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Linda and Steve

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Linda Cole (52); Steve Cole (43)

Hometown: Martinsville, Va.

Occupation: Linda (Customer Service Supervisor); Steve (Carpenter)

Relationship: Married

This husband and wife team met when Steven went with a date to Linda

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If they're not annoying, I may actually end up liking this team. They remind me of the hippy couple from last season though, so that doesn't bode well for them.

His one setback is that he suffers from claustrophobia
Who wants to bet that one or more of the challenges will involve being trapped in caves, small rooms or elevators? :P He should've never told them that...
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I thought I would like them more than I did. I wasn't impressed with his being so hard on her. I mean really, look at her, and look at the others. No kidding she's going to be slow. He had to know that going into the race. I hate seeing people cry. What an ass.

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I totally agree Elle. At one point last night I just wanted to hit him. If she is slow then they need work together as a TEAM and not let that bring them down. I just couldn't believe how he was laying everything on her shoulders...I bet there are things he's not good at but OH NO...it's all about how BAD she is. I really do NOT like guys like him.

I missed the part at the cheese task where they were going up the hill (stupid phone)...when I came back they were on their way back down the hill. I thought for sure he was going to freak out on her for not being fast enough going up the hill. I was quite surprised at how supportive he was when they were going down the hill.

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i live in va and i hate it when they make us look bad..

Welcome to Oklahoma..

I promise we arent as bad as people make us out to be..


Nathan- Dumb blonde kid who was a little B* And did everything Alison told him to do..

Cowbody- Enough said..

Then whenever they have somebody on news for weather, or tornados or something the news casters say "Lets go and find the trashiest people, Fewer teeth the better, Somebody who hasnt taken a bath in a couple of months, with a very hick assent..."

they do it everytime... sigh... stupid media.

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