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Season Finale-5.16 & 5.17: The Incident, parts 1 & 2


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Casting News


Any ethnicity, late 30s-60s. Former soldier. A leader of men. Smart but more than that

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Additional Casting Calls for final two episodes of Season five:

[CAPTAIN BIRD] Any ethnicity, 40s-50s. Professional, military background, intelligent and able. Concerned about the safety of his ship's crew. NICE CO-STAR... THIS ROLE WILL BE IN EP. 515 AND ONE EPISODE OF THE FINALE - THIS ROLE WILL FLY OUT ON THE 10TH

[DOUG] Caucasian, 40s. Charismatic, soft southern accent. Strong and authoritative but knows how to deliver bad news smoothly. Deals bad news to his buddy with empathy. NICE CO-STAR.

[YOUNG JEFF] Caucasian. 8 to 10 years-old, blonde hair, soft southern accent if possible. Hazel/Light brown eyes. Gone through much in his young life. Anger hides a deep pain. He's a tough kid with a wounded heart. NICO-STAR.

Source: SpoilerTV

That last casting call description sure sounds like a young Sawyer to me!

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The title of the 2-hour season finale has been revealed: The Incident, parts 1 & 2

AWESOME!! So now we finally get to find out about The Incident- and it looks like the 815er's are going to be in the thick of it. Woo hoo!

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Courtesy of: SPOILERFIX

Episodes 5.16 and 5.17: The Incident (season finale, parts 1 and 2)

Airdate: May 13, 2009 from 9 to 11 p.m.

  • 04/05 - According to Crissy and Kanahina, on location now, they're recreating an L.A. street scene. A woman is lying in the road. Sayid comes to her aide. Considering recent reveals about someone visiting both Locke and Sawyer at pivotal moments in their history, and possibly Sun and Jin at their wedding, I suspect the same is happening here. Could this be Nadia's assassination? Source: The Transmission
  • 04/05 - We will have a Charlie's-death-level emotional reaction to the character death at the end of season-there will be wailing, rending of garments and general grief. The writers probably had plenty of doubts about whether or not it was really a good idea to kill this particular character. [...] Charlie Pace and the major character that dies this season are polar opposites in at least one key physical attribute. Source: Kristin on E!Online
  • 04/05 - Fact: Dexter alum Mark Pellegrino (he played Rita's abusive ex) has been cast on Lost in a pivotal role, multiple sources confirm to me exclusively. Unconfirmed scuttlebutt: He's playing Jacob in an off-island, circa-'70s flashback involving some very familiar faces! Fact: He turns up in the season finale. Unconfirmed scuttlebutt: One of those familiar faces is *a****! [...] We will come to learn that the dude who may or may not be playing Jacob bore witness to pivotal events in the pre-island lives of Locke, Sayid, and Sawyer. [...] An ABC insider confirms that Lost will begin filming a wedding ceremony later today that is slated to air during the show's two-hour finale on May 13. Who's getting hitched? Here are a pair of clues: Actors of Asian-American descent are being sought to play extras, and the wedding will take place on the mainland, not the island. That pretty much rules out Jack/Kate or Sawyer/Juliet. "One theory is that it's a flashback to Sun and Jin's wedding," whispers a Lost insider. "But the wild rumor is that Sun and Jin's daughter will marry Aaron in the future." Source: The Ausiello Files
  • 04/05 - I saw them shooting a scene for (confirmed by crew member) the season 5 finale on Kalakaua Ave. Mark Pellegrino was reading a book on a bench outside a building when BAM!! Locke falls eight stories out of the window and lands behind him. While people cry out for help and to call 911, Pellegrino (Young Jacob?!) calmly puts a bookmark in his book and casually walks over to Locke's body in the grass and kneels down next to him. I wasn't sure who the guy was on the bench but after seeing his picture on the site, it was DEFINITELY Pellegrino. Terry O'Quinn was laying on the ground for a good amount of time with bloodied make-up and fake glass on/around him (I even went back and found some fake glass later!). [...] Rose, Bernard and Vincent will all be appearing in the finale. Source: Lost Spoilers
  • 03/14 - Doug: Caucasian, 40s. Charismatic, soft southern accent. Strong and authoritative but knows how to deliver bad news smoothly. Deals bad news to his buddy with empathy. Young Jeff: Caucasian. 8 to 10 years-old, blonde hair, soft southern accent if possible. Hazel/Light brown eyes. Gone through much in his young life. Anger hides a deep pain. He's a tough kid with a wounded heart. Young Emily: Caucasian. 10 year-old, brunette. Green eyes. Cute, precocious and confident. Willing to bend the rules to get what she wants. Young Bob: Caucasian. 10 year-old, dark strawberry blonde, or reddish-brownish, blue/green eyes. Cute, nervous about breaking the rules but has an adventurous streak. Mr. Springer: Caucasian. 50s. Kindly but can be a hard-ass when necessary. Owns his own rural business. Worked hard to get where he is and provide for his family. Young Natalie: Caucasian. 10 year-old, blonde, blue-eyed. Strong personality and defiant. Her parents tell her they are divorcing, and Natalie becomes upset and strident. She doesn't want this to happen, and runs to her room crying. Young Donna: Caucasian. 12-year-old brunette. Natalie's older sister. Tries to act more grown-up and stoic. Can hide her feelings while Natalie acts out. Her parents tell her they are divorcing, and Donna is upset, quietly crying. Alice: Caucasian. Late 30s. Emotionally strong and tries to keep her feelings in check for her family. Unhappy in her marriage and tasked with telling her two young little girls that she and their father are divorcings. Source: Lost Spoilers
  • 02/27 - Mitch: Any ethnicity, 30s. A security man with enough intelligence and physical menace to be good at his job, but he's not moving into management. Recurring. Jason: Any ethnicity, late 30s-60s. Former soldier. A leader of men. Smart but more than that - he is wise. Strong and straightforward. The words he says are always listened to and they carry gravitas. Guest star two episodes. May lead to recurrings. Looking for someone very interesting and very special for this role... Samuel: Any ethnicity, 40s-60s. A corporate raider looking to take over his next company. Powerful, devious and obtuse. He has a cunning intellect and a strong sense of danger. Guest star two episodes. May lead to recurring. Looking for someone very interesting and very special for this role... Source: Lost Spoilers
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Source: TV GUIDE

