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7/10 - Live Feed Updates


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Lydia is talking to Jesse.... she told him she sees him as a sanctuary, and that she wouldn't put him up no matter what... she seems to be convincing him

Lydia said the last time she cried was to Finding Nemo... she is trying to get Jesse to be her snuggle buddy

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11:04 BBT

Outside Lydia whispering to Ronnie saying she won't put Jesse up if she stays and starts crying "Its ok" as russell joins her and ronnie. Crying that she doesn't like people to see her crying Jesse come out and Russell reassures her that "no one hates you"..Lydia "can I have a hug" and Jese gives her one and goes on about what her intentions are.

11:07 BBT They head to the bike room and sit on the couch...They embrace and Lydia explains how much she likes him {see previous post}

"its fine it has to happen to somebody" telling him she doesn't like crying and wants "my baby blanket". Lydia repeating how much "I like you" and reassuring him she wouldn't put him up and he like "satcuary" and would be someone "to escape to" ...Lydia saying she up agaings some one who is "bitchy and says mean things" {Chima}....Jesse tells her '"don't put me in a spot" and talk about the "two fingers"..goes back to "I'm not madf at you" and Jesse tells her he knows she's a "togh chick" saying last time she cried was when she got puched in the face at a concert b some random guy..

11:12 BBT Lydia goes on pleading he case "are we going to be snuggle bunnies" she asks Jesse..Jesse "stop" as she goes on how she wants to sleep in bed and snuggle.

11:14 BBT Lydia ragging on Braden and tells Jesse the "grils " called her and jordan "sluts" for playing with their beachballs in their nighties... Jesse says not to worry about it....she goes on about PoV and Jesse tells her "that's why you're her you are a fighter"

Lydia asks how he feels because Jesse couldn't looking at her. Jesse says he was worried because she won "the have and have nots competition"

Jesse saying years down the road watching it on youtube she'll say it will be remembered as "the best time of" her life..

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11:25pm Jesse & Lydia talking about her high heels. And playing vollybal today. Jesse says how he got to twitter.

Camera swtichs to Kevin & Casey in the ktichen. Asking each other questions. Kevin knows if Casey has any gay friends. He says his wife does. But they nag out sometimes. Both say they dont hang out their neighbors. Kevin & casy think about how & when the house is going to split in half like it always does. Casey says theris some floatter people like Braden. Casey said how Braden & Chima both said they dont care if they win. Casey says he had to take a whole semster off until Junauary 5th to be here.

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11:18 BBT

Jesse tells her someone has a spare key and tells her she wants to sleep up there tonight. "worse about it now" is how he's feeling about Lydia's nom. Saying he used his "gut feeling" Lydia asks what he thought would happen and he tells her "I know you're a smart person" and her plan and next thing "Jesses out the door" and Lydia promise "I won't put you up"

11:21 BBT Jeese complaining he got no sleep and Jordan took too much room. Lauging Lydia "you're a play boy" "you're a vixen" and playfully hit each other with pillows.

11:24 BBT

In the kitchen Kevin complaing "its the workout that killed me" Jeff gets up and leaves as natalie enters the room. "where's Jesse at" Kevin wonders thinking he may be the the DR

Casey comes in while kevin eats fruit..."do you have any gay friens" Casey says "we have a couple" and says he hangs out with the "straight neighbors" not the gay ones saying "its not a sexual orientaion thing" but a "neighbor thing"

Casey saying Braden "along for the ride" saying he said it he goes he goes...Casey says "well lets expedite it" Casey saying he's out of work till January whether he stays 1 week or three months... Casey going on saying what he's not sure to pick off the strong or the weak guys..saying "I'm a numbers guy" saying he knows its a numbers game

11:31 BBT Kevin and Casey talking about why Jesse made his decision..taling about Jeff "he's way too athletic to drop second" saying he didn't want to "call attention" to himself..Casey says "your body calls attention to yourself" Kevin wonders why they didn't target the brains...

They go check for beers but SR is locked. Casey and Kevin talk about plans saying its a game of being able "to adapt" saying they would be "flying blind" if Jesse wasn't there. Kevin saying jessie will be desperate for allies after his hoh and Casey says "that's smart" to try to get him with them.

