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Jennifer and Preston


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Jennifer Hopka (26); Preston McCamy (28)

Hometown: Columbia, S.C.

Occupation: Jennifer (Student); Preston (Software Engineer)

Relationship: Dating

Jennifer and Preston have been dating for nearly two years. In some ways, they have similar personalities but, for the most part, they couldn

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On several occasions they have broken up and made up. Jennifer is ready to plan for her future by either moving forward in her relationship with Preston or ending it and moving forward in her life without him

Uh oh. The teams are beginning to sound like caricatures of past teams. TAR has already had several teams with the same basic story line. It's getting pretty old, imo.

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I get the feeling that I'm going to like him more than her. He's already moved out there and she still needs more proof about their future together. It's been two years...do you really need a show to decide that for you? I think she's looking for excuses NOT to settle down and putting them on him. She's 26 and still in nursing school? It's a 2 year program here. Maybe she only just decided what she wanted to do in life.. again, she doesn't seem to know what she wants.


Why am I getting so flustered with this couple???

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If they had stayed on too long, I think they would have generated a lot of reality show- hate. ( which is different from real hate, because we only know of these people what we see , and sometimes what we see is purely vile)

bicker bicker... oh baby I love you... bicker bicker....

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Amazing Race's Jennifer and Preston on "Embarrassing" Elimination

Feb 17, 2009 07:17 PM ET by Joyce Eng


The Amazing Race, Jennifer & Preston

Jennifer Hopka and Preston McCamy became the first casualty of The Amazing Race 14 when they missed moving on to Leg 2 by mere seconds, getting edged by flight attendants Christie and Jodi. That wasn't the only thing that stung though

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