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Christi and Jodi

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Christie Volkmer (37); Jodi Wincheski (40)

Hometown: Choctaw, Okla./ Houston, Texas

Occupation: Flight Attendants

Relationship: Flight Attendants

These two savvy flight attendants met while working on a Southwest Airlines flight six years ago where they made an instant connection. Both admit to being extremely competitive and determined to win.

Christie and Jodi agree they have different personalities, but are confident these differences will be used as a strength on the Race. Christie claims that she is more analytical while Jodi is the reactive one. Her biggest pet peeve about Jodi is that she reacts too fast, while Jodi

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And once again, the team blonde. Oh joy. Actually I think I might like them better than the redheaded cheerleaders though.

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I say tomato, you say tomato....... Sometimes I think someone just likes to disagree to be disagreeing. BUT I tend to think that there has to be at least some advantage for these two in that they know their way around airports, and they know how to find good flights, and they should know how to effectively communicate with airport personnel. It is true that there are many ways to catch up or lose ground, but as far as airports go, I say these two will have somewhat of an advantage.

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