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Andy Dehnart

SurvivorSucks posting reveals Amazing Race prize money, claims Romber received $500K.

A post from an unnamed online forum reproduced at SurvivorSucks purports to be from The Amazing Race 6's Aaron, and alleges that "Rob and Amber reportedly recieved 500,000 to do the show." That's reportedly in addition to the money they received to whore their wedding to the network; thus, their grand total is discovered using this formula: "All Stars + TAR + The Wedding = 2.6 Million".

Perhaps more interestingly, the post also reveals what the teams get for placing second, third, fourth, and so on. The breakdown, according to this post:












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Guest Cameo

We live in a free enterprise system and that means that there should be no limit on how much a person can earn if they are capable of earning it.

By saying that Rob and Amber should not have been allowed to compete on The Amazing Race because they already competed and won on Survivor is an advocation of communism. Are you a communist Andy?

I do not doubt for one minute that Rob and Amber got paid for appearing on Amazing Race. I do not doubt for a minute that they had their wedding paid for and more. All the power to them.

They are undeniably a very attractive couple. They are both very physically attractive and they have very nice personalities and they are very likeable, at least to those of us who are not threatened by them and who are not jealous of them. It is no wonder that CBS sought to capitalize on their attributes and promote their celebrity.

I always believed that their stint on Amazing Race was a promotion for The Wedding show. I don't believe the producers would ever have allowed them to win because that would not have been politically correct and win they would have if that plane maneuver had not taken place.

Nobody can be naive enough to not realize that the producers controlled the outcome of that show. They had the plane go back and open their doors. DUH

In any case I applaud the couple's energy, determination and sense of humor. They are cashing in on the reality market and that is really courageous and creative.

In a country today where so many of our rights as citizens are being completely demolished, they are findng a way around all that.

Most of our really good technical and engineering jobs have been completely outsourced and replaced by H1Bs. The manufacturing sector is all but dead. Americans will soon be competing globally in the service industries. At a time when people are losing jobs and benefits, health care costs are going through the ceiling, unemployment benefits are cut in half, there is no relief through bankruptcy and soon there will be no Social Security.

I envy Rob and Amber. If things keep going the way they have been going for them they will never have the same worries the rest of us will have in America.

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I would have been happy to see them win but then to see them lose was kinda cool too, the only reason I watched 'Race' this year was due to the Romber element, I just wanted to see if they could pull off two reality show wins, they didn't deserve another million though, greed much!!

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