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Meredith and Gretchen

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Guest XandraSkye
Oh I agree..YAY old people!!  Gretchen annoyed me more than Skye does but I can't overlook her dedication and hard work.

:x :roll: :P :twisted:

Gretchen was a tough old broad! Did you see her get boinked in the head again last night with the boats? And she just keeps on trucking! I liked them.

Question: Why did U/J & M/G go for the 'Braun' over 'Brains' for the detour??? The other task seemed so simple to me.

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Way To Go Meredith & Gretchen!!! I'm proud of them for making it as far as they did. I know I probably couldn't have made it that far and I'm quite a bit younger then they are. I was sad to see them eliminated. I was starting to think they might make it to the final three.

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I'm also proud of them, they did a great job! As much as Gretchens voice was getting on everyone nerves, you cant say they did anything but a great job, I must say I was sad to see them go last night, I was kinda hoping to hear Phil say that is was a NEL. Oh well they should be very proud of themselves!

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I don't know if was real time or the magic of editing last night, but we did get a farewell whine from Gretchen. When they were on the wheel looking for the flag, the first words we heard were "oh no we're never going to find it (they had incredible bad luck when it came to looking for the obvious) and then the next words we heard were Meridith spying the flag. No matter how much she whined, they survived a long time and ran a fair race. Good for them!

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Guest ranster627

posted 07 April 2005

Once again we beat out another team and win our right to continue "butt ugly". Gretchen's recap to follow tells a good and accurate story of how it went and why. All I can add is that at this point we are beginning to feel the effects of sleep depravation leading to fuzzy thinking and raw edged nerves. This was not our best performance but the ride through the bush ,jumping stumps and fording deep rivers, in a Land Rover made it a fantastic experience. The Lodge at the River Kwaai was like Nirvana after going so long without a real bed and a hot shower. Tonight is the review of past episodes and a preview of our adventures in India. Things now get back into a rhythm for Team Geritol. St. Meredith of Infinite Patience.

PS...go to the CBS.com website to get in on a couple of good interviews between host Phil Keoghan and the two of us.



Good Morning Everyone...from the Energizer Bunnies.....

Watched the show here at home last night with several friends and truly enjoyed seeing all the fabulous scenery and animals from Botswana again

As always we are "bringing up the rear". But what's important is that we beat one team...the last one. We were sad to see the Brothers eliminated, but better them than yours truly.

Several of you have asked what happens when you are eliminated. You are whisked away immediately without even being able to say good by to the other teams, to a sequester country where you stay in comfort with the others who have been eliminated. None of us even got to see the Brothers after they came in.

Well, on to the rest of the story.......

After spending a truly wonderful night on the Pan...we started off in next to the last place. We saw Rob and Amber take off before us and they turned the wrong way. We were overjoyed, thinking they would get good and lost, but they obviously corrected their direction and it was not to be. We drove over a hundred miles going through small villages and waving to all the native peoples. You see, we were in no tourist areas, and they were probably wondering what was going on seeing one Land Rover after another racing along the dusty roads. It was a chance to relax and enjoy our surroundings and the slow, relaxed pace that the people live there. Of course Meredith had to be constantly aware of cows, goats, chickens etc, being in the roads...a potential cause for a bad accident.

We made it to Moen without any trouble (imagine that!), found the water tower and the clue. We opted for the Goats. It was hysterical trying to round them up and secure them for milking. Wish they had shown more footage, as one of our broke away as I was milking and Meredith had to chase it around the yard. We had 1 good Momma, and 3 Adolescents who produced little milk, so I had to keep using her, poor thing. The goats moved around and if they jerked you would lose the milk from the cup. We really had fun and especially listening to Alex and Lynn next to us who were telling the goats to "Heel" and talking to them in endearing terms.

Off to the Kwaai River. It was a long stretch and there were no markers. Meredith was convinced we were going the wrong way and turned around. I was able to talk him into going back, and thank the Lord I was right, as we finally arrived there. He did the Roadblock and did an expert job of driving through the River without getting stuck. The water literally came over the windshield. Was exciting. The Boys (Alex and Lynn) were standing on the side waiting for another car, as Alex submerged theirs and got it stuck. I think they went through 3 cars during this leg of the Race. We thought they needed help but they waved us on.