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11:36 BBT

Casey says "laura could be an ally" since she thinks she's a target....Casey s says "its a series on one week goals" becasue the game changes from week to week and can't look too far ahead.

Ronnie enters from DR.

Back in the bike room Lydia and Jesse talking on the couch as Lydia reassures "its ok" She caresses his hand as they talk.

11:40 BBT Ronnie and Kevin talking food in the kitchen. Just talking Laura walking by but she doesn't have her mic so couldn't hear what she said but Ronnie let out a "yeaaahh"

Back in the Bike room Lydia getting more annoyed at Jesse at "for missed the boat" and she was part of the witch hunt and is being "burned at the stake" and says "its ok" and says she will Mcgyver up" to her room and Jesse says she can't put be in "this position" as she says he needs " a cold shower"

"why are you so tanned " Jesse asks her..she says "I'm a mexican Latina" who "failed Spanish" and Jesse says she's a "Mexi-can't"....repeating themselves about noms..."I still dig you" she says..."Im sorry" and "regardless its just a game" Jesse "conversation over" as Lydia laughs "at my dream" of being a "WWE Superstar" and have another pillow fight....they hug as they get ready to leave..they finally do.

11:49 BBT In the kitchen Jeff saying to Kevin it was his "190" weight was the reason he fell from the HOH comp.

11:51 BBT Ronnie and Lydia saying she should pick him to play PoV..and Lydia says Jesse told her she had more votes in the house. Ronie concerned who Jesse would put up as a replacements saying "i've hardly talked to him at all" Lydia brushes her teeth.

In the kitchen Jesse and Jeff talking food. The SR is open and restocked. Jesse says he has to tell everyone something and saying "its kinda crucial" but he keeps forgetting and wants everyone to head outside .

11:54 BBT Jesse says he'll be out in a second. Jesse says to Kevin he's "out the door" if his team doen't win...Jesse says "you guys did awesome in that thing" {have have nots com} and his descision had to be made whether it was right or wrong.

11:56 BBt everyone sitting outside waiting for Jesse's announcement

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11:57 BBT

Several people smoking, Casey and Jeff that I can see In the bathroom Russell qnd Natalie talking telling him "they had the door closed for 30 minutes" talking about Lydia as they head out waiting for jesse.

12:00 AM BBT Eveyone outside waiting and talking over each other so hard to follow the convos

12:02 BBT "i thought Jesse had an announcement" as everyone wonders where he's at. Lydia says he's be out as she says it may be a "jesse announcement' and some jokes "the veto's at 4:00 AM"

12:04 Jesse says "I get the chance "to Twitter" in the DR....saying they brought in a laptop....Jese says his tweet was "people here are way better than last year" more "kind hearted" people..Casey "wow we get to tweet" "how often do you got to do it" Braden says Jesse "whenever they" bring out the laptop" and goes on about his bad grammar..saying "you only get 140 characters" so that's was the announcemt...FOTH

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12:10 BBT

The talk turns to Twitter Facebook and Myspace saying they all need to keep in touch.{yay they say that now}

12:12 BBT all for cams on everyone outside talking over each other.

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12:13pm bbt - looks like everyone is outside right now; Lydia is getting laying next to Jeff and then invited Russell and said "we are going to do a Lydiawich (her in the middle and the guys on either side laying on one of the lounge chairs) looks like only Russell took her up on the offer, Jeff is setting up the pool table

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12:15 BBT Lydia and Russ sitting outside talking as she tells him "you're such a sweetheart" for cutting her lemons and immediately goes into her convo with Jesse and she says she wants hugs and know he's there for her. Lydia says she told her mom that she saw the hottest guy refering to him and told her she thinks he's an MMa fighter" becaus eof her ears...and he says "no way" and says he has to ask her mom when they get out.

12:18 BBT

Laura modeling her big boobs as everyone cheers and has grabbed Russell's attention..Lydia chimes in "she's a ho"...Russell "jordan's so fucking cute" and both cheer her on....

Ronnie now posing as 'the ladies" cheer

Casey acting as MC as he annouces the next "contestant" Michele strips down to her bikini...Chema goes "I'm tired I don't know if I can do this"..Casey announces the next BB contestant...

