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YOUR Top 15 Cartoons-EVER!


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Think about what you watched religiously every Saturday morning or what you watched over & over & over & over again after-school or early in the morning before you went to school. :popcorn: Maybe you still watch cartoon as an adult, alone or with your kids. What cartoons do you think are THE BEST. They have set a standard or withstood the test of time. Maybe they represent a great era in history or they just made/make you feel good, no matter what.Give it up for the TOONS!!!!!! :party_smilie:

#1-Bugs Bunny-there can be only one...... :notworthy:

#2-Tom & Jerry-Itchy & Scratchy, The Odd Couple, there are so many famous duos (live action & toon) who owe their wealth & fame to these two

#3-Mickey Mouse-sure, Disney represents some weird fake plastic concept of American happiness but Mickey & his original pals are PURE classic golden innocence

#4-The Flintsones-this cartoon had everything, based on the Honeymooners, a poor struggling loudmouth, the ultimate sidekick/friend, kick-ass opening song, guest stars from Hollywood, infertility & adoption (you go, Bam-Bam!)

#5-School House Rocks!- this ABC/Channel 6 produced Educational series totally tutored me & my generation, I can STILL sing half the tunes (Conjunction Junction, What's YOUR Function and don't get me started on I'm Just A Bill) :rockon::band:

#6-SpongeBob-a modern classic that believes in magic, whimsy, silliness, humor but it has a weird streak that hints at subversion and radical thinking.

#7-The Simpsons-I speak of the classic seasons, I guess from seasons 1 thru 10) , these guys RULED, especially their early Halloween episodes and by a stroke of luck, The Movie was AWESOME!

#8-Spiderman-the original 1960s cartoon that had that spectacular jazzy soundtrack with a lot of brass & drums, the voices were sexy too, and I was a kid but I appreciated it

#9-HomeMovies-I love this outrageous series that has 7 or 8 year olds doing spoofs/versions of adult films while showing the warped ridiculous lives of the people around them. Brendon, Jason & Melissa- You guys rock! :2thumbsup:

#10-Mighty Mouse-yeah, I was a sucker for that brawny little mouse of steel, and the classic episodes where the characters sang opera and they overacted like 1930s style era film serials was just what I needed as a tyke

#11-Fairly OddParents-the episodes that are PRE-Baby Poof are absolutely wonderful ridiculous 15 minute whirlygigs of sight gags & puns & fast furious chaotic nonsense, I sure miss them

#12-Futurama-intelligent sci-fi with ribald naughty bits that get freaky crazy cool on a regular basis

#13-GI JOE-yeah, The Real American Hero-and NOW you know, And KNOWING's HALF THE BATTLE...GI JOE!!!!!!!! Go Joe!!!! (I am so embarrassed right now....) :giggle:

#14-The Peanuts Gang-the 60s & 70s were dominated by Charlie Brown during the holidays and at special times when the cartoon kids got special tales to share like a softball game or a spelling bee -OUTSTANDING!!!! :clap:

#15-Scooby Doo-a group of teen wanderers who drove around, never went to school, never worked, never saw their parents, they looked out for each other & solved crimes and stood up for the downtrodden all while sneaking some food & dancing to their 8-track tapes (a stoner geek, a nerd girl, a closeted gay jock, and the smart pretty chick, and their goofy big dog- best extended family EVER)

#16-Daria-the best damn hip cool teen comedy about being a weird outsider girl dealing with highschool in the 1990s, MTV 's 10 SPOT used to be the shit!!!!!!!!! (Yeah, I know I said only 15 BUT I give everybody one extra candidate because....well, why not?) :goof:

Post Scipt: of course, most of these cartoon series, like any show, got worse as they ran on but in their hey day they were all great. But story arcs get dumb, like The Great Kazoo on Flintstones or voice talent dies or director/producers change and the cartoon gets drawn differently.....But overall, these shows are special and I either own a few DVD collections or I definitely watch a show if I catch a rerun. Or better yet, I tell my kids about it and we watch together and I get to see my favorites through their eyes.

ALSO: I intentionally left off ANIME, that's a whole 'nother list altogether!!!!

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1) I thought Felix the Cat was cool.

2) Heckle & Jeckle too.

3) Mighty Mouse was my hero!

4) Popeye

Am I telling my age here? Oops!

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The BEST cartoon ever, imo, is:



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  1. Scooby Doo
  2. Scooby Doo
  3. Scooby Doo
  4. Scooby Doo
  5. Scooby Doo
  6. Scooby Doo
  7. Scooby Doo
  8. Scooby Doo
  9. Scooby Doo
  10. Scooby Doo

Did I mention I love Scooby Doo????

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Yeah, that was a great cartoon but what's your thoughts about when they added Scrappy doo? ^_^ I think the cartoon "jumped the shark" when they added him! Kind of like when the Flintstones added that spaceman...what was his name?

