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Return of Evictees Speculation and Discussion


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Guest Ringwench

I thought the first few houseguests who get evicted (like the first 4 or 5) just get sent back home.

Only the jury members will be sequestered.

Since the first few evictees don't get to vote on who ultimately wins, there's no need to keep them sequestered, they can watch the show/feeds just like everyone else.

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Just because CBS had TV Guide do an interview with Michael doesn't mean he isn't sequestered.........they didn't ask any questions that would give anything away.

Maybe the FIRST 7 people evicted are being sequestered for the jury this year and the LAST 5 people evicted will be the ones going home.

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You know, I was wondering too.  Don't all evicted house guest get interviewed on the CBS morning show?????

No interviews, huh?  

This could get really good. {wringing hands}


He was on the early show. I just watched on Real Player's On Demand.

The trouble I have with the tv guide article is that it really sounded like the guy that did the fake blog. In the other interviews he seemed more shy and quiet. But thats probably just my wishful thinking.

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