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The L Word


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Does anyone watch this show?

I've been following the "L"s since season 1. Though I've felt compelled to watch the last 3 seasons, I am glad this show is going off the air in a way. Every time I watch this show my last thought is I have never seen a bunch of needier, whiney, self-centered females as these characters.

My bf is right, the show was created for men, not for women.


PS: I wish they killed off Jennie 4 seasons ago.

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I used to love this show but after season 3 , I started to lose all respect for the characters and hated the petty/dumb/immature/mind boggling story arcs. The characters lost their depth and became pretty shallow/superficial almost cartoonish, ESPECIALLY Jenny Schecter. :fyou: And now the last season is pretty much almost all about her, the most annoying, most irritating, poorly written character I've seen in a long time.


I stopped watching at season 4 but when I read that Jenny would be dead and that this was the last season, I thought I'd get a chance to catch up and say goodbye. But that kissing scene between Jenny & Shane almost made me sick!!!!! :bored:

And how can a character playing a hair stylist look like such a piece of crap when it comes to style? PLEASE CUT THAT WOMAN'S HAIR! :giljotiini: GIve it color, style, shape, neatness, layers, something..... All the other characters have changed, evolved, played around with their looks/presentation except Shane. She has always had dark raccoon goth eye make-up and messy jagged hair. YUCK! And poor Shane's story line...now she's stuck being Jenny's sex slave. Talk about a living hell.... I miss Shane & Carmen or Shane & her little brother or Shane & her own salon/hang-out but the writers destroyed her life completely. :mad1:

Tasha & Alice- can't stand 'em, ever since Dana died, Alice's character has NEVER been the same

Kit-I love ya but you have no life & no story

Helena-poor little rich girl...I find your story uninteresting

Bette & Tina- that break-up was so damnn draining to watch, not very enjoyable/entertaining

Only good thing I saw was glorious Lucy Lawless (aka XENA) acting as the police detective in the opeing scene of the 1st episode of the last season. :inlove: I want more Lucy!!!!!!!! But no one on this show is worthy of sharing the screen with her. :crybaby:

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I missed Lucy Law but then again I'm not sure I really know what she looks like.

Shane is a mess and I don't get how the whole L community thing about how they all want to be with her. She's like the Brad Pitt of the lesbian community, she's not all that hot.

Coffy, do you remember the first season with that map Alice had. I thought that was the most ridiculous thing. Honestly, how can anyone think positive about lesbians if they are portrayed as promiscuous, needy, cry baby females. This show makes me happy to be a heterosexual female. I think that's why I watch it.


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Yay, this trainwreck of a cable series is finally over. Not only does it mean that the Tudors start again, but it also means I no longer have to watch the whiney L's.

Probably one of the worst endings to a series in my opinion. They even had an pre-final one hour show with the celebs of the show talking about L's and fashion and whatever they could do to save that crappy ending. It didn't work and I'm sure the cast of the show will have some problems finding work on other shows.

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