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Have any noticed that they changed the opening sequence to better illustrate what's happened in the show so far?

For instance in episode 1 when Preston and Jennifer got eliminated they now show the cheese sequence which was why they were eliminated.

The new intro also shows Linda and Steve on the cable car. This was episode 2. They got eliminated in that show when Linda got lost on the mountain trail.

Since there is at least some meaning to why teams got eliminated, I decided to evaluate the new opening sequences for the remaining racers. I am going hope it means something.

I n addition I decided to look back at what they said after they got off the helicopter. These were longer interviews and there might have more information.

IMO what the opening sequences might mean.

They show Lakiska and Jennifer getting lost trying to find the church with the groom for their bride. On the February 15 after they get off the chopper they always show how athletic they are. Unfortunately, they are not good swimmers just good on the court. In my opinion, these are both negative foreshadowing.

Second of all they now show Tammy throwing a pie in Victors face. In the February 15 intro again after getting off the chopper they show Victor pushing Tammy off the piano bench. I view these both as negative foreshadowing.

They show Margie and Luke in Thailand. The sequence they now show was the rickshaw sequence in which Margie collapsed after coming across the finish line.

The Feb 15 interview have them saying they have an advantage because they other racers can not hear them talking. I view this as a positive and negative foreshadowing.

Finally they show Cara and Jamie getting their picture taken with the tigers at the zoo. A tiger in their tank?

The Feb 15 interview after getting of the helicopter Cara says something about being a bitch and she will do what I have to win and Jamie says she not lying!

I view it as two positives.

I have added thing together and have decided Cara and Jamie will win the million dollars.

Are new intros foreshadowing the winners and losers?

Will Jamie and Cara win or I just stretching it to come up with a winner?

I guess we will have to watch this Sunday and next Sunday.

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Since I felt I had gone out on a limb on my intro predictions, I was so excited I almost wish I had the ones of those astronaut diapers myself so I wouldn't miss a second of Sunday's show. I just hate to be wrong

I mean Lakisha and Jen had the worse intros so I thought they would be eliminated but it was a race between them and Cara and Jamie to the pit stop. If Cara and Jamie were eliminated first I was definitely wrong out of the gate on my intro hypothesis.

Now I am thinking, was that sequence too exciting? Is it possible they reshoot the challenges to increase the excitement level. I not saying they changed the order but I am saying they could made it much more interesting without really changing anything other than making it seems much closer than it really was.

Is it really possible that Lakisha and Jen finished both detours, especially the restaurant challenge and still beat Cara and Jamie to the food challenge?

Then Jen finished the food before Cara(?) and the sisters still came in last even though they were way ahead just because Jen had to got to the bathroom? How long does a pee take?

I just doubt if worked out that way it was presented. Don't get me wrong I obviously still thought it was very exciting. I love Amazing Race. I just think having to do two detours did Lakisha and Jen in. Its too logical they lost big because of them.

IMO I think I found that even in Survivor Borneo it was not unusual to reshoot to make certain sequences more interesting. I'm sure it did not change the order of survivors being booted.

Remember when Colleen and Kelly were in the immunity challenge on the two-by-four to see who fell off last. It was getting dark during the challenge but you could tell by the angle of the sun that it was high noon and Rich, Rudy and Sue were sitting on a log still talking about if Colleen wins should they get rid of Kelley or Sean. Anyone with an ounce of photography knowledge would know it was maybe twelve hours later.

Just then Sean shows up and they shut up. I just don't think the challenge lasted twelve hours the way Jeff was removing the two-by-fours.

If they can reshoot sequences on Survivor Borneo to make the way it really happens more interesting I sure they can do it on Amazing Race 14.

This is of course just an opinion

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Then Jen finished the food before Cara(?) and the sisters still came in last even though they were way ahead just because Jen had to got to the bathroom? How long does a pee take?

they didnt start running from the same spot though..

the sisters were at a completly at a differnt spot when they were using the bathroom, you could see the birds nest in the background..

the cheerleaders went straight to the birdsnest.

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Well the race is over and Victor and Tammy won.

I had a very bad feeling at the beginning of the show when Phil was summarizing the race and he showed the sequence with Victor and Tammy throwing pies at each other and Phil called it a smashing success. I guess it was not a negative the way I thought. Oh well win some lose some.

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