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Tool Academy


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December 9, 2008

Tool Academy: Coming Soon To VH1


The d'bag gets his day in a new reality series coming from VH1. Check out the details of the forthcoming Tool Academy:

We have all encountered them before: those strutting, preening, over confident alpha-males who lie, cheat, and treat their girlfriends like door mats. They are "tools," and they desperately need a wake up call. VH1 and 495 Productions are taking 9 of these unsuspecting bad boys and sending them to relationship boot camp in a new series titled Tool Academy. The eight episode series, hosted by

Jordan Murphy

, is slated to premiere

Sunday, January 11 at 10/9c


The guys, all secretly nominated by their girlfriends, initially believe they are taking part in a competition in search of "Mr. Awesome." But the tables are turned almost immediately and they quickly learn that they are actually recruits in the Tool Academy, where they will be schooled in proper boyfriend behavior

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I think all the girls have serious issues if they take any of these guys back esp. after hearing (and inside already knowing) what they're up to. Kids involved or not, the men will drop all these girls after the show anyway. They're in it for the money imo.

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Exactly what I thought. I don't get at ALL why these girls stay with these guys. That celebrity guy (is that what he goes by) ...KISSED another girl and she still forgave him b/c he was able to squeeze a few tears out.

These girls are the ones who need counseling.

These types of guys don't change imo.

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I only caught a few moments of the reunion and it appears everyone is still a tool and one in particular is breeding more tools.

I guess my question is: How do you really re-tool a tool?

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