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7/10 - Live Feed Updates


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10:23 AM BBT - FOTH Picking Players for the Veto Comp *or it IS the Veto Comp*

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10:34am bbt -- feeds back... heard natalie tell casey he was a natural to be the host... someone wants to now if they are playing today and if she hsould take a shower.... jessie tells braden he was going to pick him for the host.... chima picked natalie.. she said she she picked her to stand next to her so she will look decent since they are wearing the same thing... chima said someone put a hex on the house cuz athletes win everything, just like high school.

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natalie tells chima thanks for picking me, if i win money ill give you a little somethin somethin... chima says yeah like 50 bucks... now she is complaining she will probably hit the trifecta, nominated, lose veto and not win anything and does her loud fake giggle

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jessie and chima both telling casey he was the natural choice to host.

braden and ronnie in SR ... ronnie taking pills and braden getting a toothbrush. braden wants gatarade and asks ronnie if he canjust ask for some, ronnie says i think once its gone its gone

back to kitchen and chima saying that natalie said she wanted to play so why not pick someone like that and tells michelle i don't know if she will play for me but she will play for ten thousand dollars, i'm sure its gonna be some luxury involved.

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10:42am bbt -- the blondes are outside getting their tan on. Jordan and Lydia by the way. Jordan asking Lydia if they snuggled in bed last night, Lydia said that she thinks they locked legs. Looks like Jeff is by the weights and chatting with them. someone came out and Lydia said hello love muscle (russell?) and she said they are going to work on their tan on their backs today.. he said he needed to also.

Jordan says "Jeff I didn't know you modeled" he said "I don't, I did a couple of times but nothing big".


OUTSIDE -- Jeff telling Lydia that he hopes its not physical cause we will all be trying to kill each other to win it.. Lydia says they may have to call the medics in... INSIDE Laura and Natalie wispering cant make out what they are saying

outside Lydia asks you think they POV will be like mean girls or someting... Russell comes over to get Jordan to rub lotion on his back... Jessie making hand puppets in one of the cameras

gotta leave for a bit

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11:40am Everyone still outside. Ronnie,Michelle & Russell in pool. Lydia & Jordan suntannin, other sittin on the sofas or on the bike

Braden jokes by pouring his water on the girls sunbathnig

BB: "Did you knwo theri are 300 diffent types of Turtles."

11:45am Jordan & Lydia say they just have to work on two people. Jeff is on the bike jokin with Chima

12:04pm Indoor Lockdown called. They come inside to find "the Big Brother Dictonary." on the table.

12"07pm Chima is carry ing the book around not letting anyone else see it. Casey & Russell are in the pool room talking. Natalie in the ktichen makes fun of her carrying the book around "It's my book, my ass is on the block."

12:09pm Chima takes the book with her to the HOH room. Natalie joins her. Russel & Michelle talk but without mic on. Chima & Natalie talk about turtles, saying Laura knows most about them

12:12pm Jordan comes up to HOH to try to see book, Chima says she wants to read it. She think the POV comp will be about frogs or turtles as why else would they give us a dictonairy. Natalie comes down to the "bad bedroom" and tells Russell the comp must be a brain thing as they have a dictonary. Russell says it will be so perfect if they win. Jordan leaves HOH as Chima would not stop reading.

12:15pm Natlaie & Ronnie come up to HOH Ronnie tells her not to overthink it. You use it for definitions. Ronnie says its not about turtles bout about Big Brother. Natlaie & Chim astill think its about turtles since they heard it(the random fact). Ronnie wants to see the book when shes done with it. FOTH

(im leavin any minute so someobody take over)

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12:25 BBT

Ronnie, Chima and Natalie talking game in HOH. They saw if someone comes off the block, Jordan should go up. Natalie will put Jordan up next week if she wins HOH. Nat says that her clique will throw the comp to give it to the Brains so they can put Jeff up. They say they need to get Jeff and Jordan out b/c of their love connection. They say they should keep Laura around now b/c she doesn't have anyone.

They think Casey will vote against his team and vote Lydia out. Chima says if Casey wins HOH he will throw a power trip. They also think Jeff will vote opposite of his clique and he's stupid. Ronnie says he already has a speech planned for if he's HOH and he puts Jeff up, saying Jeff won't talk game play with him.

Chima says she's done studying the dictionary and she is great with spelling. They also discuss that Kevin is in with Lydia's group, but Lydia said Kevin is extendable. Nat says she really likes Michele and think Michele with stick with her team.

Nat tells them her convo with Laura, saying Laura said she'd vote out Lydia b/c she likes Chima. Nat told her that since they (her clique) didn't put Laura up, they want her vote in return.

They then discuss Lydia and Jordan trying to be all sexy and getting with Russell. Ronnie says no one knows about the Nat, Chima and Ronnie alliance (maybe the brains and athletes althogether-not sure).

