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Mole Under consideration for new season..


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Further Seasons

Following the conclusion of Season 5 of The Mole, its status for renewal is unclear. As of April 12, 2009, ABC has not commented as to its considerations for a sixth season. There is currently a movement by fans to get a sixth season produced which originated on the message boards for the show hosted by the ABC website. [2] Fans have also created their own private site to encourage the signing of an online petition, e-mailing ABC executives, as well as sending "lemon-heads" to ABC headquarters in New York. (This is in reference to an occurrence on the fifth season of the show.) The latter of these techniques for being noticed is in reference to the successful revival of the television drama Jericho on rival network CBS by bombarding their offices with packages of peanuts.

Everybody keep your fingures crossed for new season..

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