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NBC Cancels "My Name is Earl," passes on "Medium"


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* NBC has pulled the plug on My Name is Earl. The show's sidekick, Ethan Suplee, confirmed the news via Twitter. "Just got the call that My Name Is Earl has been canceled," he wrote. "They sure did take their time with that decision -- or rather informing us of it." An Earl insider says execs at 20th Century (the show's producer) are in discussions with Fox and ABC about picking up the four-year-old comedy.

* NBC has passed on ordering another season of Medium. However, CBS, which owns the show, is expected to pick it up and pair it on Fridays with Ghost Whisperer.

* CBS is disbanding The Unit after four seasons. No talk of another network rescuing it

*The CW will not be renewing Privileged for a second season. The show was a casualty of the network's strong development. Speaking of which, among new shows, The CW has picked up Melrose Place 2.0, Beautiful Life, and Vampire Diaries. Oh, and the Gossip Girl spin-off is officially dead.

* CBS in one fell swoop ordered seven new shows for the 2009-10 season:

-Three Rivers, starring O'Loughlin and revolving around organ transplant surgeons

-Accidentally on Purpose, a comedy about a movie critic (Elfman) who inadvertently gets pregnant in a fling with a younger man

-The Good Wife, starring Margulies as a woman who returns to work as a lawyer when her hubby gets incarcerated

-The NCIS spin-off sneak-peeked in two recent episodes of the hit procedural, and starring Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J

-Miami Trauma, a medical drama from Jerrry Bruckheimer

-Undercover Boss, an unscripted series summed up by the Hollywood Reporter as "Secret Millionaire meets Dirty Jobs"

-House Rules, about a freshman class of U.S. representatives

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What is with all of the new medical dramas being schlept out this season? NBC and ABC cut young shows (The Unusuals, Life, etc) and regurgitate ER.

I won't miss the Unit, though. Maybe because Dennis Haysbert will always be President Palmer, but there was just something about the show I couldn't watch. NCIS spin-off looks promising.

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As expected, CBS has now officially picked up canceled NBC series 'Medium', which is produced by CBS Studios. Also as expected, the series will be paired with 'Ghost Whisperer' on Friday Nights.

From CBS' press release:

"On Friday, CBS plans to add the popular drama series MEDIUM at 9:00 PM, starring Emmy Award winner Patricia Arquette, to its top-rated Friday night lineup, forming a hauntingly compatible two-hour block with GHOST WHISPERER at 8:00 PM. NUMB3RS caps the night at 10:00 PM."

Confirmation of "Harper's Island" closing it's harbor following the current first season was also announced today. CBS initially said that no matter how good the ratings may be, it would only last one season. Ratings have been extremely poor, so we won't have the opportunity to see if they would have followed through with that statement or tried to cash in on the series' success.

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I suppose I am the only one here... but My Name is Earl will be deeply missed by me!! And I guess I'll never know who Joy's kids really belong to. Oh well. What a shame.

I'll also miss Kath & Kim, even though I was probably the only one watching that too. Such good shows, imho.

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