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thank you, thank you, thank you!


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I don't think it's a big deal. You came across as polite, loyal, and firm - which, to my mind, is rarely a bad thing. Maybe the admins edited, but it's within their rights to do so - though I would imagine they would normally use that right to delete actual libel or threats or something.

Did you PM a moddie? What did they say?

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So if I have this straight now?

One members entire post was deleted.



These words were somehow removed from you post:

and to minimize it is rude!

A person should never be made to feel ashamed for saying "Thank You".

that's my rant.

You did not remove those.

Someone else removed them?

Yes!! Yes!! That's what happened!

and appearantly it was done because something or someone was offensive.

But undeniably, provably, someone has fessed up to this, but not with an apology. not that I want one, just an explanation.

then I'll decide if I can forgive....

after all, I wouldn't have bold faced changed someone's text (feelings, thoughts) admitted to it and that was that. I wouldn't treat someone else like that. Probably why it's such a hard pill for me to swallow now.

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When I go to the Feed Updates page, the most I'm looking for is maybe the last two days. Would it help to not have all 37,000 posts in the same area?

It's so frustrating, cuz Morty's is THE BEST. I slip into other sites and just don't feel good about it, and don't even bother to bookmark them.

I had given up trying to help with the feed updates. Now, with the suggestion to email ranster, I may try again.

Hoping this all gets resolved soon.

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Guest ranster627

I have no idea what this is referring to but if people are posting comments and questions in the update threads in that forum without any live feed observations they get deleted as per Morty's instructions ...

You also have to look at the edit marks that show many posters actually edit their own stuff ...

gratuitous profanity will always be edited. flaming and racist posts will always be deleted ... these days I just don't see where anyone has the time to sit and edit your posts, at least your Mods don't!

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it drives me crazy..i can only get in in the AM. im sorry but i've taken my business elsewhere after lunch...sorry morty. but this site is still my FAV bb6 site!!!

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Guest Harley

It's too bad really, this is a great site.

Morty needs to upgrade.

It shouldn't matter how much traffic is here or how many times one "refreshes" - The website is simply not up to par.

And NO - It does not "refresh" when you click the "Back" button.

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Out of curiousity ....

Does anyone know the number of hits Morty's is getting on a daily basis?

I would find this interesting to see where the spikes are occuring and what the trends are. (Okay, I can guess but I would still like to see the numbers just to see if I am close! LOL.)

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Why not offer a PayPal donation button available at registration and on the site pages for use at any time? If each person who really appreciates the site makes a one-time (or monthly, etc.) donation of a few dollars it would go a long way toward paying for server upgrade. I would be more than willing to donate.

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Would it help if the moderators deleted the first 50 or so pages - or do some posters like to go back and savor their posts from 3 or 4 weeks ago?

Amen! Or at least put them into an archive or something.

As for the donations, we have to have a connection that won't time out on us while making the donation! Is it possible to upgrade his bandwidth? I'd donate - if it wouldn't time out on me!

btw: to all of you clearing out cookies, defragging, etc, Ranster is right - don't waste your time (unless you just want to clean up your computer anyway). It makes no difference whatsoever. Try going to a busy site like eBay right after you get the dreaded error symbol - when you get in right away that should tell you it is the traffic here and not your computer cache causing the problem since eBay gets a lot more traffic than Morty.

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Morty, you need to tell us what to do. I'd gladly pay for this site.

Maybe it's just how great it is now.

Maybe it's because I've been here for a long time.

{Fess'up -- I was at FOTH before, and I do like that site.}

But for BB, I come here, cuz Morty is a stand-up microcsm observer.

This has always been a very clean site, and I want to stay.

Does that mean I'm willing to pay a tithing for next year or this year?

YOU BETCHA, whatever it takes.

Give me Pay-Pal ID. $5 is a lunch. We have 30K+ people in here. THINK WHAT WE COULD DO!


My wish: This place will never die -- too many guardian angels.

God bless you, big'eye.

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Well Mortys is deadly slow tonight. I've decided to investigate other online options for BB6. I Love mortys but it took me 3+ hours to be able post this basic message, trying once every 5-10 minutes so not to hammer the server. I hope something can be done fix the problems; I'll check back once or twice a day to see if things have improved, but there is no point in trying to access a site that is basically unusable at this point in time.

Sorry to see this happen to such a good sight :(

Take care..

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Everyone is being very patient. We are fixing the problem it will just take a couple more days.

Deleting threads wont help. Morty is on the case and is working very hard for everyone to get the board back to 100%.

Hang in there and all will be better soon.

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This is the first time I've been able to get on in the last few days.

One suggestion.

Aussie BB fansite BehindBigBrother.com had problems with their forums but these seemed to be solved by making the forums so that you have to log-in to read them!

I don't know how significantly this would cut views, but it does stop those who just lurk around without contributing!

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I think we've just experienced some minor inconvenience for a very short time, and Morty is working to make the board even better. In the meantime, Morty has been good enough to give everyone the "instant gratification spoiler" window so that updates can continue. I wasn't able to sign on for a few days, but I continued sending feed updates to Randy through his e-mail (which is posted in the live feeds thread every day). If we all continue to do this during this brief time (and it will be brief), we'll all be rewarded with an even better board in the near future. I know that Morty's is considered one of the top update sites on the Internet, and I feel that reputation has been earned. Few site owners and mods go to the lengths that Morty, Jem and Ranster go to in order to keep everyone happy. This board is not over-moderated, and I feel it has the best updates available. Few other sites have so many people pitching in to work in their live feeds threads, and some have stopped having live feed threads altogether. Morty's, on the other hand, has a great team and there is almost always an updater watching the feeds at all times.

I'd like to take this opportunity to say thanks to Morty, Jem and Ranster for making this site a great place to hang out, talk about Big Brother and post and read live feed updates and summaries. I really appreciate having such a friendly place to go. Thanks also to my fellow live feed updaters! You guys all do a great job, and I know that it is appreciated by everyone. If you have problems posting for a few days, go ahead and send updates (possibly condensed to one every half hour or so, with times listed occasionally to give time approximations for hamster conversations) to Ranster. I know they appreciate it, and any board overload will be solved very soon. The fact that the board is so overloaded just goes to show how much people appreciate the updates at Morty's! : )

Hugs and happy hamster watching,


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Guest sc031679

somebody pm the link to that big brother online game that started on some pet forum. it was posted on sunday but they deleted the link and i lost the website. someone please pm me the link.


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Guest Shockalot

Considering the TeamKaysar groupies took full advantage of nearly using up all the bandwidth of Mortys for their cause - Its seems totally fair they chip in a coupla bucks.

Now that I think about it - I dont know if Mortys has a Paypal (or whatever) donation button?

Aldav had a good one (i think a Amazon.com $1 button).

Its like 1.50$ USD or something after all fees,exchange whatnot.


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