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Charm School 3


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Ricki Lake To Head Third Installment Of Charm School

A new installment in VH1's Charm School franchise will be here faster than you can say "reform school dropouts" and this time, there's a good chance that the headmistress might actually be able to say "expulsion" properly! Actress, talk-show vet and camp icon Ricki Lake will oversee bad girls trying to go good from Rock of Love Bus and Real Chance of Love in the upcoming series Charm School 3 with Ricki Lake. Peep the press release:

The third installment of 51 Minds and VH1's

Charm School

is going to a whole new level and showing a side of the girls from

Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels


Real Chance of Love

you've never seen before

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I really like Ricki Lake...she held her own pretty well with all the derelicts of society when she had her talk show...she'll be good in this position as well. She can give it pretty good.

What a mix of hosts this show has huh!? Mo'Nique, Sharon Osborne and now Ricki...really some half way decent names in the business when you think about it...signing up to do this delightfully trashy and campy show. However...the real (ahem) stars of the show are the contestants. ;)

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Well, the cast has been revealed.

There are 6 from the Real Chance of Love, including Bay Bay Bay, Bubbles, Kiki, K.O., Risky and So Hood.

Pics of these girls

And there are 8 from the Rock of Love Tour Bus, which includes Natasha, Ashley, Beverly, Farrah, Marcia, Gia, Brittanya and Brittaney.

Pics of these girls

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Of course Kiki, Baybaybay, and So Hood are on there. I'm ecstatic to see Bubblez again! lol, she crazy.

Of course the blonde-tourage is on charm school too, Ashley, Farrah, and Gia. OMG they're putting Brittaney in a house with Ashley, Farrah, Natasha, Brittanya, Marcia, and Gia??? They want that girl to break down! lol The six of those girls are friends (or kind of) and all don't like Brittaney.

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Charm School premieres Monday! I think I know who is the first one booted based off the supertrailer.... I think it's


.... Of course, I'm going to watch it again to make sure.

Another season of trying to figure out the elimination order based off the previews. :D

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Although not my favorites on ROL-Bus, I do miss the Ashley & Farrah commentary. Why didn't they like Brittany? I can't remember. Was she the one that made fun of Brett's wig?

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The entire first episode except for the elimination part is on vh1.com


If you just want to know the gist of it... I'll tell you

Beverly got wasted, attacked Brittaney verbally and ended up pulling her hair... she got expelled. There is a new feature called the Dean's list. Those who make the dean's list are safe from elimination. The rest of the girls are sent to detention and they all voted on who to send to the carpet. Gia and Brittaney received the most votes, but Gia was able to pick someone else to go on the carpet since she got more votes, and she picked Ashley. Gia was wasted by the way and probably didn't understand what she was doing. That's where the episode stopped, but I can tell you right now that Gia does go home at the end of the episode.

14th place -


13th place -


I'm having trouble getting a boot list, but I'm working on it.

12th through 10th place

possibly Brittaney, So Hood, and Kiki, but I'm not sure

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Ricki Lake is awesome. I definitely think she'll be a great host, and this will be the best season of Charm School, especially with two groups of girls, instead of just one group who all know eachother.

I also think Risky will win the whole thing. Even from the commercials leading up to the premiere, the first show and the season trailer. I think she's got this in the bag.

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I've been studying the previews even more....

I think I can say that 12th place is


.... i believe the bottom 3 next week is

ashley, marcia, and kiki

In addition, out of the 12 remaining girls, there are seven that appear the most and five that appear the least. The likely final seven is probably

Ashley, Baybaybay, Brittanya, Bubbles, KO, Marcia, and Risky

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For some reason Beverly was one of my favorites on ROL bus...and I was all set to root for her in Charm school....then that b*tch Brittney had to screw it all up for her...ugh.

I usually don't like it when the mob gangs up on someone for petty reasons and will root for the underdog...but I really dislike Brittney...can almost understand why the Blondes are so cruel to her. I didn't realize or remeber that Beverly hated her so much though.

I didn't watch Real Chance...so I'm not familiar with those girls...they're boring though compared to ROL girls.

I'm wondering if the girls in detention will always vote who is in bottom 3 for this season...could be interesting when the girls realize this and start forming alliances. Gia...what a drunken fool...C ya!

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This episode is almost hard to watch. It's appaling how these women treat eachother. And then so sad when one girl complains about another girl's actions, when she herself is doing the same thing.

And poor Bubbles. What did she do to any of these girls that they're all up in her face yelling at her? Brittney Starr actually did things on her season to make girls not like her, but what did Bubbles do?

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lol, sorry, i\'m kinda limited on spoilers... but if i had to guess

11th place -

So Hood... I believe she will quit, but does Kiki return? I know I saw her in a scene in the supertrailer that hasn\'t been shown yet.

10th place -

I believe it's Farrah. There is a scene where they show the final 9 at elimination. Those are Ashley, Brittanya, Natasha, Marcia, KO, BayBayBay, Bubbles, and Risky... however, the 9th person is hard to figure out. It is either Farrah or Brittaney. She is standing next to Ashley, so it could be Farrah, but it looks kind of like Brittaney. edit: I saw the 9th girl wearing what Brittaney was wearing in next week's previews... it has to be Farrah that was eliminated

8th and 9th place -

probably Natasha and Brittaney edit: this is pure speculation.

Edit: for 11th and 10th place, I'm fairly sure. I just guessed on 8th and 9th place.

And this episode was really explosive. I wasn't expecting that at all considering the previews didn't show much fighting. But I loved this episode, and I cannot stand Kiki. I'm glad she left and I'm glad that So Hood wants to quit. Those girls just have bad attitudes.

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Do you want me to delete it so you're not tempted? :P

I have to give credit to VH1, they honestly didn't show too many scenes from this season to where you can figure out who was eliminated. But I know I could get an order if I tried hard enough, but I'm too lazy.

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