12:25 BBT Lydia now goes {casey doing a great job of announcing"

Everyone chats Jeff to go. Jeff declines and Russell goes and all girls cheer

12:28 BBT Jesse gets the next chants and agrees to go up " mr beefcake himself"

They all taking turns as Natalie is the last to go but declines "I'm too shy"

They are all having a good time.

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12:17pm bbt... Braden comes out to do a show and Casey was making comments ... it was funny... now he is introducing Laura and he is making comment like "you can find her on www.twitter.these things are enormous"... he said she was contestant number 2.... not sure what the contest is... now they are are all chanting Jordan, Jordan, Jordan to get her out there.... she finally gets up and is in her pink nighty.... She lifts her nighty to reveal her pink panties and Casey says "she is from N. Carolina and likes her men in backwards baseball caps... lets hear it for contestant number 3 Jordan"..... Now Ronnie is up and is doing a pose of with himself Casey says "will those glasses he can see everyone naked lets hear it for Ronnie".... Michelle is up, has a purple hoddie on and is shaking her ass.... Casey said she paid for her college degree by stripping and she proceeded to take off her hoodie and pants (in bathing suit) and is gyrating her hips and bending over, lets hear it for contestant 5... this is really funny... Casey is hysterical with his comments.... now Chima is up, she is complaining saying she is tired and doesn't know if she can do it.... Casey is now announcing Chima "Chima says she only dates rich men, is anyone surprised?"... she posed a lot... lets hear if for number six... next up is Lydia ... Casey says... "next up is I only wear my sunglasses at night and if she wins tonight she is gonna get her privates pierced, for the 8th time, she is going to the club tonight wear ladies get in free wearing lingerie"... now everyone is chanting for Jeff to go, he says he will not do it...now they are chanting Russell Russell, he gets up... Russell comes out shaking his butt... Casey says "Russell comes from the golden gate bridge where he tried to jump off 3 times, and he likes all girls"... now its Jessie's turn and they are chanting Jessie Jessie... he finally gets up......Casey says put your hands together for Mr. beefcake himself, who wants a six pack, (Jessie takes off his shirt)"....ow they are chanting for Natalie... she shakes her head, and says no I'm too shy... Jessie said your on the wrong show.

(side note: Lydia is awful comfortable with Russell and earlier she was very comfortable with Jessie.... hmmmmmm)

they finally talk Jeff into it.... "Casey says he is in radio marketing who wants a piece of that station, he loves hanging out at the beach" Jeff rubs his nipple... lol.... now Chima is getting prissy with Natalie saying everyone did it but you....

Casey finally got up and Jessie is attempting to say something, Casey says everyone has to contribute... its was not as good as Casey of course.... I couldnt understand what Jessie was saying about Casey, he had his hands cupped over his mouth

12:36am bbt -- I just saw Lydia run up to the HOH room and hide something under one of the pillows... it was pink

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2:42am bbt - Lydia and Jordan have Russell in a Russel sandwich and Lydia tells Russell your in an alliance with them huh? your gonna try to pick us off one at a time, then she tells Russell to rub both her and Jordans legs, he does, and Lydia says, now your gonna pick him over this??? Of course Russell got greif from the other houseguests... Laura makes the comment "gentlemen prefer blondes huh?".... Now Lydia and Jordan are snuggling and pinky swore they would never put each other up.... Lydia calls Jeff over and Jordan asks if he wants to sleep with us... then she almost tells Jeff that Lydia is going up to Jessies room tonight.

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12:34 BBT

Lydia and Jordan talking telling Jordan she had a "heart to heart". Jordan "what did he say" and Lydia goes over the convo as they head to the pool room.

Lydia says she needs to go to HOH to put her "baby blanket and unicorn" up there...Jordan asks if she has a BF and she says "I don't have anyone"..Jordan "your'e gonna end up hooking up with him" Lydia says "no I'm not" Jordan says "ya do it' as they head out to the backyard to work on Russell.

12:38 BBT

Russell says Natalie was the only one who didn't do the contestant thing....they are sitting on the chaise caressing Russell. Jordan asked if her butt looked all "celullitey" but Russ assures her "you're butt look good" and Lydia wonders if she "looked cheesey" and both assure her she didn't.

