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Episode 5.15: Follow the Leader


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Episode 5.15 will be called "Follow the Leader".

Source: DarkUFO

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Season 5, Episode 15
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Wed., May. 6, 2009 10:10 PM PDT

Source: EOnline, Jennifer Godwin

Who's the Boss? What strange new Locke is this? Locke really has changed. Does he truly have a purpose (as he claims), or is he just a reanimated dead guy like Christian Shepherd, whose zombie ways are unknowable to us at this moment? Whatever the cause, the consequence is that Locke is no longer the waffling follower we once knew. This new Locke has clear-cut goals, acts with the utmost confidence and plays with Ben and Richard Alpert like they were Lego people. What is his goal? Per Locke himself, his mission is twofold: (1) "If there's a way to save our people, I'll find it," and (2) he's going to kill Jacob. Why? Among other motives, apparently this new Locke comes equipped with a surplus of reason. He's become a rational skeptic and he questions the unknowable god that is Jacob. Who would have imagined that flaky ol' Locke could change so much? For that matter, at some point in the last five seasons, Kate turned into a voice of reason: "Since when did shooting kids and blowing up hydrogen bombs become OK?" Jack, on the other hand, is a newborn devotee of destiny and predetermination. Quite the reversal!

Three's a Crowd: Kate, Sawyer and Juliet officially make up the most awkward threesome this show has ever created. Even when Kate's not even in the room, Juliet and Sawyer are both deeply uncomfortable with "Freckles." Radzinsky asking Sawyer about his "girlfriend" while pointing out Kate on the monitor in the security hatch was as distressing to Suliet as was Kate's actual presence on the submarine in that last scene. Sawyer and Juliet are nothing if not desperate to escape Kate, and yet fate seems unwilling to allow them a clean getaway. And so the love polygon rages on...

Sayid! Do not shoot at Sayid's friend Kate! Sayid's latest demonstration of deadly marksmanship is another highlight of the always compelling platonic friendship between Kate and Sayid. Yay Kayid.

Love Means Yelling? We should all mentally bookmark the look on Miles' face when he saw his father sending him and his mother away from the Island forever. According to Miles, he's realized that "[Yelling at her] is the only way he can get her to leave." That epiphany will come up again in the future, mark my words.

Retro: Loved the shout-outs to season one in this episode, include these highlights:

Locke hunted wild boar, just like old times!

Authority figures beat down Sawyer, just like old times!

Someone melancholy and lost sat on the beach, looking dejectedly out at the ocean, just like old times! (Ben took this one for the team.)

The Old One: We learned three key facts about Richard Alpert in this episode: He likes building model ships inside bottles; he's an "advisor," a job he's had for a very long time; and the idea of Locke being the boss worries him greatly.

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Lost Episode Recap: "Follow the Leader"

May 6, 2009 09:32 PM ET by Mickey O'Connor

On Wednesday's episode of Lost, a newly energized Locke seeks out Richard Alpert's help in 2007 with some very interesting errands. Back in the Me Decade, Jack and Kate help Eloise Hawking understand how she came to kill her own grown son, and Jack convinces her to fulfill Daniel's dying wish. Sawyer and Juliet, whose cover is blown by that pesky surveillance video, make a shocking decision about their future on the island.


We back-track a bit to see Daniel's shooting from Kate and Jack's perspective. Kate tries to convince Jack not to follow Daniel into Hostiletown. Jack, on the other hand, is convinced that this plan is their destiny, so he's practically ready to skip down into the crossfire. But before they can reach a consensus, they're captured by Charles Widmore (Fancy Hair Edition).

Eloise has them put in her tent while she pages through Daniel's journal. Widmore asks, "Why has the Dharma Initiative declared war on us?" But Eloise says Kate and Jack aren't from Dharma. "Then where the hell are they from?" Widmore asks, and the unspoken, incredulous answer hangs in the air.

There's a nice scene here between Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly, as Kate questions why Jack would want to put things back the way they were supposed to be, as Faraday suggested would be the result of Operation Boom Boom. For obvious reasons, Kate is not so nuts about this idea, as her pre-crash existence was pretty much a one-way flight to the slammer. "And what about us?" Kate asks. "We go on living our lives because we've never met?" When Jack says it would bring back dead people and end all their misery, Kate says it was not all misery. "Enough of it was," Jack huffs. (Which reminds me: Jack has been kind of a jerk lately, no?)

Eloise questions the pair about Faraday's plan, and because of her 1950s-era run-in with Daniel & Co.

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This episode's big reveal: Locke's going to KILL JACOB :shocking:

I can come up with four possible reasons for this. (there may be more but these are the only three I can think of right now because my brain is tired...very, very tired.):

1. Jacob is evil (or a threat or working against The Island) and The Island/Smokey is using Locke to get rid of Jacob. This may explain the ash trails around the hut where Jacob is - the Island, through Smokey, is keeping Jacob prisoner until someone can kill him to do away with the threat. There would have to be some reason that the Island couldn't do it through Smokey. Possibly it takes a "dead" person (Locke) to permanently do away with another "dead" person? That is assuming that Jacob is a re-animated "dead" person causing trouble...or possibly someone trapped in a time loop on the Island who is trying to change "destiny", just as Jack and Daniel are? I'm just thinking off the top of my head right now...

2. Jacob is good and The Island/Smokey is...not so much. Once again, the Island is using Locke's re-animated body (courtesy of said Island) to get rid of the one person/thing that can change "destiny". So this scenario would make Locke turn out to be pretty much evil too. boo hoo! Although this would work with my tiny hunch that next season may come down to Locke (The Island) vs. Jack. Good vs. evil. Black vs. white. They've had so many allusions to black vs. white in past seasons that I can't help but think that something's going to play out around these two main characters.

3. When Locke says he is going to kill Jacob-this is something that Jacob actually wants him to do and will turn out to not be a bad thing. Just as Locke was "required" to die in order to fulfill the Island's purposes, so must Jacob. When Locke heard him say "help me" in a previous episode, Jacob was referring to Locke having to kill him to free him to fulfill his destiny. This scenario actually seems more likely to me, although it is my least favorite.

4. He isn't going to literally kill Jacob. He wants to kill "the concept of Jacob" as an "all powerful Oz behind the curtain" to the Others group. That's why he is wanting the whole group to go with him- to prove to them that there really isn't a Jacob - that he was made up by Richard (or someone else) to keep everyone in line. The only problem is...Locke could find out that he, once again, is wrong. The only problem with this scenario is Locke definitely did see and hear something in "Jacob's hut"during a previous episode. It would explain, however, why Richard told Ben that he thought Locke was going to be trouble. A variation of this scenario also seems more likely to me because of Richard's statement and the fact that Locke wants the whole group to go with him.

What do YOU think? :animated_scratchchin:

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