12:35 BBT

Nat says if she wins the veto today, she won't use it. Ronnie says Lydia is a snake in the grass and how she talks smack about everyone. Chima says she was saying nice things about Lydia in the DR but that will stop now. Chima says she can be very gullible. Nat talks about keeping Chima on the blcok as a pawn in future weeks (to keep their alliance a secret), but promises she'll never vote her out. Chima doesn't like that idea. They all agree that Lydia telling Jessie he's safe is a lie, just to keep her in the house. Chima says if she loses the pov, it's b/c she lost, b/c she's not throwing the comp.

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12:24 BBT Casey and Jordan are laying in the “pool” bedroom talking. Casey says that Chima complains too much. It’s a given he will vote for Lydia to stay because she is on his team. Casey wanted to make sure that he wasn’t the only one that was “seeing” how someone(Chima?) really was and Jordan said no she was seeing it too and there is a lot of scheming going on. Jordan also told Casey that when she dressed up with Lydia someone was calling them “sluts.”

(Sorry my feeds are choppy)

1:21 BBT Jordan and Lydia laying in the same bed talking game. Lydia would put up Natalie and Laura if she won HoH and Jordan says that they are both major threats to them in the house because they are strong. Jordan is worried that Russell may be shady and Lydia agrees. They both want to like him though.

1:24 BBT Jessie in HoH room looks like he is straightening up. Nothing exciting. All 4 feeds now on Jordan and Lydia laying in bed talking mostly game talk. I will report if they say anything important.

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1:20 BBT

Jessie in HOH shower. Nat, Chima, Laura and some others in dining/kitchen chatting.

Ronnie, Jordan and Lydia in pool room. Ronnie says he feels like no one is talking game with him. Ronnie leaves. The girls are in bed together talking about possible noms. Lydia says she'll put up Laura and Nat if she's HOH and let them duke it out. Jordan says they're both threats to them. They kind of feel that Russell is shady, but they both like him. They think Russell will listen to both sides, spill info and cause drama, but he wouldn't be apart of it, leaving the drama between both sides.

Russell told Jordan that he doesn't talk to Jessie, yet she knows that a lie. They know that Russell, Nat and Jessie are always hanging out together, leaving Jeff out of their team. Lydia says they think her and Jordan are sluts and bimbos, but they're not. Jordan says that she wants good, genuine people in the game. They both like Nakomis from BB5 and htought she'd be the Off Beat girl, not Cowboy. They discuss how they liked Nakomis and Diane's gameplay.

Jordan thinks they should get Ronnie, and that he'll hold his word. They don't know about Michele.

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1:28 BBT All feeds on Lydia and Jordan talking game in bed in the "pool" room.

Jordan is saying that even though she has more in common with (?) she knew right away she could trust Lydia.

1:32 BBT Lydia says she is just going to expect to be put on the block every week from here on out. Jordan starts talking about how hard it is to read Russell.

(Not a very exciting conversation)

1:37 BBT All four feeds now on the kitchen as Lydia and Jordan have left the pool room. Feeds switch to the living room where Ronnie, Michele, Kevin, Laura, Casey are all talking about the HoH competition and how hard it really is and that people at home don't understand. Casey tells Ronnie he thinks (Ronnie) will win all the memory stuff. Not a lot going on, just eating and talking about if their life will be affected by their actions in the house. Michele says she works in a conservative university and she may need to go to a more liberal one as they may not have expected to see her hanging from a diaper and holding onto toilet seats. Casey said that he doesn't think he's done anything real bad other than have a couple of glasses of wine and drop a few "F-Bombs".

1:47 BBT All feeds now on HoH room where Jessie and Russell are talking about how people aren't playing smart. They think it was dumb of Chima to pick Natalie and not someone from her team. (I think because they are all in an alliance and don't want to get busted). Ronnie is knocking on the HoH door but they don't hear because they are in the bathroom (Jessie is shaving). Back to talk about Chima being dumb for not picking Ronnie or Michele for POV comp. They say she just gave them away. Then they say that Chima is smart and Russell says she may be gunning for him. Russell says he wants her out if he wins HoH. Jessie: "Casey is a strong dude and Casey has his sh*t going on." They both really want to get some strong people on their side. (It's apparent that Jessie and Russell have something strong and will be working together.) Jessie said he was "So Close" to putting up Lydia and Jordan both. He wanted to do what the others wanted though.

2:00 BBT - 2 feeds on Jordan, Jeff and Lydia. 2 - feeds on Jessie and Russell in HoH. And we get FOTH!

2:07 BBT Feeds back up. Jordan is on top of Jeff rubbing his back and talking to Lydia and Braden. Jessie and Russell still in HoH room talking. Casey came up and they are all in the bathroom talking. Casey wants Chima out! He thinks she is more of a threat. "She's more persuasive and older..." He says she "keeps playing the race card... it's cause I'm black it's cause I'm black" and then she laughs it off. Casey says "if she gets on slop again next week do you want to hear her bitch for another week?" (Casey is fighting for Lydia. Russell and Jessie seem set on voting Lydia out.) They say that girls are "catty" and if the guys just hang strong that the girls will go at each other out of sheer jealousy and get rid of each other.

