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American Idol Group 1 performances discussion


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Here are the first twelve who will be performing in Group 1:


Before actually hearing them sing, I thought it would be fun to share who we'd like the top three to be and who we think the top three will be!

Remember that the top voting getting female, top voting getting male, and the 3rd top vote getter (male or female) will be the ones making it through. So you can't pick three males or three females. Also pick your "dark horse" selection-someone you think might just one up the competition and nose out a favorite.

I'll start-

At this point, I want the top three to be: Anoop Desai,Anne Marie Boskovich, and Stephen Fowler

But I think the top three will be: Danny Gokey (no brainer), Anoop Desai, and Jackie Tohn

Dark horse: I'm thinking there are too many good male singers in this group! Michael Sarver is my outside dark horse pick for the top three (possibly nosing out Anoop).

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group of death they put the all best singers in this group idk why

i am not gonna pick any favs yet to advance i want to see how they all performed live

but clearly danny has been getting a lot of air time so the public will vote for him

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uvp- I figured that my list might change after I hear them sing and that we could post our changes after the show also. I just thought it would be fun to guess ahead of time too. I may be surprised by some of the contestants we haven't heard much from- aka Ricky Braddy, Casey Carlson, Alexis Grace- which would totally change my picks.

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i think top 3

i'll say danny because he got most airtime -top male

then i say anne marie or stevie wright -top female

and third shocker i say tatiana to keep drama going . i dont think judges would put her through in wildcard rd because the outcry of the fans would be too much so i say idol rigs the votes here to get her in. with joanna gone idol needs a storyline that keeps fans tune in what better storyline then this train wreck .

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Thanks for the picture spread kayo!

When I saw them roll through the 1st performers last night I thought how CRAZY, 4 of AI's top guys are competing against each other. I wasn't sure how these 1st rounds were going to work... thanks for clearing that up kayo. (I don't like it at all though... bummer.)

Here's my pre-performance choices:

Want: Anoop, Jackie and Michael

Prediction: Danny, Michael and Tatianna (If vote for the worst site is working their "magic") And, if not then Jackie.

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Hi! :animated_wave:

Kinda new here but I'd like to get in here and pick...

Anoop ( I saw him on youtube and also he's from my state )

Alexis Grace ( I watched her auditon on youtube, wow )

and Danny Gokey ( I think he's good and as was said earlier , he had more airtime than some.)

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Danny, Anoop, Anne Marie

I agree there are way too many of what I consider the best ones in this first group. I don't like it a bit. I hope some of the ones that don't make it still make the wildcard, but it will be a stressful wait to find out. Good lord, I SO hope Tatiana doesn't move on any further. Enough already. She stinks.

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finally i cant wait to actually see them live

i am jumping for joy

i wonder if the nerves will get a few because i suspect it will

over and under of those who forgets their words?

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I'm really looking forward to tonight and am hoping that someone jumps out and surprises viewers.

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A couple of sites are listing leaks of some of the song selections tonight. I don't know if this is 100% accurate, but here is what I found so far:

Tatiana - Creep by Radiohead

Stevie - How Do I Live by Trisha Yearwood

Ann Marie - Concrete Angel by Martina McBride

Alexis Grace- Think by Aretha Franklin

Casey Carlson- Everybody Hurts by REM

Jackie Tohn - Have a Heart

Ricky Braddy

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kayo you are on the ball :notworthy:

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The list of song choices I posted was WRONG- that's what comes from trusting what you think is accurate info.!

Anyway here is the correct list of song choices for tonight:

Tatiana Del Toro - Whitney Houston

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top girl to advance base on show and judges

Alexis Grace i like anne marie better but uvp is no fool the judges comments killed her chances to advance

top male to advance

Danny Gokey pimp hard

3 highest

Tatiana Del Toro i told yaaaaaa they would get her in we'll see tomorrow if its true

Jackie Tohn- singing ok but dancing was wow not good lol

Ricky Braddy- best guy vocally but personality wont get many votes

Alexis Grace- contender right here very good

Brent Keith- average not a fan of country

Stevie Wright- wtf not good very disappointing performance, one of worst ever for a live show . nerves got her and the fact the song was so low vocally didnt help

Anoop Desai- i hate guys singing girl songs but ok vocally

Casey Carlson- dancing call the police but forgetting words the nerves are strong not good

