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Well done!! Read all four books and was not disappointed by movie. A few characters didn't match what I thought they should look like but I can live with that. The two main characters did ( Bella & Edward ). Looking forward to sequels.
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i also loooooooved the movie! the only disappointment, to me, was that they didn't delve deeper into the other vamps. oh, and alice wasn't what i expected.

but i loved the movie and i think they did the book justice. can't wait for the next one.

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My take:

If you haven't read the book do not go see the movie. It won't make an impact or sense to you.

The comparison's between the two movies were not made due to content but rather intensity, addiction and how involved the reader becomes thanks to brilliant authors. They both have a huge following by groups outside of the original targeted age group. They books are not alike storywise in any way, shape or form.

I firmly believe the movie New Moon will be greatly improved upon ( another director would help ) simply based on fan outcry. The movies should do the book some justice but will not compare to the book in quality.

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Have seen it twice now. Better round #2 because I focused better. If you've not read the first book it's pointless to see the movie.

Casting: Mike sucked. Kid was short yellow bus style.

Jacob was OK but his nose freaked me out. I heard he won't be in the 2nd movie New Moon.

Bella's dad was rather cute.

Rumor: There will be a NEW director for second movie.... GOOD! The Twilight series deserves a better director who better understands what Twilight fans want. Catherine missed her mark.

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