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Who Inspired the Idols?


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A friend found this article in the March 28, 2005 issue of Us Weekly Magazine and passed it on to me if anyone is interested. I learned a few things, myself! Nothing about who inspired who, but some tidbits about the Finalists! :wink: ( I promise I scaled the pictures down exactly the same (to less than 300 pixels either vertically or horizontally. Carries was largest, Lindsey's second largest.)

aicarrie4no.jpgaifaith22pq.jpg Carrie: The next Faith Hill

Not only does Carrie Underwood, 22, croon like fellow blonde beauty Hill, 37, but she also has a loving beau. "He's really supportive," the Oklahoma native tells Us of her boyfriend of six months (whom she met at Northeastern State University). "He's coming here for my birthday!"

ainadia0sq.jpg Nadia: The next Tina Turner

"You remind me of a young Tina Turner," Simon Cowell told Nadia Turner, 28, after a showstopping number reminiscent of the R&B icon, 65. And to think: The Miami bartender almost didn't try out! "My friend threatened our friendship if I didn't audition," she says.

aianthony8go.jpg Anthony: the next Clay Aiken Seeing Double!

He recently belted out a hot Marc Anthony number, but Anthony Fedorov, 19, can't seem to shake comparison to Idol alum, Aiken, 26. "We wear the same glasses," the Trevose, Pennsylvania native explains. "Hopefully I'll have as much success as him - if not more."

aijessica7tr.jpg Jessica: The next LeAnn Rimes

Jessica Sierra was so nervous after one performance, she didn't get Cowell's joke about her, uh, ample bosom. "When it clicked, I was like, Ohhh," Sierra, 19, tells Us. The Floridian does know about her resemblance to Rimes, 22. "I heard it a lot when I was younger," she says.

ainikko7nw.jpg Nikko: The next Bobby Brown

Nikko Smith, 22, was hardly flattered when Cowell compared his look to famed bad boy Brown, 36. "That was whack!" Smith, a Town & Country, MIssouri native, tells Us. FYI: Smith isn't the only idol in his family - his dad is baseball hall-of-famer, Ozzie Smith!


What Really Happened to Mario?

Shocker! On March 13, fan favorite Mario Vazquez, 28, dropped out, telling Us his "intuition" made him do it. (Nikko Smith will replace him.) What gives? Though some speculate Vazquez hedged on signing a contract with the Idol producers, or partied too hard, Vazquez won't comment on his reasons. "The little privacy I have I'm trying to keep," he tells Us. Even Ryan Seacrest is keeping mum, saying only, "Mario did not wish for specifics to be public."

aiconstantine9lv.jpg Constantine: The next Eddie VedderConstantine Maroulis, 29, makes women swoon with his grungy-yet-sensitive persona - like Pearl Jam's Vedder, 40. (He even fronts a rock band, Pray for the Soul of Betty.) So does the New Yorker have a crush on any finalists? "No!" the single Maroulis tells Us. "We're like (family)!"

ailindsey1ly.jpgaishania0yq.jpg Lindsey: The next Shania Twain Country Cuties!

"Shania is pretty, and she can sing!" says Lindsey Cardinale, 20. Sure, but can Twain, 39, elicit Idol controversy? Cowell's snide comments about the Louisiana native inspired Ryan Seacrest to douse him with water. Cardinale, who has a boyfriend, tells Us, "That (incident) was cool!"

aivonzell4bv.jpg Vonzell: The next Brandy

Vonzell Solomon, 20, tells Us that Brandy, 26, "was my first favorite singer! I always (performed) "I Wanna Be Down." And my dad was my backup!" But don't let the single Florida mail carrier's bright smile and easygoing charm fool you: She has a black belt in martial arts!

aiscott5ku.jpg Scott: The next Luther VandrossFor Scott Savol, the hardest part about being far from home is not seeing his son Brandon, 4. But the Shaker Heights, Ohio resident loves having his soulful pipes likened to Vandross', 53. Says the 28-year-old single, "To be in the same sentence as him is, like, wow!"

aibobice6fx.jpg Bo: The next Scott Stapp

Don't expect Bo Bice - a ringer for ex-Creed frontman Scott Stapp, 31- to clean up his look. "They're not gonna cut my hair off," the Antlanta rocker vows to Us. The same goes for his earthy style. "My grandmother makes most of my outfits," says Bice, 29. "I leave it (to) her."

aimikalah8hv.jpg Mikalah: The next Barbra Streisand

Mikalah Gordon already regrets the way was she was. "I hated that dress I wore when I sang 'Young Hearts Run Free'," the single Gordon, 17, tells Us. "Bring on the makeover!" And how does the Las Vegas high-school junior feel about being compared to Babs, 62? "She's so fabulous! I love it!"

aianwar3qo.jpgAnwar: The next Stevie Wonder

"People tell me I look like Bob Marley," says Anwar Robinson, 25. But thanks to his silky song stylings, the East Orange, New Jersey, music teacher may have more in common with Stevie Wonder, 54. Besides, the unattached Robinson tells Us he may cut off his long locks for the finals!

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