Michael Sarver- ok too easy of a song choice

Ann Marie Boskovich-. idk why the judges didnt like i thought she was pretty good seem to me they want tatiana to advance so the they said ann marie wasnt good

Stephen Fowler- idk what to say ok but this group is bad very nasally

Tatiana Del Toro- she pulled it out better then i expected a lock to advance

Danny Gokey- they are pimping him hard ok vocally but wasnt the best like the judges made him out to be Ricky Braddy was best guy

uvp who regrets saying group 1 had the best singers

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What double post.... muwahhahaha :D

Jackie Tohn- I love this chick but, she wasn't the best vocally tonight. Hopefully she makes it through either tonight or during wildcard.

Ricky Braddy- Completely agree with uvp here. Best vocals of the night and it's too bad he sang early and is a forgettable guy. (Didn't help him that he wasn't featured at all during Hollywood week... that I can recall anyways.)

Alexis Grace- She's a complete package imo. She SHOULD win the girl of the night but, unfortunately VFW is putting Tatiana in.

Brent Keith- Very cute guy but nothing special vocally, imo.

Stevie Wright- I felt really bad for her... nothing was right about this performance.

Anoop Desai- I really like Anoop and hope he makes it but, I think it was the wrong song choice... too slow and not enough soul.

Casey Carlson- Horrible song choice and vocals but, she is pretty.

Michael Sarver- I wanted to like it more than I did... wrong song choice imo.

Ann Marie Boskovich- I thought she did well but, she'll get lost in the votes.

Stephen Fowler- I guess they're not allowed to play their instruments at this point. I thought it was so-so performance and vocals.

Tatiana Del Toro- She was waaaay better than I expected or remembered and I for one LOVED the more subdued Tatiana. Along with VFW votes... she'll make it through.

Danny Gokey- Over all I think he was the best of the night. His song choice, vocals and connecting with the song/audience was wonderful. But, I also agree with Simon... I'm not ready to call the season over and name him the winner yet.

My predictions after performances:

Guy = Danny

Girl = Tatiana

Bonus = hmmm hard choice either Anoop or Jackie because they were featured the most.

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So pumped she double posted!!! Sorry Ceci, I couldn't resist!! :animated_rotfl::animated_rotfl::hide:

UVP - I love your reviews!! JMHO!!!


my grammar isnt the best but i try to get my point across

i am waiting for yours because we are pretty close on our idol takes and dancing with stars

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ceci great review pretty close to mines

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They've made it past the auditions, lived through Hollywood week and survived the final judgments. Now they face the toughest judges of all, you. Are you ready? This is American Idol!

Hey everybody, live from the studios in Hollywood, from over 100,000 hopefuls we are down to 36 and are handing their futures over to you. But first, our judges. Randy Jackson. In her first live American Idol broadcast, Kara Dioguardi. No pressure. The one and only Paula Abdul. And the man we have missed so much, welcome back from the UK, Simon Cowell.

So Randy, the live shows. What do they focus on tonight? Blow us away vocally. Be in it to really win it. Kara, what about nerves. Not for you. Of course I'm a little nervous but you can't let the nerves get to you. Just be yourself and go for it. Paula, advise for our contestants tonight? This is all your dream. You gotta hit center stage and make magic happen in a minute twenty seconds. Super Simon, you usually say Sing Well at this stage. There are no second chances, only 3 people are going through, so the odds are stacked against you. BTW, like the new hair, Ryan. Thank you silver fox.

We are dividing the group of 36 into 12 groups. Each week, the girl with the highest number of votes and the boy with the highest number of votes plus the next highest vote getter, boy or girl, will be voted through. That will get us to nine, and the final 3 spots will be given out on our wildcard show. The theme tonight, hits from the Billboard 100 since the charts began. And let's not forget your talent. Say hello!

Three of these contestants will be in your top 12. First up, Ms. Jackie Tohn, 28 from New York, a professional entertainer. Singing A Little Less Conversation by Elvis, she took the slow road with a little too much nuance. She was shooting for the groove but missed the target with a performance that was more ham than beef. A little more entertainment and a little less Jackie. Randy said way to start season 8, not blown away by the vocal but you were entertaining. Kara said she can work a stage and she showed her big personality, though not the best vocals. Paula said she was dancing and she always loved her, but her voice, it wasn't a perfect performance but perfect is boring. Simon said said she has a good voice but she played the clown tonight, the performance ungainly, the vocals gimmicky, and she didn't do herself any favors tonight.