With Lost's season finale now three-and-a-half weeks (including one clip show) away, Michael Emerson is letting slip some info about what's in store for Ben, the others and, well, the Others.

Airing May 13, the Season 5 finale is "so packed with action," Emerson tells TV Guide Network's Hollywood 411. "So many storylines come to a really big head, and we finally get to lay eyes on certain much talked-about characters that have never been shown before."

The recent casting of Dexter's Mark Pellegrino has spawned talk of at least one very familiar name finally being given a face. (cough, cough, Jacob, cough, cough...)

Titled "The Incident" and running two hours, Lost's penultimate season-ender is named after (and thus is believed to depict) an unexpected scientific event ominously referred to in the Swan station's orientation video. Whatever exactly "the incident" was, it resulted in the protocol in which a Swan staffer must push a button every 108 minutes, lest a massive electromagnetic anomaly occur.

Emerson's final tease about the finale jibes with speculation that viewers

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Episode 5.16/5.17 - The Incident - Official Press Release


Source: ABC


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Spoiler Info. From EOnline's Kristen:

Believe it or not, Jack's plan to uncrash Oceanic 815 may not be foolproof! "If you're wrong, everyone dies," says Kate. Not so much, it's just that one cascade of mistakes leads to one person tragically dying. Of course, someday we'll say that person's death was necessary and right, and that it closed certain important chapters in the story, and gave certain other season-six stories the launching pad they needed to really take off, but for now...it's going to suck. As we've said in the past, brace yourself for pain on the scale of Charlie's death.

Oh my, now I'm REALLY worried about Sawyer or Juliet again!! They wouldn't dare...

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Spoilerish tidbit from Eonline's Kristin:

Tracy in El Paso, Texas: What can you tease about the Lost finale?