You all saw what a great job Meredith did with the log removal. In fact he was so excited that it went so well, that we drove right by the clue, hanging on the tree. Once again, we were so DUMB in always looking for the clue box, and did not thinking to look on the trees. As we left the area we saw many clue markers (red and yellow ribbons) tied on twigs and bushes every quarter mile or so,. Knew we were going tin the right direction...but to where??????

When we saw the Inn we knew we had come to a Pit Stop, and tried to slide in. But Phil caught us and asked how we got there without a clue. We told him we just followed the markers. You saw it all. We had to retrace our way back, many miles. to where he moved the logs. This was no easy task as the roads were like a maze and one looked like the others. Got turned around many times, but finally found the starting point. We really lost our advantage as we would've been in 4th place. Of course I don't know how we would've handled being in that privileged position with YKW ... You Know Who ....(my new term for Rob & Amber) and Ron and Kelly.

Uchenna and Joyce are Racers like us, and seem to get lost and do dumb things often. It's a matter of being dog tired and stressed...not reading the clues carefully. This was something we vowed to do before we started the Race, but in the rush of things would overlook a subtle word or phrase.

Having to return to get the clue, was a mistake turned good, as we saw so many elephant , giraffe, zebra, baboons, etc. that second go around, and would sometimes just stop and gaze in awe. A much bigger thrill than the local Zoo, folks!

Again we came in next to the last place. Again YKW came in 1st and won the prize. Oh well, we are still in it. You have to admit it's a little boring to watch YKW , Ron and Kelly doing everything perfectly. The rest of us do add some drama to the Race.

We had a 36 hr. rest at the Inn on the River Kwaai, which was the best experience we have had.

We each had own elegant Hut, furnished in Mahogany inside, an elegant canopied bed with netting, and a FABULOUS bathroom where we were able to take our 1st shower since the accident. I was shocked seeing how ragged we looked. After showering, we all were able to relax and enjoy a gourmet banquet set up for us. The Inn caters to First Class clientele, but was reserved at this time just for us and the Production staff. Beside our hut flowed the river where we saw constant movement of hippo swimming downstream. At night you could hear them. It was awesome. We couldn't go out in the evening without being accompanied because of the close proximity of the animals.

The next day we were taken on a Land Rover safari into the Bush which was thrilling. The Botswanan help all came out after we ate and sang and danced for us. Sounded like the movie "Out of Africa". 36 glorious hours!!!!!!!!! We slept like babies, ate well and had the little bit of laundry we had washed. All of the other teams, the 1st night in Botswana were lightening their backpacks, and whatever they threw out we took. Meredith made out better than I did.

A medic looked at my head and cleaned my stitches.

It was the best part of the Race and we would hate to leave.

Tonight they are showing footage not shown on other episodes. I believe it's at 8PM.

Thanks for all you wonderful comments, cards, and letters. This is the best part of all. Hearing of your support and enjoying the show.



Hey everyone, turns out I had some of this from visiting that Tombguard site before it was removed ... enjoy ...

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Guest ranster627

posted 16 April 2005

Dear fans, friends and enemies of YKW...

Gretchen's newest "Behind the Scenes' follows and it will not disappoint. In addition to becoming America's newest heroine and gutsy gal of 2005, she has begun a column that grows exponentially with each issue. This past episode was by far our weakest performance...for a lot of reasons that will be apparent when you read her take on Lucknow, India and our role in entertaining the masses. Next week we will be in Jodhpur and there we...ooops. I almost gave it away. Suffice it to say we found a new ride and "made our way" through and to a camel race that would have scared the bees our of Lawrence of Arabia. Don't miss next Tuesday at 9:00PM or you will miss a veritable carnival of action in the ongoing saga of... "Meredith and Gretchen go to The Palace of Mystery"!!!!!



Hi Everyone......Another episode down (at least half of it) and we were exhausted watching it.

It wasn't the best day for the Smiths.