Next up is Ricky Braddy, 26 from Elizabeth City, NC, who completely fell apart on Group Day but pulled it together for the final performance during Hollywood Week. Singing A Song For You by Leon Russell, he showcased himself as a balladeer with a solid vocal, playing more to the camera than the audience. Stage presence was a bit sedate but not awkward, and he finished with confidence and power. Randy said this was the start of season 8 right here, that was unbelievable, beautiful tone, nice voice, way to jump it off. Kara said he killed it, amazing riffs, his effortless interpretation, an amazing gift. Paula said America got to see how talented he is and he deserves to go far in the competition. Simon said very good but not jumping out of his chair, but he does not have any star quality, missing the charisma, a nice shy guy who needs to start believing in himself.

Batting third is Alexis Grace, 21, from Memphis, TN, who made love to her fiance during her audition. Singing Never Love A Man by Aretha Franklin, she was dressed in black with lace leggings and a sultry vocal. The performance was charismatic and bluesy but started a little slow and didn't really pick up energy until I had already lost interest. Randy said she has found the dirt and the soul, she worked it out. Kara said the genie is out of the bottle, a pleasure to watch her come out of her shell. Paula said people do not expect this from a new 21 year old, but you can present so much soul, passion and confidence and still be cute and petite. Simon said she was the best of the first three by a mile, she has soul, self belief and confidence, a dark horse in the competition, reminds him of Kelly Clarkson.

Singing cleanup is Brent Keith, as Ryan has to ad lib when they have a tape problem, 29 from Blanchester, OH who works at a home improvement warehouse and drove Paula and Kara under the table. Singing Hicktown by Jason Aldean, he had a solid but undistinguished vocal and the looks to be a country idol, but his performance was a little slow and lacking the usual foot stomping energy. Randy said he liked that he returned to his roots, a new edge with old country swagger. Kara said he was a little safe tonight, this song wasn't rangy enough, cute guy but wish he had taken more risks. Paula wants America to remember his range during the auditions. Simon said he had one shot, he has a nice voice, but it was forgettable, unoriginal, non-impactful, he may have blown a massive opportunity.

Next up is Stevie Write, 17, from Phelan, CA, an old soul in a young girl. Singing You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift, she was bubbly but off pitch to my ear as she gave a more youthful performance, up beat and a little out of breath at times. It seemed she was trying to emulate a Disney Channel video. Randy said it was not hot, that was really safe and she is a better singer than the song. Kara wanted her to be young but she picked a song that has nothing to do with her, she has an identity crisis, nothing to do with who she is as an artist. Paula agreed that it was the wrong song, too low a range. Simon said it was terrible, no point booing, she was out of tune, looked really nervous, out of her depth, zero chance of making it through to the next round.

Ready to re-energize the show is Anoop Desai, 22, from Chappel Hill, NC who goes by Noop Dog and likes fun songs and bringing energy. Singing Angel of Mine by Monica, he was distinctive from the outset, dressed in a youth casual jeans and a sportscoat, he looked like he has been doing this all his life working with the background vocals and owning the stage, although it seemed like he was straining his voice towards the end, he pulled it out with a soulful riff that will serve him well. Randy said interesting song choice, but it was a little sharp, never quite settled. Kara said its a hard song to sing, and she is not sure he executed the riffs. Paula says that America has already connected with him and this is a different side, he has a Brian McKnight feel to his voice. Simon thought it was a little too grown up for him, a bit too serious, but he has massive likability.

Starting the second half is Casey Carlson, 20, from Minneapolis, MN who realized it was real when Ryan pointed out she was standing right were her own Idol Jordan Sparks was standing when she found out she had made it. Singing Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by The Police, the vocal seemed a little tentative, but then when they kicked into the chorus, nothing. Didn't make me sit up or take notice, was a little slow and breathless, her stage presence a bit forced like she was mimicking a music video. Randy said it was kind of weird, completely wrong for her, completely karaoke, Kara said everything about it was wrong, she's so beautiful but nobody goes near The Police, she should have done a girly anthem, the dancing was so overdone, really flat. Paula said there is no mistaking guys think she is exquisite and that is part of the package, but there was no connection with that song, she didn't think about what she was singing, it just didn't work. Simon said she could not have chosen a worse song or arrangement because apart from sounding terrible it didn't tell who she wanted to be.

