked down to and would say something if it happened to him..

12:35 BBt Caset says a lot has to do with "pride" and its a big thing with men...

Jordan goes on about liars "starting stuff" "jesse is really good at it"

Jeff "I said my piece" "They are brainwashed'" and tried to flip it around..Casey says it all "perception" and their "lens" are diferent perception of the same events and its "their reality"...Jeff says they tried to make him look like "the bad guy" because he didn't want to be a team member. Jeff goes over his confrontation...Jeff hope it gets through to them..and admits Lydia defended them and says he told her "I'm hurt ..and she left crying"...Jordan "i'm out"..Casey "they are bigger fish" that you Jordan..

12:40 BBT Casey tells Jeff about Natalie about his drunk with power...

Jeff continues with his confrontation.....

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12:43 BBT Jordan tells Jeff "good job" and Jeff says "I failed" and Jordans says "jesse is such a douchebag" {I concur}

Casey says it seems people can't "keep their mouth shut" and thinks it would have been better to have the convo in private..

Casey say Natalie is the big part "of this problem"...Jordan "I wish we had Cowboy" {i don't concur} as they talk about woulda shoulda coulda during the first HOH..

12:46..Jeff "jesse is in it to win it" and wonders why people don't want him to get him "the fuck outta here"''Jordan thinks they are going to take Lydia off" and put her up..Jeff "Lydia is full force with them"

Jeff saying how upset Lydia was yesterday and how she said she wanted to yell at them and Lydia told them Jeff told her "not to talk to them"....and "she flipped it on me and totally threw me under the bus"

12:50 BBT Jordan says "maybe it got in this too much..you're safe"...."Ronnies at the table but didn't say nothing" and Jeff and Jordan talk how they don't like him "he's a smug fuck"

"Fucking Lydia...mother fucker" Jeff says.."if I get eleiminated Jeff you have to get jesse out of here after me"....."jesse's real good and you didn't see it coming..I didn't either"

12:53 BBT Now Jodan and Jeff wished it was Cowboy that came back....Jordan "now its just me you and Braden"..."Im proud of you" that he cronfronted them..

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12:55 BBT

In the house the rest of the house talking Jesse though if they thought they were going to get in a fight...Kevin said no and that it was going nowhere.

Jesse trying to say it was Jeff that gave the cold shoulder and the confrontation confirmed them....while chima says he was the stud muffin and when Jesse came in and he was threatened....

Natalie said if she knew it was Jesse "I would have fell off" because she wanted "cowboy or Jessica".....and concur that no one wanted brian..Ronnie said he would have caused trouble...

Chima "I was happy he didn't come in"..Ronnie say Brian wouldn't have got along with him or michele...last season talk ensues..

1:03 BBT More jesse bashing while Jeff says he's playing the game well because he's a snake...Casey going on about if you tell some one something "you have to assume they will tell someone else" "99.9% chance" and Jeff says "people love gossip"....

Jeff upset Lydia had the votes and she went there and flipped it...she wants "to save her ass" not knowing she's a pawn..."she had my vote" casey said..Jordan "she turns on us"..casey "that's kinda fucked up" Jeff "real fucked up"

Jordan talking about the irony that they can't put him up even though they probably want to.

1:07 BBT Michele comes Out to look for her flip flops and jeff asks what she thought she says "its a rough situation" "a lot of people though it was a show' it should have been more private. Jeff says they would have twisted his words.

Michele admits she talk shit about Casey and wants to "clear the air" and asking her about her job ..if she "had a Phd" and Casey says it it came off "abrasive" the he's sorry..Michele says "its a perception problem" Casey says it not him to make fun of anyone background and Michele says it just perceived it as him being 'atrouble maker' and apologizes to Casey and Casey says "ok" and apologizes for his abrasiveness.

1:12BBT Michele and jeff talking about the confrontation and meant to "clear the air''' but admits "people didn't take it that way"

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1:15 BBT

Michele still out there apologizing and mending fences with Casey...."Its cool shit happens" and Michel who is barefotted still looking for her shoes...goes in because she's cold to get her hoody.

