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Is anyone else kind of feeling blah about this season?

DWTS Celeb Dancers  

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  1. 1. What do you think of this season's contestants?

    • Looks like a good group, I'll definitely watch
    • Eh, they're okay...I might watch, at least one ep per week
    • This is a crappy selection, I definitely won't be watching

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Looking at the list of celebs, there's no one that I immediately think, "I'm pulling for him/her!". It seems as if they kind of scraped the bottom of the barrel this season. Now, maybe in a few weeks, I'll have a horse in the race, but right now, this may be the first season in a long time that I probably won't watch.

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I hate that Julianne is dancing with her real-life boyfriend. I hate that real-life married couple Jewel & Ty are both in the competition. And I hate that my favorite, Steve-O, is dancing with my least favorite professional, Lacey Schwimmer.

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i usually complain but i'll let the season play out

but yeah the boyfriend and girlfriend pairing is a bit strange

idk if i am going to watch yet celebrity apprentice is starting

and i watch idol, 24 so there maybe some scheduling conflicts

so i may skip this season i like those show better

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Yep sorta indifferent this season and not hyped up like I used to be.

Yeah DWTS used to be a fave of mine and I looked forward to watching it. Now I'm like "meh". I think it started losing it's flair when they had Marie Osmond on. :rolleyes:

But I'm sure I'll be watching anyway . . .

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