We had our 36 hour rest at the Inn on the River Khwai, and what a wonderful experience it was. 36 hours to sleep, take a shower, eat wonderful food and have our few pieces of clothing laundered. The facilities were First Class....each team having their own large hut like cabin. It was completely furnished inside in mahogany with a huge bed canopied in netting. On our porch was a hammock where we would lie and watch the hippos swimming down the river. They were as close as 40 yards away. We were really in the heart of bush country. One day we were taken for a safari where we saw many more animals than the previous day, through rugged country dotted with gigantic termite mounds. Whether we win the million dollars or not....this experience was worth far more. We had a chance to socialize with the other 5 remaining teams with the exception of YKW (you know who) who most often kept to themselves.

The Energized Bunnies were having their batteries charged, and hated to leave this most wonderful place.

Early that next morning we left in last place( a position we don't like, but have gotten used to) and walked about a quarter mile accompanied by an armed hotel escort through the bush to a small runway, where we took a beautiful modern small plane to Gabrone where we met up with others. We had a 3 hour wait for our flight and everyone flew into action trying to see how we could get to Lucknow, India faster than the pre-arranged itinerary. (Some of you noticed that Lynn was using a cell phone to contact an International Travel agent.....we cannot have our own phones, but can borrow someone's that we meet.) As you saw, YKW made his own arrangements with the agent and unaware to us had booked an earlier flight from Mumbai (formerly called Bombay)...

Off we all went to Johannesburg, then to Mombai (having about a 4 hour wait) then on to Lucknow. (Meredith and I called it Out of Luck Now) as those of you who watched could see why.

It was a terribly long day and night, traveling, but got a breakfast on the last leg (we loved airline food) which would sustain us for the entire rest of the day.

When we disembarked we were ready for combat again. It was chaotic trying to get a cab to the temple. Everyone was trying to rip us off. When we finally settled on one, he had to stop for gas. We figured that that these poor souls operate from trip to trip and don't have enough money to keep the tank full, so we couldn't be too upset.

Off to the temple where my heart went out to so many beggars seeking shelter there.

Our Financial Advisors heard me saying that if I had a lot of money I would come back and give them all some, and humorously sent us a note saying they cashed in our annuities and was sending it to the Indian Save the Children Fund.

We had no trouble finding the clue and hopped into a Tonga (horse drawn 2 seated taxi) and went off to the metal box company. What you didn't see is the through the bedlam of traffic we lost our camera crew and had to wait patiently along a road, hoping that somehow they would find us. There was nothing we could do. Eventually they found us and you know the rest of the story. When we had arrived, most of the clues had been easily found in the entranceway of the company. It took me forever to find the remaining clue and I was so depressed. I thought I would never get out of there. There were an additional 2 rooms that weren't shown. With Meredith's encouragement I finally got the clue after about 2 hours)

We had to take a bicycle rickshaw through the streets filled with horses, cows and people frantically trying to get somewhere on any means of transportation available.

It was quite an experience.

The Indians love movies and because we were attended by our camera crew, swarmed us everywhere we went. The wonderful reception of applause they gave us at that so called gas station (never did see a gas pump) was overwhelming!!!! What you didn't see was all of them taking up the chant " TAXI, Taxi, Taxi" as they were walking with us to try to find one to take us to the tea challenge. It really lifted our spirits as we knew we were well behind the pack.

Taking the tea to the "public servants" in the administration was a nightmare. Only being able to take 1 cup at a time up and down those stairs, and finding the individuals in a maze of so called offices was a really difficult task. We were exhausted when we were finally finished and then had to find our way to that dirty old apartment building rooftop where Phil met us to tell us it was not the Pit Stop. Did you see the look on YKW's face when they saw they were not going to win 1st place again? Any way, Buddha was looking over us in giving us another chance.

Tune in next Tuesday when you see my husband "the Camel Jockey" do his thing. I will also be making a fool of myself. To be continued................

Thanks again for all your comments and encouragement. Hearing from you has been the highlight of the entire adventure. Wish I could write back to each and every one of you, but it is overwhelming at this time. We are leaving for LA tomorrow to see our first grandchild and will be watching the show with the family. So you will not be getting your update until we return that Wednesday. Hope we don't get eliminated!!!!!!!!!

Love you all..........


