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Tyson Apostol


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Tyson Apostol (29)

Hometown: Lindon, Utah

Occupation: Professional Cyclist

Witty, charming and arrogant is how Tyson Apostol describes himself. This former pro-cyclist and swimmer believes that his natural athleticism, combined with his "life of the party" personality, will get him far in he game. His favorite movie is "The Jerk" and that

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He sounds like a Johnny Fairplay wannabe...what great aspirations.

He may be what we refer to here in AZ as a "jack"mormon. Mormon by birth but doesn't follow the their tenets of faith. Either way, he sounds like a jerk. Let's hope he's a funny jerk.

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Hrmm, he sounds like he'll come off like an ass but I suspect that once people got to know him and realize he doesn't take things seriously, they'd like him better.

I get his game play, and can relate with the whole "seeing how far you can take things" jabbing, but eventually he will need to step back and think about other people and their feelings. He may be having fun with it, it may mean nothing to him, he may not mean or believe in the crap he's dishing out but will go with it anyhow when it's actually hurting the other person. I've been guilty of doing that and hugely regret it. Frig, I did it just the other day at work with one of the kids who was having one of his many melt down. I just started singing..loudly. I didn't even plan to do it, it just came out so I stuck with it to see what reaction it would provoke, would he cry? throw something at me? laugh? what? So ya, I can see how this guy is, he's all about just having fun and being fun. His intentions aren't bad, but they aren't always honest either... meaning, sometimes he'll see he's getting under someone's skin, but will still "go for it" despite that.

So ya, I go back to him not taking things seriously. That can be a good thing, but also very bad. Maybe he should be a little more serious? Ugh, so should I.

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Yeah, I had a good chuckle at the naked thing too!! And lots of eye rolling when he was going on about furs on his shoulders, rings on his long fingers and a MAN tiara. Ewwwww....

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:giggle: Sugar

Elle...you have such a discriptive manner..makes me think like a youngin again myself!! LOL

But, the quy still rubs me raw....made my neck hairs crackle from the get-go...don't know why yet...only time will tell.

In any event, his naked dip was funny if just for the shock value...

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