Hoping to get better reviews is Michael Sarver, 27, from Jasper, TX who wants to leave being an oil rig roughneck behind him. Singing I Don't Want To Be by Gavin McGraw, he had an edge to his vocal but brought no magic to the chorus. I was hoping to hear him blow me away but it seemed a bit more karaoke than having that wow factor needed to move him forward. Randy said the good part was he has an instrument, but was a bit rough pitch wise and he likes more of the soul thing. Kara said it is a great crowd pleaser song but not his best performance. Paula said he did a good job, showed a different side, but changed mike hands too often. Simon said the show gives people like him an opportunity, he's a good honest guy who needs a break but it wasn't the best or the worst vocal tonight, if you get through its because people like you and he hopes America gives him another shot.

Next up is Ann Marie Boskovich, 22, from Nashville, TN who is a demo singer and auditioned as two different people. Singing Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin with her own twist, she turned it country with a subtle vocal that built up into a soft power chorus that showed her range and personality, a bit of a self-confident attitude that was easily the most real female performance so far. Randy said it wasn't the right choice for her, a huge vocal that she fell sub par below on. Kara said that song is so big you have to kill it to do it and it felt a little old fashioned, not young and fun and girlie. Paula said she did better than during Hollywood Week and her auditions, but it requires a tremendous amount of soulfulness and this time she didn't play it safe. Simon said she was the best hometown singer but her voice is not good enough for that song.

After the break comes Stephen Fowler, 26, from Cleveland, OH, who had the voice but not the lyrics to get through Hollywood Week. Singing Rock With You by Michael Jackson, he was moovin' to the groovin' with a soft R&B performance, a solid but not explosive vocal and most importantly he sang all the words. He broke a little on the held out note and ended a little pitchy. Randy said he has such a different kind of vibe, the wrong song, a little pitchy, underneath the notes. Kara said she got more from him at the piano when he forgot the lyrics - that song gave no room for interpretation. Paula said he got a second chance but it would have served him better if he had proven he could sing that David Cook song, that song was like a kiss of death. Simon said he wished he had forgotten the lyrics because it was pointless experience, a terrible arrangement, the whole thing was just atrocious, he made a huge corny mistake.

Looking to prove she is not a joke is Tatiana Del Toro, 24, from San Juan, Puerto Rico, who had to fight her way to make it to the live show. Singing I Am Saving All My Love For You by Whitney Houston, her voice was pure, soft and clear with a subtle power and unexpected grace. The most surprising thing about this performance was that it was not dramatic; instead it was strong, solid, maybe a little pitchy in the second half, but she was a serious singer. Randy said he expected the worst but she had some moments, she actually can sing except for that second verse which was weird. Kara called it a roller-coaster ride with her, but tonight was a very reserved performance, sure there were some notes but where will she fit in the industry is the question. Paula said this demure Tatiana was new but she had both beautiful and pitchy moments, is she crazy or serious? Simon said she is a complete and utter drama queen who wants fame almost as much as Paula but actually, surprisingly, her singing wasn't bad at all, but lose the demur thing - it makes him nervous.

Closing out the show is Danny Gokey, 28, from Milwaukee, WI who lost his wife 4 weeks before auditions. Singing Hero by Mariah Carey, he was solid, sincere, expressive, and pure. His performance was believable, full of the confidence of someone who has survived pain. His voice had a tough of roughness that contributed to the feeling of him being an everyday man. The best performance of the night. Randy called him the redeemer of the night, blazing hot. Kara said he was the hero, incredible, he gives them all hope. Paula called him stellar, sold out arenas. Simon said it was good but not fantastic, the end part was great, the beginning OK, the arrangement heavy handed, but he is a very good singer despite the hype.


Whose male selection was Danny Gokey, female selection was Tatiana Del Toro and his runner up vote getter was Ricky Braddy, Alexis Grace or Anoop Desai...

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A couple of sites are listing leaks of some of the song selections tonight. I don't know if this is 100% accurate, but here is what I found so far:

So totally off. Adam doesn't seem to have the touch this season.


Who wonders when idols will learn not to tackle Whitney during week one...

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