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Guest ranster627

After the Show Comments

posted 21 April 2005

Once again Mrs. Smith aka embedded (pardon the pun) reporter extraordinary does a most accurate and no less interestingly fascinating job of Behind the Scenes recapping. Her "Bad Elephant ...."comment became the title of the episode making it 5 that have now been attributed to her wit and uncanny ability to say the quirkiest things at the most perfect times...her timing is just amazing. Yes, will be seeing you yet another Tuesday...same time, same channel when we will reenact the Biblical verse about the first being...OOOP's I almost did it again.!!! You will just have to wait and see for yourself. (CLUE-- Bosphorous.) Isn't this fun?

Meredith the Lucky


Hi everyone......We're here in LA waiting for our flight back home. We are here visiting Meredith's sons and our new grandson. Watched the show last night with them and had a great time.

Where to begin?

After getting the best news at a Fake Pit Stop, that we were to continue on with this leg of the race, Meredith and I once again felt we were the luckiest guys around. Although we have been putting our all into each leg, it seems that we are still always at the bottom and some how lucky not being eliminated. Because the clue said that we were to take a train to Jodphur, we had about 6 hours to kill. They made arrangements for all of us to stay in a substandard hotel near the railroad. We didn't care where we stayed as long as there was a place to rest. We were afraid to sleep as we didn't have our alarm clock any more and couldn't trust the front desk to call us. We were exhausted. It had been a long, tiring day.

We arrived at the train station with the others. The sea of humanity camping out on the platforms and everywhere inside the terminal building was depressing and so sad to see. These were the poorest of the poor, who had no other place to stay for the night but there. Entire families living like this. Used to their conditions and just accepting it.

I was glad to board the train (we had our own 2 private cars) and be on our way for a 24 hr ride to Jodphur. We had sleeping accommodations and were happy to not have to do anything for 24 wonderful hours. They woke us up to give us our clues. During the long ride we spent a lot of time with J & U and A & L. It was a good bonding time with them. YKW and R & K stuck together. I'm sure they wouldn't have been as close if they had heard the "not the brightest lights on the Christmas tree" comment by Rob.

No food was provided for us....only the camera crews and production, so Meredith would sneak back to where they had left their box lunches and return to me with an apple or muffin. Not only are we becoming proficient at begging, but now stealing. You do what you have to do and it kept the hunger pangs quieted. Often at a stop, Meredith would hop off and buy a cup of tea for us and once had to run to jump back on the train as it was pulling away. We saw a lot of the countryside and the people going about their daily work. Fascinating.

When we arrived at Jodphur it was evening and when we got to the clock tower for our next clue it was closed. We were used to things like that.

We had to locate a hotel to stay on our own, paid with the money we had been given at the stat of that leg in Lucknow. J & U, L & A were short of money and we had enough. (Imagine that!!!!!) We told them we could pool our money and share a hotel room. We found one near the square where the Clock Tower was. It was an ancient old castle that had belonged to a maharaja and family. There was a huge room for us all to use. Meredith negotiated with the manager and was told we could have the room. Immediately, Rob and Amber appeared and told the manager he would give him 3 times as much for the room. Fortunately the man said he didn't do business that way and gave us the room. We were so happy to see him angrily walk away. (December is the month for weddings in India and Jodphur is like a resort place where many of the couples come to marry.....therefore a shortage of rooms) Hooray for our side........

That night we witness many wedding parties parade by our terrace, firecrackers, cymbals, horns and bright lights accompanying the groom riding on a horse to a ceremony. Apparently this celebration goes on for a week. It was so interesting and fun to witness it.

The next morning we were off and at 'em... You saw it all!!! What was I doing getting up on that elephant???? Someone said get up and I did it. I honestly think that the brain damage suffered in my fall in Johannesburg just set in. I was so embarrassed. Wanted to get down, but looked up into the crowds and saw one of our security men shaking his head NO!.. Either he was afraid that I would fall and crack my head again....or it was making for good TV....I wish I could do that whole challenge over again. Poor Meredith...I was begging for people to help him, but only little children accepted my pleas. And then they mostly hung on for the ride. We had a broken wheel which made it more difficult for him. At this time, the wheel ran over his foot, and then a motorized tuk tuk ran over it. He was limping for the duration but would not have it X-ray for fear we would have to leave the Race. (After we arrive home, he went to the Doctor and found he had 3 broken bones in the foot that were partially healed)

The camel race was a stitch!!!!!!!! Meredith's camel was doing so well until the 2nd round when I guess he thought he was done. It took awhile to get him on his feet to finish the lap. By this time ....once again...we knew we were in last place. We made our way to the pit stop where we got the good news. Unfortunately we were saddened that our friends Alex and Lynn were the ones to be eliminated. What a grueling day.....but there haven't been any other kind.