**I have to go for a bit, hope someone can take over for a little while! :) **

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3:00 BBT

Nat and Jessie in her bed talking about other hgs. Saying Chima is 100% with them and no one else. They hope Jeff wins pov to see where his loyalty is.

(Earlier, Ronnie told Jessie that Jeff told Ronnie that if Jeff wins the pov, he is 100% taking Lydia off the block.-don't know if that's true.) Nat tells Jessie that Jeff told her he wouldn't use the pov to save Lydia. They switch to first impressions of each other. Nat says Jessie didn't get to see them when they walked in the house. Jessie says his opinion of her changed when Nat told him she was 24, but he's not to tell anyone.

Nat is worried that someone will betray them with the votes, since right now, the votes are 5-5. They think Kevin is playing both sides.

Feeds switch to Ronnie and Laura talking in the gym. She's saying why would the house want to vote out her, who has no one, compared to people who are forming alliances. Laura tries asking about Nat and Jessie, b/c they're so tight, and Ronnie (who's in an alliance with them) says he thinks they're nothing serious, that Nat is just attached to Jessie b/c she's so young. Laura backtracks, agrees, and says she's not after Jessie at all.

3:15 BBT

Chima joins them, complains about being on the have-nots and BB breaking her spirit. She says it's like slaves, when they'd change their names. Chima says it's so obvious that everyone is on Lydia's side. Laura said she's not, and that she's not on any side. They count votes. Ronnie says he wanted to play POV and would have used it. Chima is surprised, saying she should have known this before the pickings.

Laura says that Jordan and Braden won't talk to her. She thinks it's b/c of Jeff and how Laura is the only other hot girl. She says no offense to Chima and Chima says she understands. They agree that the boys pull together and the girls pull apart from each other. Chima says Lydia is so far up Russ' ass and Laura says no, thye have Russ.

Lydia is crying/complaining in the pool room about people who are so negative and complaining in the house. She's in bed with Jeff and Jordan and Braden are in another bed.

3:40 BBT

All feeds on Casey, Jeff and Braden talking about food in the pool room.

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Lydia joined pool room with dictionary, looking up different words. Ronnie comes in and they joke they thought Ronnie didn't love them. Bradnen calls him Ron Jon and Ronnie says his nickname used to be RJ Robot, b/c his name is Ronnie J(a J name) and he's into video games. He then does some robot moves.

Casey comes in and lounges on the slide. Russ is called to the DR and Jeff says he calls everyone Russell. Braden tells him if he calls him Russell one more time, he'll snap his neck. They all laugh. Jeff starts talking about the 300 different turtle species.

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4:37 PM BBT - FoTH

4:45 PM BBT - Feeds came back. Jessie and Ronnie are playing chess and Braden is watching. Kevin and Lydia in the room talking about nominations.

5:50 PM BBT - FoTH again

5:52 PM BBT - Feeds came back. Jessie and Ronnie are playing chess and Braden and now Lydia are watching. Jeff is in the kitchen looking in fridge.

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4:50 BBT

Jessie and Ronnie playing chess upstars with Braden watching. Lydia joins and Jessie leaves to HOH bathroom. Russ comes in and Jessie says he went in HOH to get away from Lydia. Russ and Jessie are tight. They talk as Jessie is on the toilet. Russ is worried that Lydia's group will put him and Jessie up. Jessie says Nat will fight for them.

5:00 BBT

Jessie thinks they're safe with Ronnie and Casey, but no one else. Jessie says they need to keep Ronnie close b/c the other side is confiding in him, so he's their leak. Jessie says Jordan will put them up. Russ thinks Jeff and Braden want him out.

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6:10 BBT

Kevin and Jessie playing chess with Lydia watching.

Michele, Jordan and Laura in living room chatting.

6:20 BBT

Jordan examining Jeff's toes on the sofa.

6:30 BBT

Jordan is massaging Jeff's back in the pool room. Ronnie is in there, too.

Casey and Laura on the batroom couch. Braden comes in then heads back to pool room.

Casey whispers to Laura that he's heard her name bing thrown around (for the block). Laura says Jessie has told her this and she thinks a girl brought up her name. Casey thinks Laura is a strong player to keep around, even if that means losing a teammate (Lydia). Casey gets up to use the bathroom and Laura leaves.

Chima is at the dining room table with the dictionary. Laura joins her and speculates when the veto will be. Laura heads upstairs to join the chess crew.

6:40 BBT

Things the same and quiet in pool room. Kevin and Jessie still playing chess. Laura doesn't understand chess.

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