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Gardens of The Night


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I just finished watching this movie and can't even begin to place into words how it effected me. It is without a doubt the saddest movie I have ever seen. I couldn't stop crying and yet the emotions of "heartbreak" that were so raw throughout don't even seem adequate enough. Warning: this movie is disturbing in ways that I can barely describe as it deals with children who have been kidnapped and abused in the worst of ways. While the director did a good job of showing what was happening without actually showing what was happening, I still had to fast forward during certain parts which left me physically sick. From start to finish you'll feel like your insides are being ripped out and just cry at how wrong the world can be. The shelter part also really hit me, "do you know how many conversations I have heard about where it was only one side of the conversation begin heard, and a dial tone on the other?" It makes me wonder if these poor children who go missing aren't better of dead than alive. Bit by bit we see how this perfectly pure and innocent child is being killed from the inside until she's left empty and broken when she's older. Then all you think about his how different her life could have been if only she wasn't kidnapped. It's horrible!

I remember this movie being talked about on Dr. Phil, where Tom Arnold came out about his own childhood abuse. Even though I knew what it was about, nothing could have prepared me for what I would feel. I'm recommending it to all of you because I think people need to be aware. Hug your children tighter tonight, teach them about trust and how it's ok to not trust everyone and to listen to what they're feeling...if something doesn't feel right, run away if you can. Then together let's pray for those who have been taken, for those who are crying and dead inside because of the hell they've been forced to live through, or are.

Next time you see a missing child's photo, please, really look at it. Study it. Remember it. Just incase..

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