AND THEN THERE WERE FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay tuned.

Hope you all saw the wonderful article about us in the USA Today newspaper yesterday. We were so flattered.

Thanks for all your comments. Love hearing from you.


That's all I had ... sorry ...

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Guest ranster627

It was a great question, and my pleasure ... didn't want to promise it before I figured out how to post it ...

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Guest ranster627
Meredith Smith is a member of the Tombguards,


I googled and yahooed it. Then searched members on that site and found Meredith Smith as a member.

Here is Meredith's Bio from the Tombguards:

Meredith R. Smith

Founding Life Member since 1998

Duty Position(s):





October 2, 1958 - April 24, 1960

Brief Army History:

Volunteered for the draft.


Company E (Honor Guard), 3d US Infantry (The Old Guard), Fort Myer,VA

Personal gallery


Awards / Decorations:

Tomb Guard Identification Badge

Soldier of the Month

Highest Rank:

Specialist (E-4)


Home City / State: Detroit, Michigan

Date of Birth: November 5, 1935


After the Army:

I entered and remained in the field of Association Management in Washington DC. In 1991, I retired after 29 years as the Executive Vice President of National Business Forms Association. During that time, I became an internationally recognized authority in the business printing industry, having taken an organization of 65 companies and expanding it to 2,300 business printing products organizations world wide. I founded Form Magazine which became the official trade publication of the business forms industry along with five other monthly publications and the industry's first international trade show. I helped write and edit the first business forms handbook - a hard bound text used to this day to train industry employees. I was the first and only association executive to receive the industry's President's Award; was named the Business Forms Man of the Year in 1984; and was voted Association Executive of the Year in 1988.

Family Information:

I live in retirement with my wife Gretchen in Easton, Maryland, on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay. I am also the proud father of three sons.

Current Occupation:


I am active in the YMCA. I am the co-founder and president of the D.C. Masters, which is the largest and winningest Masters Program in the world. I was seven-time National Masters Champion, two-time Masters All-American. I currently teach a swimming program sponsored by the YMCA, known as "SwimFantastic." I have held several world records and was a 2 time All American and (believe it or not), Captain of the Michigan State Varsity Weight Lifting Team, with the best single lift (Olympic) of 240lbs snatch weighing in at a soaking wet 165! I was the first President of the Easton Club Community Association.


BA in Business Administration and Industrial Psychology, Michigan State University

Mexico City College

George Washington University

Received my accreditation from the American Society of Association Executives in 1976

Most Memorable Moment at Tomb:

Each time I stepped upon the mat!

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they should be very proud of themselves

they played a good game and never took advantage of anyone.

they seemed to genuinley care for one another and the other teams.

as much as people want to say stuff about greatchens whining i say too bad see how you are at 66 ys old and racing around the world with people half your age!!!


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Amazing Race's Bold Oldsters Sound Off

by Ethan Alter


Despite being written off by their rivals early on, The Amazing Race's sexagenarians, Meredith and Gretchen Smith, wound up doing pretty well for themselves on the globe-trotting series (Tuesdays, 9pm/ET on CBS). The retired couple finished the race in fourth place, which makes them the oldest team ever to reach the final four. "I told Gretchen that we've struck a blow for snowheads everywhere," Meredith happily tells TVGuide.com. In addition to enjoying their newfound fame, the Smiths are also celebrating the birth of their first grandson. His name? Meredith IV, of course!

TVGuide.com: It was interesting to see how the airport situation reversed itself in this week's episode. Last week, you, Uchenna and Joyce scrounged around for an earlier flight. This time, you both opted to stick with the first flight you found.

Meredith Smith: Well, we did hear about the Frankfurt flight. We also heard that it was completely booked, although we had a feeling that Rob and Amber were on standby. But at that time, we figured that a bird in the hand was worth two in the bush. And quite frankly, we were both exhausted. The idea of not having to run so hard was pretty sweet.