Look for another game-changing finale. Based on the rumors we're hearing about what happens, you may find yourself wondering how they could still even do the same show after this

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Spoilers from Ask Ausiello

Question: Got any scoop on the Lost finale? --Carolyn

Ausiello: Funny, we posed that exact question to Damon Lindelof at the Hollywood premiere of Star Trek earlier this week. "All I will say is that it is time for the time travel craziness to end," he said. "And once it does end, something very, very surprising will happen in its wake. It is a little bit of a game-changer."

Question: Any spoilers about Lost's season finale? Please! --Sarah

Ausiello: Funny, we posed that exact question to Damon Lindelof Jorge Garcia at the Hollywood premiere of Star Trek earlier this week. "People will find out why [Hurley] got on the plane and how he came to get that guitar case in his hands," he said. "I've been wondering about that, too. I remember at one point asking a question about it and getting a, 'We don't know yet.' I had to ask once, 'How heavy is it? Is it just a guitar? Is it something else? How heavy is it supposed to be?' Sometimes I get an empty case to lug around in a scene and sometimes it has a guitar in it, but we don't actually know what's in it because that has not been [revealed] yet. It could be a case full of food or money or guns or papers or anything. So you see me get the case by the finale, but I don't know that we will find out what's in it. It was hard for me to play because at first I did not understand why Hurley would have ever changed his mind about going back to the island, and I'm sure fans are thinking the same thing. So it will be nice to be able to give them that information."

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Season 5 Finale and Season 6

Wed., May. 6, 2009 10:10 PM PDT

Source: EOnline, Jennifer Godwin

Lost boss Damon Lindelof attended the excellent Juan Manuel Rocha-hosted Comics on Comics event at Meltdown on Sunset tonight. He offered the assembled crowd several very interesting insights about the future of Lost.

Vote No on Midi-Chlorians: Damon gave us a sense of what kind of Lost questions will be answered, and which other mysteries won't explicitly be explained by the end of the series: "There are certain questions about the show that I'm very befuddled by like, 'What is the Island?' or 'What do the numbers mean?' We're going to be explaining a little more about the numbers, maybe significantly more about the numbers, but what do you mean by 'What do the numbers mean?' What is a potential answer to that question? I feel like you have to be very careful about entering into Midi-Chlorian territory. I grew up on Star Wars; I've seen the Star Wars movies hundreds of times; I can recite them chapter and verse, and never once did anyone ever say to me or did it occur to me to say, 'What is the Force, exactly? Can you explain that for me, better than Alec Guinness does?' I understand, 'When are we going to find out about Libby?' That's a very finite question. 'Who is Jacob?' OK, yes, we've been talking to this guy named Jacob, so those questions then should have answers, but 'What is the Island?' That starts to get into 'What is the Force?' It is a place. I can't explain to you why it moves through space-time

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LOST Season Finale Sneak PeekS:

Sources: ABC and EOnline

LOST season finale sneak peeks

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The finale totally lived up to my expectations - how about yours? WOW, fantastic! So many things to mull over until Jan 2010...

Here's TV Guide's recap:

Lost Episode Recap: "The Incident"

May 13, 2009 06:06 PM ET by Mickey O'Connor, TV Guide

On the season finale of Lost, both Jack and Locke are working toward very specific goals that they think will change everyone's future on the island: Jack wants to detonate a hydrogen bomb that could potentially erase the crash of Oceanic 815, and Locke wants to murder Jacob, which, in his mind, will restore logical order for those remaining on the island. I won't spoil how it all goes down way up here in the first paragraph, but here's your SPOILER ALERT, DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER if you haven't already watched the finale and don't want to know what exactly happens during "The Incident." But I will say this. Over the course of the two-hour finale, we see how the previously unseen Jacob has actually interacted with all of the Oceanic 6 (minus Aaron and plus Locke and Ilana) before. Jack gets an unexpected assist from Juliet in his efforts. Several main characters are in mortal danger at the moment of the thump. And Locke finally comes face to face with Jacob. Plus: Vincent, Rose and Bernard are all safe and sound!

Namaste, y'all! Where do I begin? Let's start at the beginning...