Lydia asks if he was in an alliance with Natalie Jesse and laura were in an alliance..he says they are a team and Lydia says Laura isn't on their team. Lydia says they are going to pick them off as Russell tries to skirt the issue.

12:45 BBT talk turns to why men prefer blonds..

Russell left as Lydia and Jordan cuddle..and talk about Russell's alliance..and saying they would never "put each other up" saying "we can trust jeff" and tell him to come over to tell them about their "plan"

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12:49am bbt - Lydia is now telling Jordan her whole conversation with Jessie, they make plans on how to sneek her up to HOH to spend the night with Jessie... Lydia telling Jordan that she is her best friend and she will freak out if she (Jordan) leaves... she says we have to stick together and Lydia says they will target us cuz we are blonde... Jordan is cracking up, Lydia says I know it's stupid.... Lydia says she is gonna sneek up there and just ask Jessie to snuggle.. then giggles... She is talking about each person, Lydia says she loves Kevin but he's not strong, he will break at some point. Lydia says that 4 girls against us it means something, that natalie has a crush on Jessie and got so bent out of shape when she saw and heard me in Jessies bed, I mean give me a break your 18, by some damn lipgloss and a decent bra for christs sake.... Jordan oh so your gonna so suduce Jessie, Lydia said, yeah, but I really like him. Lydia tells Jordan how she made Jessie fell bad by saying "I feel like you asked me to prom and then ditched me", she said I really like you Jessie, when I like you, you know, when I'm superficial, I'm nice, but you should have known that I really liked you"... she says she told Jessie the only reason you targeted me is because I was the only girl in the group...Jordan thinks that if Lydia wins Veto who will Jessie pick?

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12:48 BBT

Lydia and Jordan hash over their plan and what Lydia and jesse's convo was about and telling Jordan how she told him she was "going to win veto" Lydia says the "blonds " are being targeted..saying "I love Kevin but he's insecure"

12:52 Lydia now ragging on Natalie...Jordan says "do it tonoght..try to seduce him" about Jesse..while Lydia repeats herself about Jesse telling her he feels "really bad" for nominating her,

12:54 Lydia babbles on

12:55 Lydia and Jordan saying if Laura and Natalie are gone then it would be sooo fun..

Jordan worried Jesse wants her out and may push for it

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12:56am bbt - Lydia said its really sweet how Braden said he would fight for me. Lydia thinks Jeff has a crush on Jordan, cuz he gets all smiley like a little kid, Jordan doesn't think so. Lydia says don't you see how they don't even make us part of the group over there.... ou can hear the others in the background laughing a lot. Jordan wonders where Russell went, Lydia said he's in DR and tells Jordan that you do not tell Russell anything we talk about cuz he is going back and forth with people.... Lydia says "see the way that Laura looks over here and is so fake, i hate her and her chicken cutlett fake breasts"

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1:01ambbt - Lydia tells Jordan that Russell told her how Chima called us sluts when we were out here playing beach volley ball, Jordan says "uh uh", and Lydia says "thats what Russell said"

Lydia says Jeff wont be a target cuz he is so laid back, Lydia says she will do whatever to keep him in cuz he's so rad and chill

Lydia says next week when I win HOH I am putting Natalie up for sure. Lydia says we have to be aloof and like "whatever about things" around natalie, michelle and russell, we will just play dumb blonds.... Lydia has to go to the rest room and asks Jordan to go with her.... they head inside.

Jordan wants to change out of her pink nighty into a big tshirt.... she takes a big swig of mouthwash and spits it out.... Jeff comes into bathroom and asks Jordan "what are you two doing being naughty?" Jordan says just talking... Lydia tells Jeff you and Jordan are the only two I trust in the house and starts telling him how they think some of the others have an alliance already and how Jessie doesn't feel close to his group, Jeff is brushing teeth and just nodding.

Lydia says let me let you in on a secret to Jeff and she tells him how she is gonna sneek into jesies room and you sneek into Jordans bed so no one will know... he says ok!!