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At first it was ok with Scrappy Doo but then it went down hill. It really lost it when they stopped having Daphnie, Velma and Freddy on it.

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so many i cant even remember which ones i like

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There were lots I thought were great as a kid but some that make me LOL as an adult:

Secret Squirrel (and Morroco Mole)

Road Runner


Cartoon Side Note: It was not until I was in my late teens or early 20's that I realized that The Flintstones and The Jetsons were basically the same except that one had to do with Space and the other with the Stone Age. Whoa what a trip you mean Jetson vs. Flintstone, Mr. Spacely vs. Mr Slate, Dino vs. Astro was intentional - yeah I got really deep in my late teens.

Was the Spaceman added to the Flintstones - Kazoo? That name popped right into my head and if it is right shows you what dribble I choose to hold onto for 35 years.

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Hi, I'm new here and I know this topic isn't exactly brand new but I thought I would add my two cents as well.

1.) Bugs Bunny and all Looney Tunes

2.) Now I know this isn't a cartoon but it was my favorite show as a kid - The Muppet Show

3.) Scooby Doo

My daughter is almost 3 and every Saturday we watch our DVD's of Looney Tunes Golden Collection and she looooooves Bugs Bunny!! It makes me so happy to see her enjoy something that I so loved as a child!! :smitten:

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Kind of like when the Flintstones added that spaceman...what was his name?
Was the Spaceman added to the Flintstones - Kazoo? That name popped right into my head and if it is right shows you what dribble I choose to hold onto for 35 years.

It was "The Great Gazoo"!


My top cartoon picks (in no particular order):

Click on the titles to watch a video of the opening theme

The Flintstones

Rocket Robin Hood



Fantastic Voyage

Journey to the Center of the Earth


The REAL Ghostbusters


Dungeons & Dragons

The Transformers

He-Man & The Masters of The Universe

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Smurfs

The Gummi-Bears (Disney's Adventures of..)

My answers are really biased, though, because I only had the first 2 available until much later in life, and the third and fourth ones I would only get to watch around Christmas break. So I won't argue that they were the absolute greatest, only that they were my personal favourites.

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I only vaguely remember a few cartoons on Saturdays. I had regular series that I remember fondly however.

My Friend Flicka

Sky King

Rin Tin Tin

Sgt Preston of the Yukon

Andy's Gang (anyone else remember Midnight the Cat, Buster Brown, Tige the Dog, and, "Pluck your magic twanger Froggie"?)

The Cisco Kid

Roy Rogers Show

Flash Gordon

Kukla, Fran & Ollie

Annie Oakley

Howdie Doody


Circus Time/Paul Winchell Show

Winky Dink (Sounds like the current state of my s*x life)

Not really cartoon shows back then, but one of my favorite cartoons was Tom & Jerry.

How about Hopalong Cassidy or Gene Autry?

Good Grief, I could keep going :)

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Speed Buggy

Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner

Scooby doo




Looney Tunes

Inspector Gadget


Darkwing Duck

Chip and Dale

Rocket Robin Hood




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In no order because it's just too hard for me to choose:

.. I use to be so in love with him and would wave to him every time I saw a plane go by..

The Smurfs

He-Man (best intro EVER!) then the spin off She-Ra

The Care Bears

(it was my first Beta movie I rented when we'd rent the machine back before there were VCRs)

The Chipmunks

The Ewoks

The Racoons.. which had the habit of making me cry often!

Barbapapa...wtf?? it was in french?!?! It couldn't have been... "lickity split, Barba trick!"

Then there was one, I can't recall the name.. Mr. Wiggles or Tiggles I thought, where he had a robot and would always come up with new inventions like that little thing he'd travel through the air with.

Not really cartoons, but they're still children's shows that I watched religiously:

Mr. Dressup

Fraggle Rock

Later on in life:

Pinky and The Brain

ETA: It's not fair that now I have the Ewok theme in my head alone. I think it's only fair that it consumes you all as well... don't be afraid, come on...click it!!!

Eechie Wa Wa... please get out of my head!!!

ETA: omg!!! I remembered!!!

Frig, finally. Now my life makes sense... my extreme love and animals and talking to nature, taking care of people, drama, and heck..even english accents!! I didn't stand a chance given the shows I grew up watching and loving.
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Barbapapa...wtf?? it was in french?!?! It couldn't have been... "lickity split, Barba trick!"

Yeah, "C'est la famille de Barbe-a-Papa" brings back a lot of memories.

I've seen it in English once or twice, of that I am sure.

But I used to watch it in French all the time.

I also used to watch "Dr. Snuggles" in French, and don't think I ever managed to see it in English.

Looks like we used to watch quite a few of the same cartoons. Not surprising when relative ages and locations are taken into account, I suppose.

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