GOOD VS. EVIL, a long time ago

First up, we see Jacob (Dexter's Mark Pellegrino) and an unnamed companion (ABC refers to him as Man No. 2, and he's played by Titus Welliver, aka Deadwood's Silas) on the beach discussing the nature of man. It's a real God vs. the Devil-type conversation, which is underscored by their contrasting white (Jacob) and black (Man No. 2) tunics. They're contemplating the arrival of a ship, which looks an awful lot like the Black Rock. Jacob appears optimistic about man's potential; Man No. 2, not so much. Man No. 2 changes the subject by mentioning how much he wants to kill Jacob, who replies that maybe some day he'll find his loophole.

JACOB GUMP, everywhere and everywhen

Over the course of the two hours, we see how Jacob has met the Oceanic 6 and Locke before, so let's cover that now:

Jacob is there when cutie-pipsqueak Katie Austen and a friend are attempting to shoplift a lunchbox from a general store in Iowa. He covers for them when the shopkeeper catches them, and warns Katie not to steal anymore.

Jacob is in attendance at the funeral of little James Ford's parents. James is writing that famous letter to Tom Sawyer, the man who doomed his mom and dad. Jacob gives him a pen so he can keep writing. A relative arrives and asks him to never finish that letter. "What's done is done," he says.

Jacob momentarily distracts Sayid when he and Nadia are crossing a street in Los Angeles. She is, of course, struck in a hit-and-run and killed.

Jacob visits a bandaged Ilana in a Russian hospital and asks her to help him. She says yes.

Jacob is reading Flannery O'Connor's Everything That Rises Must Converge outside the building from which Locke is pushed by his dastardly dad. Jacob appears to revive him and says, "Don't worry; everything's going to be all right. I'm sorry this happened to you."

Jacob crashed Sun and Jin's wedding, and wished them good tidings in Korean. Quite the linguist he is!

Jacob is wandering the halls of the hospital where Jack has just performed his first procedure, during which Christian embarrassed him by undermining Jack's authority. It's not made explicit, but it appears to be the surgery that saved Sarah, his future wife, from paralysis. Jacob hands him an Apollo bar that got stuck in the vending machine and their hands touch briefly, significantly.

There's another flashback in which an emotional Juliet and her sister Rachel learn that their parents are getting a divorce, but unless Jacob was hiding under the sofa cushions, he appeared not to be present.

When Hurley is released from prison (thanks to Ben and his henchmen), Hurley shares a cab with Jacob. He encourages Hurley to return to the island on the Ajira flight, leaves him a guitar and assures him that he is not cursed, but in fact blessed.


On board the sub, Kate fills Juliet and Sawyer in on Jack's plan to fulfill the salient points of Faraday's Operation Boom Boom. She convinces them that they have to go back to stop him. They subdue the crew and get them to turn around and drop them off. They meet up with Vincent! Rose! and Bernard! who are all safe and sound, but have no desire to rejoin their craziness. "Aw, hell no, they found us!" Rose says hilariously. "We traveled back 30 years in time and you people are still trying to find ways to shoot each other," she also says, speaking for those of you in the audience who wonder if things just couldn't be a little simpler for these people.

Rose and Bernard are perfectly happy as unorthodox retirees who scavenge for food and have the occasional spot of tea together, each other's company being all they really need. So the renegade trio is like: Aw, nice, but see ya because we have to go shoot a bunch of people, including maybe Jack, so he doesn't blow us all to Kingdom Come. But it's a nice interlude anyway, and maybe goes a long way toward the theory that says that they are the Adam-and-Eve skeletons from the cave.


The quartet successfully extracts Jughead's plutonium core, but before they can all escape through a tunnel that connects to a house in New Otherton, Richard knocks out Eloise and tells Jack and Sayid that they're on their own from this point on.


Along the way to see Jacob, Locke and Richard agree that Jacob is the reason that Locke is alive again. Locke tells him that that's why he's going to see him

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LOST Season Finale Easter Eggs & Thoughts

1. The Use of Black & White: Focusing on black & white has become a LOST continuing easter egg: chess and backgammon pieces, stones found with Adam and Eve in the caves, to name a couple. In the season finale, Jacob wore a white shirt while, until we have an actual name for him I'll refer to him as JEF (Jacob's evil friend) or maybe JEB (Jacob's evil brother?)...wore black, possibly lending support to their representation of Good vs. Evil, God vs. the Devil, Jacob vs. Esau, etc.

