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Spencer Duhm


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Spencer Duhm (19)

Hometown: Lakeland, Fla.

Occupation: Student

Soon to see his teenage years in the rear-view mirror, Spencer Duhm is ready to look forward to the journey ahead of him. A fan of SURVIVOR since day one, which began when he was still in grade school, Spencer can practically do a Castaway roll-call all the way from SURVIVOR: Borneo. His fanaticism will give him a built-in edge that can make a direct contribution to how far he goes in this game.

Born and raised in Lakeland, Florida and currently a student at the University of Florida, Spencer majors in telecommunications and minors in business and European union studies. Aside from being the recruitment chair for his UF crew team, where he also rows competitively, Spencer is a huge sports fan. Involved in myriad athletic activities since age 7, Spencer has developed a strong competitive streak and determination to achieve success. Rooting for his college Gators or beloved Cubs familiarized him with all of the peaks and valleys associated with being a contender, which may help him navigate the ups and downs associated with castaway life.

With a resume like his, it

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He is cute, but my guess is they're gonna chew him up and spit him out. They may keep him around for awhile for voting purposes but he seems like he would be easy to manipulate. I hope he proves me wrong.

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Ok, opinion change here...think he goes far and makes jury, would be of hoot if he made F2 with Sandy!!

ONly thing now rubbin me ... he hates BB...hmmmm to each it's own LOL Then again we have the "hate snakes"....I DON'T DO SNAKES EITHER!!! Turn head from TV at mere sight....

(had one wrap my neck in a pond as a kid...nope, nadda, don't do snakes!! would lose a million over them!!)

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