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The Newleyweds 2


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First off, let's just get it out there... I use to have a mega crush on Pat Bullard (then later on his brother Mike). I'm glad that's out in the open... I don't know what I saw in him, other than his ridiculously great sense of humour, awesome smile, and twinkle in his eyes (or maybe it was the crows feet?). Shhh...he's way too old for me, don't be icky... get out, get out, get out of my head!!!

Anyhow, I don't know where I was when season 1 was out... but I'm glad to be around for season 2. I really like the concept, plus I'm a sucker for love and seeing ppl all cutesy. I'm digging all the couples. I love the Iengs (SP?). They made me laugh so hard when they were talking on the bed. They seem like really good friends which is important. I'm also really liking the seemingly "bad @ss" couple. They're totally cute together and that guy, while totally solid, is completely mushy inside. I like that...

All that being said, I'm glad the Smith's are gone! They seemed kind of lame.

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