2. The Black Rock: Finally!The Black Rock makes an appearance during the opening minutes of the episode. Will we find out more about the ship next season? Is Richard a member of the crew of the Black Rock? I, for one, think he dates back even farther but we shall see...

3. Tom: No, not Zeke Tom. The little boy holding an airplane and playing Sundance to Kate's Butch Cassidy in their attempt to steal a New Kids on the Block lunch box was Kate's childhood sweetheart, the one she buried a time capsule with and eventually had an unintentional hand in his death.

4. Kate's A Patsy Cline Fan: Patsy Cline's music is heard playing in the market. Every single one of Kate's flashbacks has contained music by Patsy Cline.

5. The Latest Book Reference: Everything That Rises Must Converge by Flannery O'Connor. When Locke fell out of the window, Jacob was shown sitting on a bench reading this book of short stories. Published posthumously, O'Connor wrote this book while in the final stages of her illness and many of the short stories deal with the end with titles such as "Revelation" and "Judgment Day."

6. Charlie's Ring: Sniff. sniff. Charlie's ring is found by Sun in Aaron's overturned crib. The initials "DS" stand for Dexter Stratton (not Drive Shaft), the grandfather/namesake of Liam and Charlie.

7. Just Count To Five: In the pilot episode, Jack related a story to Kate (when she was stitching him up) about his remedy for combatting fear during surgery. In the season finale, we were able to see the actual story in Jack's flashback. We saw him cut a girl's "sac" abd begin to freak out in fear until his father encourages him to stop and count to five and then finish.

8. Apollo Bars and Those Annoying Vending Machines: Apollo bars made several appearances on the Island, found in the storeroom and in the dropped supplies as well. In this scene, the Apollo bar sticks in the machine until Jacob is able to retrieve it and give Jack one, telling him, "sometimes all it needs is a little push."

9."Ille Qui Nos Omnes Servabit": I knew this quote would be all over the internet after the show! According to several sites, The reply uttered by Ricardus aka Richard to Iliana's question, "what lies in the shadow of the statue?", is Latin for "He who will protect us" , "He who we will protect" or "He who will save us all." :animated_scratchchin:

10. Jacob's Tapestry: "My life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hue. an everlasting vision of the ever changing view..." sorry, I couldn't help but think of the song Tapestry by Carole King...anyway, Jacob is shown in the opening moments weaving the threads together for a tapestry. The tapestry is shown containing two ancient Greek sayings from the book The Odyssey. The first: "May the gods grant thee all that thy heart desires." The second: "May the gods give you happiness." (thanks to BuddyTV)

11. Bernard and Rose and Vincent, Oh My!: We learn that Bernard and Rose have been living quite contentedly on the Island with their canine friend, Vincent, whose previous owners were Walt and Shannon. Does this further encourage the theory that Bernard and Rose will turn out to be the skeletons nicknamed Adam and Eve which were discovered in the caves by the 815ers?

12. Ellie Is Preggers:...but with who?? In the season finale, Jack & crew are in the year 1977 (it has been said that its July but I can't find anything definitive on this). Richard says that Ellie is pregnant. Since she isn't showing, this would mean that the baby is born in early 1978. If she is supposed to be pregnant with Daniel, this would mean that he is only 18 yrs. old when Desmond visited Daniel when he was a professor at Oxford. This seems pretty implausible to me, therefore, it makes me wonder if she was actually pregnant with another child and Daniel had already been born... :animated_scratchchin:

13. It's Not Jacob's Guitar Case: ...or so he says. So is it Charlie's? What's in it? And who besides me was a little disappointed that dead Charlie wasn't the one to deliver it to Hurley?

14. Jacob's Touch: Jacob touched each of the people he "visited" in the flashback scenes. How does this play into the 815ers "destiny" and who IS this guy anyway? My personal hunch is that they'll turn out to be from the waaay future, not the past...and not aliens. The allusions to the greek/egyptian gods is interesting too...

14. No sign of Desmond: Who wants to bet he plays a HUGE role in the final season?!

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