Gretchen Smith: Also, international connections are oftentimes difficult to make. We were hoping they might miss the connecting flight. We discussed the decision with Joyce and Uchenna, who felt pretty much the same way. So we weren't alone!

TVG: What was your strategy going into the race?

Meredith: When we first started, we thought it was cute to say things like "Old age and strategy will outperform youthful exuberance." It wasn't long before we found that that was pretty silly to say. When we saw the quality and class of the teams we were up against, we knew we were in for something more.

Gretchen: It hit us literally in Lima, Peru, when we stationed ourselves at the front of the bus. We were in a great position and got off and started running the five blocks to the clue box. So we're jogging along and suddenly, like a band of Indians, the other teams come running along, screaming and yelling and leaving us in their dust. So our strategy really

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These are my favorite parts of the interview: :lol:

TVG: Gretchen, you have a very... er, distinctive voice. Do you get that often?

Gretchen: I always knew that. I have to record my answering-machine message 50 times to get the voice right! I keep trying to change it by talking lower or something. But it's been my voice for 66 years. When we go into a supermarket now, someone will go, "Oh, you're Gretchen from The Amazing Race!" They don't say that they recognize my face. They say, "We recognized your voice!" And I go, "Oh nooo! Don't say that!" [Laughs]

TVG: What's a funny moment that didn't make the final cut?

Meredith: When we were in Soweto, Uchenna and Kelly came to our room during the night and brought us some clothes. [Editor's note: They were stripped of all their possessions after coming in last on a nonelimination leg.] Kelly brought two T-shirts for Gretchen and Uchenna gave me a great deal of things, including several pairs of boxer shorts. They fit Gretchen perfectly! So Gretchen wore Uchenna's underwear for some of the legs.

Gretchen: Oh, they did not fit me! They were way too big! Way too big! Have you seen the size of Uchenna, Meredith? Shame on you for saying that. [Laughs]

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Thanks for posting that Mango. I enjoyed reading it. I'm very proud of how Meredith and Gretchen ran the race. And how they treated the other racers (most of the time). :)

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Re: Rob

  He's a very manipulative guy and it came out on the race. I think viewers will make their own judgment as to how he played the game. My feeling was that it wasn't a totally level playing field. He had plenty of prior experience. People recognized him and Amber throughout the race and were falling over themselves to offer them a hand. You saw his character on Survivor and he was no different in this game.

my personal favorite comment from the interview

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Re: Rob
  He's a very manipulative guy and it came out on the race. I think viewers will make their own judgment as to how he played the game. My feeling was that it wasn't a totally level playing field. He had plenty of prior experience. People recognized him and Amber throughout the race and were falling over themselves to offer them a hand. You saw his character on Survivor and he was no different in this game.

my personal favorite comment from the interview

WAH WAH WAH!! CRY ME A RIVER!! It is not being manipulative to be recognized. If she has a beef, her beef should be with CBS for putting them on the show, not them for being recognized.

I don't believe she was saying that he was being manipulative because he was already famous. He was manipulative in this game as he was in Survivor - and we all know that is a character trait of Rob's. Him being recognized entitled him to additional help and recognition from the local fans. There's also a possiblity that the identities of the other teams weren't disclosed when M/G accepted the challenge.

I read an interview on one of the other sites where Gretchen had said that she and Meredith, along with a couple of other teams had pooled their money to rent a room in an old castle. Rob and Amber showed up and offered to pay the owner/manager 3 times the price of the room. He refused and stated that "he didn't do business like that". Evidently, he wasn't impressed with Rob and Amber's "star" status. :twisted:

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I still say it sounds like a lot of sourgrapes and quite hypocritical. Trash talk about the playing fields not be level?? M&G got a huge reception during the elephant task and they still were unable to turn that into any real help. And how about the fact that because everyone knew Romber from Survivor, they were an immediate target for virtually every other teams animosity? There were no other teams offering to share hotel rooms etc. with them and on the yield legs every team said they were going to yield Romber. What other team has ever started with that kind of target on there backs from the start of the game?

I dont dislike M&G and have posted that they deserve great respect for overcoming so many obstacles but I was disappointed by that quote. I'll say it again WAH WAH WAH!!

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