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FROM Sci-Fi Wire

<span style='font-size:16pt;line-height:100%'>12:00 AM, 21-JULY-05</span>

<span style='font-size:25pt;line-height:100%'>Blade TV Series Coming</span>

Batman Begins screenwriter David S. Goyer told SCI FI Wire that he's producing an hourlong television series based on his Blade movies for Spike TV, to begin airing next June. "We're doing a Blade TV show," Goyer said in an interview at CBS' fall press preview in Beverly Hills, Calif., where he was promoting his upcoming SF series Threshold. "I'm co-writing the pilot with [comic writer] Geoff Johns, and it's going to be Spike's first dramatic show, and it's going to air next June."

Goyer said that the network has ordered 13 episodes of the new series, which will center on the vampire-killing hero of the Blade films, which Goyer also wrote (he directed the last one, Blade: Trinity). "It'll be Blade, but it's different than the movies, that's all I can say," Goyer said, adding that a new actor will be hired to portray the iconic character, who was played by Wesley Snipes in the movies.

Goyer's a busy man. In addition to being an executive producer on CBS' upcoming alien-invasion series Threshold, he's writing a screenplay for a movie adaptation of DC Comics' classic superhero franchise The Flash. "I'm writing it as we speak," he said. "I'm the co-show runner [on Threshold], so I go back and forth. I was there for about three hours today, then I was working on The Flash, [then] we had a little Batman meeting. I multitask."

The meeting was to discuss the expected sequel to Batman Begins, which Goyer wrote for director Christopher Nolan. As for the sequel, he said simply: "We had a meeting. That's all I can say."

Courtesy of: SCI-FI WIRE

12:00 AM, 13-JANUARY-06

Goyer: TV Will Open Blade Up

David S. Goyer, the writer behind the Blade movies, told reporters that his upcoming Blade telefilm for Spike TV will open up the world of vampires hinted at in the film franchise. "I realized that in order to do it for TV, we had to do something that TV could do better than the features," Goyer (Threshold) said at a news conference during the Television Critics Association winter press tour in Pasadena, Calif., on Jan. 12. "And one of the things that the fans always seemed to be really interested in were all the inner workings and machinations of the vampire world. So we tried to come up with an idea that would allow us to explore that more."

Kirk "Sticky" Jones (Over There) stars as the title half-human, half-vampire warrior in the show, which Goyer described as "like a Wise Guy with vampires." Jill Wagner plays Krista Starr, who goes undercover in the vampire world. "Jill's character is kind of a double agent working for Blade, within the vampire community, and with treating the vampires sort of like the ultimate crime family," Goyer said.

For his part, Jones said that his version of Blade may differ from Wesley Snipes' monosyllabic incarnation in the movies. "Clearly the point of going into the TV show is that we can explore more of his background, more of ... his history from the time when he was first in the streets, even before he met the Whistler character," Jones said. He added: "I feel that Blade has to be communicative. He has to be able to communicate with other characters. You know, he's kind of closed, but he's half-human as well, so he's kind of open. And from Blade 1, 2 and 3, what Wesley did is he kind of graduated it, and I guess we're picking up where that left off."

As for whether Blade will eventually go to series, Spike executive Michael Hirschorn said that a decision "will be made in the next few weeks" based on the pilot. The Blade telefilm airs in June.


(Some one please explain to me what a telefilm is. Thank you.)

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Courtesy of: SCI-FI WIRE

Blade Star Gets Physical

12:00 AM, 25-APRIL-06



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Courtesy of: SPIKETV, BLADE

BLADE: The Series

Premieres June 28 at 10pm (ET/PT) on Spike

On the mean streets of Detroit, an ancient evil is growing bolder by the day. The House of Chthon is on the verge of eliminatin the final barriers to their supremacy over mankind, and only the Daywalker can stop them. Half human, half immorital. His only allies are a master weaponsmith and a woman obsessed with revenge against Chthon. And he will stop at nother to win his war, because he is the ultimate vampire hunter. Blade.

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Courtesy of: TV GUIDE, INSIDER

Blade Takes a Bite Out of TV

by Ileane Rudolph


Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones is TV's Blade.

Producer/writer David S. Goyer is hotter than a solar flash on the big screen these days. While the veteran comic-book (Justice Society of America) and sci-fi/horror-film scribe (Batman Begins, Dark City) is currently working on, among other projects, big-screen takes on The Flash and Ghost Rider, it's his new Spike TV series Blade (premiering tonight at 10 pm/ET), based on the vampire-killer movie trilogy, that we're most eager to talk about.

TVGuide.com: Why did you decide to bring the bloodsucking franchise to TV?

David S. Goyer: We had been talking about it since the first movie was successful. And New Line wants to foray into television, and thought Blade was well-suited.

TVGuide.com: Why now? And why Spike TV?

Goyer: Because of various movies, I just kept getting sidetracked. After the third movie [blade: Trinity], we started working on the series, and New Line was only interested in it [for] basic cable. After doing Threshold, my short-lived show [for CBS], I didn't see Blade having a presence on network television. We wouldn't be able to push the envelope very far. And I like the idea of a serialized story

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HOW STUPID CAN I BE....(don't answer that).....I missed the premiere

If you missed it too it will be repeated on...

**all times Eastern**


168 SPIKETV Sat 7/1 ...4:00 PM

168 SPIKETV Sun 7/2.. 9:00 PM

168 SPIKETV Tue 7/4.. 10:00 PM

New shows.....

Death Goes On

Blade seeks proof of Marcus's vaccine through Reverend Carlyle, a link to the asher community.

168 SPIKETV Wed 7/5... 10:00 PM

168 SPIKETV Wed 7/5 ...11:00 PM

168 SPIKETV Fri 7/7 ......11:00 PM


Blade pursues a contact in the House of Armaya who has information on Marcus's experiments.

168 SPIKETV Wed 7/12... 10:00 PM

168 SPIKETV Wed 7/12 ...11:00 PM

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