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Real Chance of Love 2


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From Vh1.com

Real Chance of Love 2: Coming Soon!

If you care enough about VH1 programming to be reading this blog in the first place, this should come as no shock: Stallionaires Real and Chance are gearing up for another season of their staggeringly succesful dating show Real Chance of Love. http://blog.vh1.com/2009-01-28/corn-fed-its-over/' target="_blank">It

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You beat me to this, Cajun! ;) I can't believe (well, I actually can) that they're doing this again. And what's up with the way they're saying the relationship ended?

Corn Fed said something completely different:

VH1: What was the breaking point? You visited him Labor Day weekend and it was all good. Things went awry from there?

Corn Fed: He started acting weird on the phone. He went from calling me three times a day, telling me how he loved me to calling maybe every two days. He had all these excuses and I could tell he was being distant. There are a lot of rumors going around saying there

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I had a feeling it wasn't going to last between Real and Corn Fed. And I knew that they would at least approach Chance with doing a second season. VH1 got to Real the same way they got to Bret Michaels and Flavor Flav. None of these men have a real interests in developing a relationship with someone; they want their 15 minutes of fame and the chance to feel up on 20 or so loose women.

That said, I'll probably watch RCOL2 :inquisitive:

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