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I like the show Castle a lot.

I really liked its star Nathan Fillion in the short-lived "Firefly" series, but not so much in "Drive".

In last night's episode, which was a Halloween episode, they started off by having him come in wearing something that he would have worn in any episode of "Firefly". When his daughter asked him what he was supposed to be dressed as, he replied "Space Cowboy", which is pretty much the way some would describe his role in Firefly. She followed that up with a comment like, "C'mon, that is SO 5 years ago!", which is again funny because that's about how long it was that Firefly was taken off the air. Good inside jokes for those in the know.

I found a video of the clip on YouTube.

My description does not do the clip justice at all.

(Don't know how long it will be there, since there may be copyright infringement issues.)

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