Lydia thinks that Kevin can be swayed by Natilie and Laura... Jeff thinks he can get on Jessies good side, he says if i talk to him I can get on his side... they change the subject because someone walked by.... i hear Lydia say "sneeky bitches"

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1:01 BBT Lydia and Jordan talking in circles and say that they like Jeff because "he's cool with us" and not with Jesse. More Natalie bashing with Laura thrown in for good measure.

1:03 BBT Lydia saying she needs to go to the bathroom and asks Jordan to go and she does and lydia "you know they talk about us"..Jordan refreshes her breath as Jeff comes in "you guys being naughty" and Lydia tells him that him and Jordan are the only ones she can trust.

Jeff brushes his teeth as Lydia goes on..."cool".....she goes on about Laura and us three who are in "diffrent cliques and people want know what's going on...Jeff "that's true" and let Jeff Know about with sleeping with Jesse plan ...Jeff laughs and Lydia "i'm trying to get his good graces" ..Jeff "are you going to jerk him off"...Lydia "no" its just going to be "cuddling........" Jeff realizes he needs to "get closer to Jesse"

1:09...Jeff says Natalie will do whatever Jesse tells her as they now exit the bathroom

{I'm out be back tomorrow night}

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1:12am bbt - everyone but the "blondes" outside talking about shows like the Housewives.... Jessie saying that he had the highest ratings on house calls and how Gretchen said to him he had the highest rating like it was an insult cuz people hated him... He said how when he saw Gretchen at the wrap party and he told her how he helped raised money for someplace and how Gretchen said in sarcasit way "oh so they were lucky to have you then huh?" he said that his interview was only 2 1/2 minutes because he kept deflecting her stupid questions.

(I'm out all.... glad we are back... see ya tomorrow)

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1:23am. Jordan wonders how much weight she would gain in she ate for a entire day nonstop. Outside the majority of the house is sittin outside. Chima still thinks her room(the bad room) has ice cold air blown in

1:25am Jesse says when he powered back on his phone. His cell has full of new messages and random people had his cell #. Laura wishs she would of cut service to her cell like Michelle did.

1:27am Lydia hugs Kevin, as he gets into bed. Lydia heads back to kitchen where Jordan & Jeff are sitting. She passes by and heads to kitchen. Jordan & Jeff whisper, bu tfeed cuts to bathroom where Lydia & Braden whisper and brush their teeth. Braden says Lydia has him, Jordan, Casey, possibly Kevin. Lydia says she dosnet trust Laura.

1:31am in Ktichen Casey,Jordan, & Jeff. They talk abouting about how Jordan will eat anything put in front of her. Jesse passes by and heads to his room. Ronnie goes to the bathroom

1:33am Jesse is in the HOH room goin to take a shower. Lydia is lying in his bed. Jesse thinks that she has tears in her eyes. Jesse wants her to leave his room for he can take a shower. He say she will talk to her & Jordan tommrow. They hug again, they joke aroudn some more.

1:36pm Ronnie is walking around in circles in the kitchen. Casey is next to Braden in the bathroom mirror. Casey with his teeth & Braden still fixing his hair.

1:37am Lydia heads downstairs and goes right to Ronnie in the workout room. She says Ronnie will be safe if shes taken off the block.

1:40am Natlaie goes up to the room and is listin to music. Downstairs Lydia says to Ronnie, just get Chima out the door she dosnet even want to be here. But this house will change in just a few hours. And next week everyone will be kissing the new HOH's butt.

1:42am Natlaie heads back downstairs. Lydia say she likes Jesse but dosent have a vendetta agaisnt him. Lydia says shes gonna fight gona fight gonna fight. Im going to stay int his house. Lydia says she dsonst want people who float and try to be a puppetmaster int he house like natlaie.

1:45am Lydia says to Ronnie she knows Casey is a competior. Natalie walks in, and Lydia starts the water works. Sayin that Jessie nominating her upset her. Laura comes in and checks on her. Jeff follows. Michelle comes in with some cookie and aks if Lydia is crying. Lydia leaves to fix her makeup. Natalie & ROnnie leave room.

1:49am Jeff tells Laura & Michelle, Casey just snores so loud. Lydia tells Chima they have to stay in the house. Ronnie enters and the gametalk ends. Natalie & Lydia reenter the workout room.

