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7/10 - Live Feed Updates


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AS the feed came on BB said. "Russel please put on your mic." female said .....he got the POV he dont gotta do nothin

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9:05 BBT

Laura in HOH room with Jessie and Nat as if she's apart f their team. She's telling them she'll keep them safe. Nat says she wants to take a bath, but she wants someone to take a bath with her. Laura says her and Nat are the strongest girls, with Jessie and Russ are the strongest men, so why wouldn't she align with them. She promises her loyalty to them.

Laura talking about how her name was being thrown around to go home. Jessie gives adivce that the game is constantly changing. Laura says she won't go against them and is they screw her over, then she made the wrong decision. Laura repeats she's a strong player and many hgs want her out.

Laura: Jordan wants me out b/c she wants Jeff's nuts and I'm a threat to her.

Ronnie comes in and congratulates Jessie and Nat. Ronnie asks if he thinks Russ will use the pov and Jessie laughs and says NO.

9:20 BBT

Braden, Lydia, Jordan and Jeff in pool room. One of the girls said they think it's funny that the other hgs all ran upstairs to the HOH. Jeff says he wants to punch Russ in the face b/c of his smug attitude.

Kevin, Chima, Michele, Nat, Ryan and Casey chatting in kitchen. Chima's mood has definitely changed to the more positive spirit.

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