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What Happened?????????

Guest Angel

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Guest RogueyStars2004

I am with all of you!!!! I have no clue how Nadia, Jessica and Anwar were in the bottom three!!!! What is wrong with America? Are they gonna pull another Fantastia on us? I can't stand it when America keeps picking the completely wrong people to keep moving on!!!!! Scott was completely horrid last night and totally butchered the song he sang!!!! Why do people keep voting him through? :evil::evil::evil:

It must be the same people that voted for Fantasia because she was horrid the entire season and still she won! :evil::evil:

Is America gonna get rid of all the girls or what? If they put Nadia in the bottom three again, I am gonna scream!!!!! She is the best girl there! Now I only have 2 girls to vote for! Nadia and Carrie! At least all of my dudes are there and I am gonna keep voting for my top 7! I will do anything to get Scott and Vonzell out of there! I stay on the phone for 2 hours voting and for what? So that America can keep sending the best people home? I am telling ya, if I could move out of this country I would! I like it here, but year after year, the people of this country just infuriate me more and more, and I was born here!


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