She leaves they all giggle "she's a trip"

Talk turns to Lydai as jeff wonders "how do you go from I hate the cunt bitch" and Casey interjects "It changes every six hours"..Casey now dumbfounded about Michele..."please"...they are laughing about it..."what did I fuck I did to you" when someone told him "Michele wants you out".."she's mad because I aske dher she had a degree..I'm sorry" they laugh.....Basey says "I like to make little jokes" but can't do that "in here" because "in here you gotta care" and in the real world you can say shit "get in my car and go home"

1:22 BBT

Casey says he played chess with her "dead part of the day" 1-5 and Michele probably fely guilty when he told her about his family..."at least it shows she had a conscience" Jeff "I can't believe that came out of mouth" and they laugh about Michele...

Casey joking about the Michele "I'm HOH now you're going up" while Jeff says that they are safe for a few weeks...Casey says "the gang mentality" irks him to no end...and "there is no logic involved" saying "I'm not going to get mad at you to vote to keep you're teammate in" referring to Kevin..

1:26 BBT michele telling Ronnie about her wierd encounter she had with Casey outside earlier In the kitchen Ronnie Lydia Chima Kevin and Natalie joking about nominating people for not cleaning the bathroon. doing the dishes..."I love our little family"...now Kevin talks about "how stressful" the house is...

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1:40 AM BBT: Jeff, Casey and Michele talking in the back yard. Jeff is saying that if Russell take off Chima he would vote out the replacement nominee. They are going back and forth, kind of a boring conversation.

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1:33 BBT

Back outside Casey.Jeff and Jordan just joking around....Jordan says "we got to strategize' ..Jeff says "we're fucked" Jordan say "no were not"...both say they would like to win..Casey goes in..

Jefff "I'm throwing the HOH competition" ..Jordan "why?" because "who am I gonna put up" at least someone else could put his team up since he can't. he says "i could put up Lydia" {lol}

Jordan hopes they don't use POV but Jeff says "they are" and is pissed for being nice and being played by lydia...saying "I should be an asshole the whole time..

Jeff still pissed about Lydia talking down to him.. I can't believe "she flipped like that".......Jeff upset people are "buying' the "shit" Jesse says "didn't they see last season"..

1:39 BBT Casey returns joking "I'm safe" ...Casey says to just ignore Lydia but Jeff say it doesn't matter since she's already flipped...Casey "we need to put Ronnie up" because he's the hustler...Jordan "he's smart" casey he's smart beacuse people around her 'are idiots"..casey says"Fuck him" "if he's that good he should go home"

casey "Ronnie would target me" so i need to target him.

1:43 BBT Jeff comes back from getting a jordan a pickle.."Lydia just put her head down" casey says he went to talk to Jesse to see 'where his mind was" and the chorus of of "he's in the Dr' and casey i should of known since they "have that bitch lo jacked"..

Jeff sasys someone is gonna with HOH that's cools with us but Casey says you never know..."that's the strain we live under" in the house..

Casey "i'm stop being nice to him" about Ronnie. Casey says you have a right to beupset in they throw you under the bus..about Michele.

1:48 BBT Casey says Michele gets "points for that" for at least talking to him. Casey "russell is volatile" and again says "all three of them are drunk with power"

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1:50 BBT

In the kitchen everybody laughing at Natalie as she makes fun of Jeff's reason for not talking to them because he was making Tuna. Then immediately laundry talk ensues and the amount of clothes. Talk turns to playing hide n seek.

1:54 BBT

Outside the three still talking about the same thing in previuos posts.."I'd be happy to see lydia gO' and saty because "she is so bad" at the games.

casey talks about HOH..."i can't believe nobody's come out here"..Jeff says its because they are removing Lydia..but Casey says keeping Lydia "is good for me"..jeff "i'm so stupid" if he never would have talked to her.."he{jesse} doesn't car..he's using them" Casey says what about strategy...and its "coming off like that" when jeff says jesse stays upstairs and acts "too good to talk to anyone"

2:00 BBT Casey says he likes Russ even if he's volatile and Jeff starts ragging on him about not turning pro and starts talking about his friends in UFC and brief FOTH. Russell bash by Jeff ensues

{I'm dead tired so I'm out be back tomorrow}

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9:03 BBT

All are still sleeping (Who is the loud snorer? Can't figure it out)

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