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a tv show

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there was a show i just saw on tv the other day and i didn't look to see what the name of it was.

The episode started as these people went into a foreign country from the us to take this leader of some kind and find out that in that building they were keeping hostages from the us. And later in the episode these 2 guys would go back to rescue these hostages even after the group leader says to scrub the mission to rescue these people. but the other thing that i remember was the gun that they took with them. it looked like a bunch of tubes that looked like i would shoot ball bearings through concrete and would kill people but it have a scope on it that allowed them ot see what they were shooting at.

so if anyone know what this show could be called let me know

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Welcome, kpetty105.

The show was NBC's "My Own Worst Enemy".

The episode was called "Love In All The Wrong Places".

Here is a link to the episode recap: http://www.nbc.com/My_Own_Worst_Enemy/reca...8&ima=56358

NBC is listing tonight's episode as the SERIES FINALE.

According to TV Guide, NBC has not ordered any additional episodes, so even though NBC will not officially announce that My Own Worst Enemy is cancelled yet, that is the way it looks.

Link to article: http://www.tvguide.com/News/NBC-Cancels-Worst-66935.aspx

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Great news, Hopefully I can catch the show. I was also kinda hoping they would play with the Queens at the Nokia theater. But thats probably just wishful thinking

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