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Melrose Place


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post-2-1229502089_thumb.jpgOne Tree Hill boss Mark Schwahn is in talks to write the pilot for the CW's new Melrose Place.

According to one well-placed CW insider, Schwahn is "the biggest name" and "top candidate" available for the remake of the '90s spinoff to Beverly Hills, 90210.

"The deal is not done yet," another reliable network source tells me. "But it looks like it's going to happen. I would be surprised if it didn't go through."

So what does this mean for the future of One Tree Hill?

All good things!

According to insiders, CW president Dawn Ostroff and her team have been so pleased with the creative direction of One Tree Hill, they are planning to pick up the series for at least another season or two. (Say it with me, fans: Holler!)

The CW suits also are making sure Schwahn will stay on as OTH executive producer even if he also works on the new Melrose.

What's that they say about the cake and the eating of it?

Schwahn has asked that the network make a decision on season seven of Tree Hill before Jan. 1 (in order to plot out the final episodes of the current season), so news of a seventh-season pickup should come very soon.

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I've seen them advertising this already on TV so it must be for sure now. I don't think I'll watch since I didn't watch the original. Plus, I'm still asking myself why I watch the new 90210.

For those that will, here is a cast photo. And yes, that's ASHLEE SIMPSON on the left. Can't believe she's going to be on it.


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Ashlee Simpson... good enough reason NOT to watch it IMO. I did watch it when that red headed lady (Desperate Housewives) was crazy and tried to kill her husband. They had good cat fights and the cast was more 30 something instead of stick thin late teen early 20 somethings!!! Heather Locklear was fierce then too!! Loved Jack Wagner for General Hospital... I think that was the reason I started watching MP lol

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