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Baretta's Catchphrase

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As it was one of his two best-known catchphrases (the other being "You can take dat to the bank"), he did say it in many episodes.

A specific citation would be in the episode "The Fire Man", (Season 2, episode 5), when he said:

I'm not gonna let you die here alone, either we walk out of here together or they're gonna carry us both out. Everybody's got a choice Jerry, it's a big card game, you're holding all the tickets. Well, that's the name of that tune.
Another instance would be in "The Left Hand of the Devil" (Season 2, episode 14), when he said:
I'm gonna bust up that gang, and that's the name of that tune. I'm the dealmaker and then you're gonna tell me all about the gang. And if you don't then we all fall, smoke that.
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