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Terminator Salvation


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IMO, Sam Worthington upstaged Christian Bale!

That's exactly what our local movie critic said in his review!

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Saw it yesterday.

Liked it more than Star Trek, even though Star Trek may have been a better movie. (The many strikes against Star Trek in my own personal book brought it's score down.)

Although I have to agree that Worthington's portrayal blew Bale's away, I attribute this to the largeness of the character he was playing and how it figures so prominently in the film. (Even more than Bale's John Connor.) He probably had twice as much screen time, if someone were to measure. However, expect Bale to give stronger performances in the 2 upcoming sequels.

And the cameo appearance by a character from the past was fantastic to see.

I also liked hearing the classic Terminator one-liners "Come with me if you want to live" and "I'll be back".

It was nice to see how everything still fit in with all the canon lore, and how even stuff from "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" seemed to get worked in.

And finally, the special effects were so good that I had trouble remembering that what I was seeing didn't actually exist. Just awesome.

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