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Episodes 5.20: Sweet Surrender


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Courtesy of; SPOILERFIX

Episodes 5.20: Sweet Surrender

Airdate: April 23, 2009

  • 02/23 - Dan: All Ethnicities except Caucasian, mid 40's to mid 50's, working class type, patient in the hospital. Chris: Caucasian, Male, mid 30's to mid 40's, businessman. He is a patient in the hospital. Mr. Jones: All Ethnicities, early to mid 30's, a real working class guy that your heart goes out to. Mrs. Gates: All Ethnicities except Caucasian, mid 40's to mid 50's, wife of Dan. Jessica: All Ethnicities, 6 years old to look and feel 4 to 5 years old, very frail and very small. She is a patient in the hospital. Source: SpoilerTV
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Courtesy of: SPOILERFIX

Episode 5.20: Sweet Surrender

Airdate: April 23, 2009

  • 04/06 - Guest starring Kimberly Elise as Dr. Swender, Jessica Capshaw as Dr. Arizona Robbins, Obba Babatunde as Gates, Jose Zuniga as Meloy, Elden Henson as Mr. Smithson, with Hector Elizondo as Mr. Torres and Amy Madigan as Dr. Wyatt. Source: ABC
  • 04/05 - As she endures aggressive treatment for her cancer, Izzie throws herself into planning Derek and Meredith's wedding, Callie introduces Arizona as her girlfriend to her disapproving father, George excels in a trauma emergency when Alex freezes, and Owen seeks help with his PTSD. Source: ABC
  • 03/14 - Amy Madigan is reprising her role as Seattle Grace's on-call shrink next month on Grey's Anatomy, only this time it's not Meredith she'll be psychoanalyzing, it's Owen. [...] Also returning to Grey's is Callie's dad, played by Hector Elizondo. Pops, er, pops up in April and is shocked to discover that his daughter is now into girls. Source: The Ausiello Files
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Courtesy of: ZAP2IT

'Grey's Anatomy': Izzie plays the cancer card to get Meredith to try on wedding dresses

By Lisa Todorovich

April 23, 09:26 PM

What do you get when you cross manic wedding planning with a patient getting killer chemo, an overbearing father disapproving of a lifestyle, a surgeon finally beginning to face his demons, and a desperately sad pediatric case? Yep -- this week's "Grey's Anatomy."

Spoilers coming at you, are sparkly and dressed in white...

Izzie the wedding planner: I'm torn between wishing I'd had Izzie as a wedding planner and wanting to kill her for the one she's planning. God bless Meredith for handing over the reins to give Izzie something to do to take her mind off chemo, and of course I realize that she needs to buy into the fantasy, but what she's planning so knuckles under to the wedding industrial complex -- I'd have expected something better or more interesting than pouffy, rustly dresses and a non-negotiable morning coat. And yes, you can have buffalo wings at a wedding. Oh goodness, I'm having flashbacks...

I also partly admire Manipulative Izzie. I mean, if you can't get what you want when you're dealing with a horrendous cancer diagnosis and treatment, then when can you? But I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly she went there -- pretending to code to get Cristina to force Meredith to answer her pages, pretending to choke to get Meredith to come out of the bathroom in an ivory monstrosity, playing up her illness to get bridal salons to deliver dresses to her room. She's a crafty one, that Stevens. Most of all I admired her determination to remain the person she was when she woke up that morning -- trying not to let the toxic dose of drugs she withstood change her from being capable to being just a patient.

And again, kudos to Meredith for ultimately just going along with the madness -- except for putting her foot down when Derek said he planned to make the Chief his best man. Which she was absolutely right to do. They may play nice now, but he did break up her family. That was a bonehead move from Derek, regardless of his ongoing feud with Mark. Their swordfighting was getting really predictable, though I appreciated Mark's flash of anger when he said he'd no longer be the charity case that the Shepherds had to take in. And he's right that Derek hasn't shown him the respect he deserves.

The great comedy from the friction was the fact that Lexie eats when she's tense -- and the feud was making her crazy. I admit I thought that they might be writing Chyler Leigh's pregnancy into the show when she kept hoovering everything in sight. And Meredith's "grow up, boys" speech was totally made when she pointed out Lexie's bad complexion (whatever) and humongous ass. Also cute and unexpected -- doubly so since the Grey girls really aren't cute -- Meredith making Lexie a bridesmaid.

Coping with the trauma: Owen goes into therapy, and proves to be an even tougher patient than Meredith. He's difficult, uncommunicative, and refusing to see the connection between what happened with Cristina and what happened to him in Iraq. Initially he puts Karev in charge of both the driver and the pedestrian involved in a car accident. George, taking care of the pedestrian, recognizes that the guy who was hit may have been trying to kill himself. Alex isn't interested in following up, and while George is waiting on a psych consult, the guy makes his way upstairs and throws himself out a window.

And while operating on the driver ends Mark and Derek's fight, the case's main effect is to be a breakthrough for Owen -- forcing him to recognize how deeply his trauma has affected him, and showing him that George, in the way he treated the suicidal patient, is a gifted doctor. Way to go, George -- as Korbi reported it's about time we saw more of you.

No longer Daddy's girl: It's always a treat to see Hector Elizondo, even when he's slamming George and Mark into the wall and passing judgment on his daughter's lifestyle. Papa Torres doesn't exactly cotton to the notion of Callie dating Arizona, and decides to save her from herself by insisting she leave her job and move back home. Which is insane and heavy-handed -- who would believe that even the most controlling father would seriously try to force his adult daughter to move back home. Even though she's struggling with her sense of loyalty and duty, good for Callie for not bowing to his threat to cut her off.

Bailey's gift: Bailey comes in on her day off, and ends up working with Arizona on the case of the most beautiful, fragile little girl who's only got a matter of hours to live. Arizona is remarkable talking to the girl's father, who's desperate not to let her go, insisting that he just needs to raise the money to take her to Mexico for a different treatment. Chandra Wilson's Bailey shows a brilliant, heroic amount of compassion, staying with the little girl and comforting her as she struggles to breathe. Ultimately, she finally convinces the father to face what's happening and be there for his daughter at the end -- and it's just heartbreaking. She feels it's been a bad day, in which she didn't get to practice medicine -- but Arizona sets her straight about just what she did do.

What did you think? Are you glad to see George back on his game? Do you think Owen will be able to get a handle on things? Did you like the wedding dress Meredith seems to have chosen?

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