1:51am Jordan says its makeover night for Ronnie. Jordan says she wants to wax Ronnie. Ronnie says not until he looses his weight. Lydia & Jordan want to change his haircut. Ronnie starts riding the bike. The girls talk about how they arent tired today

1:53am Jordan/Ronnie/Jeff/Lydia/Natalie/Michelle are all in the workout room. Jeff leaves, Ronnie gets on the sofa next to all the girls. Chima is in the bathroom. Everyone else seems to be asleep.

1:54am Jeff is talkin to Jesse in HOH. They talk about how many people come up and talk to the person with power. Jeff says they need to have a bigger than 4 people alliance. Jesse says he talks to Natalie like he talk with Jordan, if a break from the game. The girls & Ronnie talk about how they miss pronouce Chima's name.

1:58am Jesse & Jeff says everyone will be after their chice next week. Jeff says Kevin is on the fence as he likes Lydia & Chima. Jeff says Kevin is very levelheaded.

2am ROnnie & the girls talking about past BB's. Ronnie talks about in BB7 Danille having to stay in this room for 24 hours.

2"02am Jesse tells Jeff their screwed either way next week. Jesse & him head downstairs. jesse says he usally eat 10,000 pounds a day in 8-9 meals. they talk about eating in the kitchen as Jesse makes a shake. They also talk about workouts. Ronnie & the girls are talking about going to the bathroom and how they call it. Chima seems to have gone to bed.

2:10am Jesse & Natalie shaving their legs. Jordan is giving Jeff a massage as Lydia watchs

2:11am Natalie is rubbin something on Jesse's back at Ronnie watchs

2:15am Natalie trims Jesse's hair. Ronnie & Chima watch. Jordan heads to bed. Leaving the 4 in bathroom awake & Lydia/Jeff in Workout room.

2:16am Michelle exits the bathroom. Ronnie goes and talk to Lydia/Jeff.

2:17am BB tells Lydia your not permitted to sleep in that room. Everyone leaves the workout room to the kitchen. Lydia heads to her bedroom(pool room) and gets in bed

2:19am Ronnie & Natlaie head up to Jesse;s room

2:21am Ronnie tells Jesse that the house thinks its Jesse/Natalie/Laura/Russell to the end. Jesse says he was close to puttin Laura up. Ronnie tells them that the group of Jordan/Lydia want Kevin out. Jesse says everthning is week by week. They all argue Casey watchs everyone, and is playin the game hard. Shima & Michelle enter the HOH room at 2:23am

2:23am Everyone in the hOH room says Natlaie has alot of energy and they wish they were 18 again. Jesse goes and shaves more. the others look at the tigerfish. They say today(Friday) is Day 7 in the house

2:40am Ronnie,Michelle, & Chima leave the hOH room. Chima heads to bed. Ronnie & Michelle are in the bathroom looking in the mirror. Jesse & Natlaie talk about Lydia grabbin him and talkin to her.

Alot of FOTH on & off.

2:53am every1 is asleep but Jesse/Natalie in HOH. They say the pn is to get rid of Lydia. Worst case senario is Casey, but the backup plain is Kevin. They think Casey won tput them up nect week if he wins HOH

3:01am Jesse & Natalie talking about the houseguests. They both agree Michelle is very smarter then she lets on. They say shes holdin back until later. Natalie is surprised she actully had a good personality. Jesse said how Michelle(1st key pulled) was so nice & apccrative to bein put in. Casey was the last key pulled. Jesse says he almost put up Lydia & Jordan. Everyone wanted Chima up. Natlaie says Chima says gonna yell at Jesse callin him a racsit 1st Libra now me. She was jokin natlaie says. Jesse says if Jordan wins POV, he wishs he could put up Jeff but hes in his own group. They both hope Laura goes next week

3:03am (Im out goodnight)

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Jessie has been talkin about Jessie for the past hour or so with Natalie

3:40am BBT - Jessie & Natalie are discussing the votes and the noms ... Jessie going over what he told Chima earlier that they no longer have Jeff's vote and they need to get Laura's vote and seem sure they have it.

Jessie now talking about his convo with Lydia and why she didn't come talk to him before and that things would have been different.

.... aaaand back to talking about Jessie again

Gotta get ready for work

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