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Is Lafayette Dead?


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Yah, his death (I`m sure it is him) really sucks. He is one of my favourite characters on the show!!! And I was basically yelling at the TV when Bill went out into the light and got himself crispified. At least he didn`t die....

I so called Rene!! The decapitation was pretty good!

And now.... for the long wait. How does Sam know Maryann, and what is with all of the money? Is it really Lafeyette in the car, and who killed him? How is Sookie going to react to Bill's new vampire? And Jason and his involvement in the new church....

I can't wait......

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I sooo agree erin... Lafayette is one of my favorite characters and I'm going to be sooo bummed if he's dead. He was definitely attacked by someone or something. Didn't Bill telling Sookie that he fed and that's why he was "normal" again. Did anyone else catch that? I hope it wasn't Lafayette.

I think there's going to major trouble with Bill's new "daughter"... I wonder what would happen to Bill if he killed that vamp that he made for killing a vamp. :lol:

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Is Lafayette Dead?

Back in October, Brian Juergens of AfterElton interviewed Nelsan Ellis, the actor that plays Lafayette. It's a great four page interview with four video clips.

Ellis speaks about reading the books that the series is based on, and reading of Lafayette's demise, with just his feet sticking out a window. However, we are cautioned not to believe the series will follow the books.

Click Here to read the interview.


Here's another interview with Ellis.

From Ask Ausiello: Not only is there fresh Blood on the way, there's also fresh... um, blood. The vamp hit is on the hunt for a new series regular to play Sarah, the pleasure-seeking missus of Steve Newlin, the Fellowship of the Sun's big cahuna. New semi-regulars are also being sought for six-episode arcs as Daphne, Merlotte's new waitress (and Sam's likely new love interest), and Luke, a burly twentysomething who's as dedicated to religion as Jason is to sex.


Season 2 of True Blood will begin filming in January. HBO is planning a DVD release of the first season sometime before new episodes air, which should help millions more discover the addictive vampire drama.

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